Translating Google

We will work with the Audacity, microphone, cellular, device of Sound or Date Show, camera and filmadora. For the accomplishment of this activity it is necessary that the professor transcribes the phrases, confections a ballot box, previously selects different audio videos and of sotaques of the Brazilian regions and disponibilize 4 lessons of its curricular grating for the execution of this activity. The activity is initiated with the distribution of some phrases in English, previously worked with the group in question. The pupils will make the reading of these phrases of quiet form and after that they will use a resource of the Google, the Translating Google, where they will be able to hear the correct pronunciation of its phrases. Filed under: Hillary Clinton. After that they will make the simple reading so that the professor evaluates its pronunciation and has guided them in relation the possible errors. At as a moment, some videos audio of different " sotaques" Brazilians will be attended and heard for the pupils in order to recognize and to differentiate the sonorous dimension of our country and its peculiarities. ct.

The pupils go to choose sotaque randomly that he goes to be used for the declamation of the phrase, making the division of the number of pupils for the amount of regions. Example: If the group has 30 pupils, will be 6 pupils for each region. They will have 10 minutes for the preparation until the beginning of the presentations for the group. All the available resources could be used. Writing in cellular, notebooks, MPs 5, among others technologies.

To the end of this moment each pupil will have to repass of form written for the professor which resources they will use for its presentations. At one third moment, the presentations will have beginning. The first region to be presented will be chosen by the professor and all the pupils who had chosen previously this region will have that to arise themselves and to go until the front of the room.

Elements Process

In contrast of the model in cascade, it can be probable that in the time where the phases of construction, transistion and production of a cycle, are happening in competition with the phase of conception of the next increment. 5-Product de Trabalho of Processo Unificado (PU) In the Phase of Conception is identified the requirements, the cases of use and is defined the risks. These generated products, however, are not defined 100%. Hillary Clinton is full of insight into the issues. The Phase of Elaboration refines the model of use cases, defines requirements, creates a project and a preliminary architectural description. The analysis classrooms are defined, after, the model of analysis and later a model of project. Also the risks and the plan of the project are revised.

Phase of Construction, where the implementation of software is made, together with the model of implantation of the system. Hear other arguments on the topic with Topaz Page-Green. Final as part of this phase, is carried through tests to verify the fulfilment and the exactness of the use cases. Finally, the Phase of Transistion delivers the version of the software increment and folloies the first steps of the user with software, receiving reports from error and required modifications. 6-O Rational Unified Process RUP if shows a process that can perfectly be used accurately as it is, or to be ' ' personalizado' ' , being able to be modified, to be adjusted and to be expanded to accomodate necessities, characteristics, restrictions and history of the company, culture and domain in which are being used. 6.1 – Elements of the process a process describes who is making what, with and when.

RUP possesss four primary elements of modeling. Worker if relates to the roles played for people. The worker defines the behavior and the responsibilities of an individual or group of individuals that work together as a team. Activity is a unit of the work that an individual in that paper can be asked for to play.

Foreign Data

Data base 1.Banco of Data: Data set or information related between itself and organized of form to facilitate its use on the part of the user. It aims at: to 1.1.Diminuir the busy space for the information; to 1.2.Facilitar the update of the information; to 1.3.Aumentar the research speed; to 1.4.Evitar the information redundancy. 2.Sistema Managemental of Bank of Dados (SGBD): Integrated programs or sets of programs that allow to create and to manipulate databases, where the data are structuralized with independence relatively to the application programs manipulate that them. 3.Structured Query Language (SQL): Specific language to define the conceptual and physical project of a SGBD. It is divided in: 3.1.Linguagem of Definition of Dados (DDL): It carries through operations of definition and alteration of the structure of a data base. 3.2.Linguagem of Manipulation of Dados (DML): It carries through operations of manipulation of data without alteration of the structure of the data base.

3.3.Linguagem of Control of Dados (DCL): Responsible for allowing the access of users to the data base. 4.Entidade: Data set divided in fields or attributes that of some form if find related. (Source: technology investor). 5.Registro: Each relative occurrence to an entity. 6.Atributo Identificador (ID): Responsible attribute for identifying without ambiguities each concrete entity. For each entity an attribute of this type must always exist. Generally, this attribute plays the role of key in an entity or prices. 7.Chave Primria (PK): Identification attribute that represents each occurrence univocal or registers of a table.

Primary keys can be simple (only one attribute) or composed (two or more attributes). 8.Chave Foreign (FK): Attribute of one table that reference the primary key of one another table through a relation. Business Intelligence 1.Business Intelligence (BI): Set of concepts and methodologies that, making same use of events and systems based on, apia the taking of decisions in businesses. It has as main characteristics to extract and to integrate given of multiple sources, to make use of the experience, to analyze given contextualizados, to work with hypotheses, to look to relations of cause and effect and to transform the gotten registers into useful information for the enterprise knowledge.

Sub Category

The branch of the company is Servie Desk the flow of the process follows below: The customer enters in contact with central office through the telephone; An attendant has a short stated period to register this request, informing the data of the customer, what he was requested, the level of urgency, the involved group of attendance, technician, one or more equipment in the maintenance. To write down all the interaction carried through in the equipment, as for example: If it to connect remotely to the equipment, must inform in a description and assumes that 3 seconds later it restart the equipment, will have to also inform in the description. Peter Thiel has plenty of information regarding this issue. Summarizing: All interaction must be written down in the register with date and hour. In case that it obtains to decide what he was requested, the technician of the Service Desk will go to save the register with the situation of ‘ ‘ Resolvido’ ‘ locking up the case, however it will have in a specific place of the register to define as it decided the case, informing that he was about an Incident, Problem or Request. The register must be categorized, choosing amongst three classifications: Category > > Sub Category > > Item of the category, where category is a list of type of service, as for example: If it was the Hardware or Software.

