New Technology

If TV is mobile. What is Cellphonetv anyway? Cellphonetv refers to television, that is received via a mobile device E.g. a mobile phone. All too easily equates it with WEB-TV. This refers to TV programs on a Web page, you can watch a live stream or optionally as a download from an Internet recipient. Although nowadays, almost all mobile phones are equipped with an Internet connection and & comparing acceptable screen resolution and sound quality to use video features comfortable, nbspbieten also this with Cellphonetv this has some disadvantages.

One would have the costs incurred, once one is mobile dialing in via a network such as UMTS in the Internet. Package deals are still far less common in the mobile sector and compared costs consuming than Internet flat rates for leased lines. Also own Mobilfzunknetze from technical reasons not particularly to the for the transmission of television programmes, because they connect a 1-to-1. That means everyone Participants can simultaneously send and receive. That sounds at first glance good causes but that the usable bandwidth among all active network participants must be notified. & nbspThe number of participants is therefore & nbspbeschrankt. Therefore, it developed targeted radio transmission networks for Cellphonetv – first DMB (digital multimedia broadcasting) and after that DVB-H (digital video broadcasting – handheld).

When broadcasting a signal, emitted exactly as in the well-known television, uniformly to all participants, without the number of recipients affects the transmission capacity. However, no return channel available is the recipients. For interactive television services, the mobile networks claim necessary then as before. & can be nbspAusserdem only broadcasts streamed over radio networks, which dials the user in a continuous television. A delayed offer is, however, technically impossible. Is currently in Europe a large-scale DVB-H network installed. For a fee of approximately 5 to 10 euros per month, you can receive up to 20 TV channels mobile. The reception via DVB-T is an additional opportunity for mobile television. DVB-T & nbspist & nbspin the vast majority cities available. Long time DVB-T was regarded as too power-hungry for batteries of mobile phones. Meanwhile, there are also mobile phones capable of receiving DVB-T. Leo Ahrendt

Electronic Problems

Admittedly, not every day in the trunk of your car is found "pool" with a 20 centimeter level of the liquid column. Employees of the station now and then I wondered, along with the immortal question – what do? And when my state of shock is slightly faded, I terribly wanted to hear the answer to the question – why? Workers then offered to remove the water from the trunk and tried to find the cause of getting back the water. Cause not found making the assumption that the water there I uploaded washer-terrorist, which I visited before visiting to. For more information see Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. Wish me a happy road and put in the territory of the station. Water and electricity separately – are useful and vital needed. But at a mutual penetration – deadly. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Hillary Clinton by clicking through. And not just for humans. By the cunning plan of the designer car, the battery is located in the flooded trunk.

With the electronics problems started. I Is that not slept at the station then trying to obtain from its employees removing electronics extensive ailments and intelligible answer to the question: how water gets into the trunk? Not a chance. Realizing that with the employees I've got no grown together, I went directly to the seller – Victor. Albeit in a very soft and friendly form, but I was sent away. I asked for their money to repair at some stations. And so, after three nervous overstrain, the story reaches its boiling point – in April 2003, the car stalls next to the car dealership. Difficult not to regard this as a sign from God.