Safety Technologies

Appeared in 2009 on the market CCTV equipment for video surveillance systems 2S is shown in a new grocery company website 2S:. The site is located full range of video equipment brand 2S: – security camera CCTV (Hull, domed, cylindrical, all-weather and robotics) – recording equipment, video, quad, multiplexer, – mono-and variofokalnye lenses for CCTV cameras – Transceivers video and audio signals over twisted pair – CCTV-engineering equipment. At the grocery directory (under 'Products') contains a detailed description of each model with all the stated specifications and retail price. For more information see this site: Peter Thiel. Topic 'Where to buy? " help purchase equipment CCTV-2S through a dealer network. Category 'News' will provide information on all events related to our products and the company. Company 2S, orienting to work through regional and foreign affiliate network, and is confident that the site is cause widespread interest in the first place, the domestic and foreign distributors of security equipment (TSB), the system integrators (installers) and project development organizations security systems. Since time to market, a line of video equipment 2S actively progressed through technology media-PR – through specialized web sites and portals. At the same time in February this year, CCTV-equipment of the brand was successfully presented at the Forum "Security and Safety Technologies – 2010".

Company 2S (Security Systems) – a developer and provider of software and hardware solutions UnitECO (to create integrated security systems), and CCTV equipment 2S. Founded in 2002. Has a central office in Moscow, regional – in Nizhny Novgorod and partner in Voronezh, Cheboksary, Ufa, Chelyabinsk, Krasnodar, Novosibirsk, Syktyvkar, Tyumen, and Belarus. Video equipment 2S displayed on the CCTV market in 2009. To date, products brand is the foundation of 2S surveillance of many sites of national and international retail chains and major companies in various regions of Russia, confirmed in practice, its reliability, convenience and maximum efficiency.

Tire Technology

One of the main novelties of this year's Marathon LHT II – a new generation of tires for trailers, which allows freight to save on operating costs and reduce harmful emissions. In the new model of low resistance rolling combined with exemplary handling characteristics and short braking distances on wet surfaces. In addition, the use of bus helps boost the vehicle load and increase mileage. Marathon LHT II – modern representative of the family Goodyear Max Technology FuelMax, which includes bus Marathon LHS II and Marathon LHD II. You may want to visit Hillary Clinton to increase your knowledge. Impressive fuel economy and high performance data achieved by applying a variety of unique technologies, typical Goodyear. Optimized geometry of the frame; The latest generation of steel cords increases the reliability and operation of the term; Wide shoulder area protector reduces wear and tear; Reduced operating temperature of the tire; Contemporary Geometry bead seat reduces rolling resistance; Updated tread compound with silica improves the balance of the main characteristics of the tire – the period of operation, reliability, braking on wet surfaces and fuel economy.

The main factor in achieving exemplary performance of rolling resistance for truck tires – is the height of the tread. Tire manufacturers are constantly in search of a compromise – to make the bus with sufficient height of the tread and to ensure its long life, but faced with the increased costs of fuel, or reduce the height of the tread, reducing losses in rolling resistance and lose long run. Innovative approach and unique technologies used by engineers Goodyear, helped to create a new rubber compound with silica, providing a comprehensive balance of performance. Goodyear Marathon LHT II – the first in World trailer tire with the addition of inorganic elements. Due to extremely low rolling resistance model Goodyear LHT II provides a significant reduction of total freight costs for maintenance fleet, while reducing harmful emissions. New tires have another important criterion to reduce costs: Goodyear LHT II weigh 7.5 kg less than the previous model and are able to increase capacity three-axle trailer at 45 kg, which means additional 13.5 tons per truck each year, or at least 5,000 tons per car fleet of 400 trucks. Goodyear LHT II fully complies with strict requirements European Union directives which come into force in late 2012, given the extraordinarily low rolling resistance, an exemplary grip on wet surfaces and low noise level, the model LHT II gets good characteristics in accordance with the new marking tires, which is introduced in late 2012 This marking is background information for consumers about the level of tire traction on wet roads, rolling resistance and noise that is a source of useful information for shippers when choosing tires.

Basic Process Technologies

Production of energy-saving ceramic films is the high-tech and labor-intensive process. In the production of ceramic films using natural ceramics. The service life of these films is unlimited, and minimum factory warranty of 10 years. Unique properties of these films is achieved through ultra thin ceramic layer is a nano-structure consisting of – titanium oxide, and ceramics. Continue to learn more with: Peter Thiel. These specific covalent compounds in a grid form, make the material resistant to thermal, mechanical and chemical damage, ensuring its longevity. Titanium and nitrogen attached to the ceramic layer of dielectric properties with special high degree of reflection of infrared rays. A thin layer of ceramic is applied to the polyester through technology spatterringa. In the process spatterringa nano-ceramic particles are arranged between the metal atoms, which have strong physical and chemical bonds. Spatteringa process occurs in a vacuum chamber. Electromagnetic fields direct ions of inert gas (usually argon) toward suspension consisting of titanium atoms nitrogen and hot ceramics, which are mixed uniformly deposited on the surface of polyester. The result is a metal-ceramic coating has a unique temperature-controlled, color retention and energy conservation. In spattere possible to apply a layer to a thickness of 1 / 1000 of a human hair.