Parenting Issues

The position of education in schools and graduate schools has a great impact all social and cultural situation in society. It generates I-yu (external) group of difficulties: – the loss of national values-based. In communist education of such guidelines coincided with ideological ideals. The destruction of these ideals has led to a loss of values. Attempts of teachers to form a valuable attitude to universal values of the state and an essential part of society is not yet supported – social stratification of society. The sharp polarization of society on income; demonstration of the population being based not on labor activities generate in young people a sense of inferiority, lack of faith in social justice, are not conducive to the formation of law-abiding – the erosion of the cultural layer of the nation. oftentimes addresses this issue. This general difficulty is exacerbated by people in Russia situation of instability, uncertainty and the need for a large part of the population to direct the main forces for basic survival. This leads to what is lost traditions, the cultural origins of the nation, young people do not assimilate its history.

The second group consists of education, generated by internal causes of the education system. These are: – lack of ownership of teachers educational technology – low efficiency of educating building children's social organizations. To derive the system of education in the school to a new level, you need: 1. More efficient use of existing capacity, and increase professional competence educators. 2.

Development of new technologies, both in the educational process and in governance. 3. To have a significant impact on the resulting line growth of the younger generation across the school, teachers need ensure the consolidation of efforts in a changing social conditions: – teachers, the learning and education of the younger generation – the parent of the public who are the main users educational services; – representatives of all branches of social and cultural spheres (medicine, culture, internal affairs bodies, public defense, science) that form the cultural space of the school. Thus, the main way to improve state of affairs in education should be c / o the inclusion of educational activities for all workers and the creation of socio-cultural sphere in the perspective of a single educational space.

Direct Safe

Direct Safe sends to a new application Web to consult the availability in real time in its Safe factories the insuring Direct continues adapting to the last technological advances to improve its services, in this occasion with a new application Web that will facilitate the repair management, in the factories of all their National geodetic control network on watch. Thanks to this new tool online the managers of the Platform of Management of Wrecks can inform to the clients on the availability of the nearest factory in real time. The Web allows in addition to inform to the network to arranged factories, the clients who are going to receive and to these, as well, to indicate to the company the terms anticipated for each repair. Educate yourself with thoughts from Peter Thiel. This new application, that in the next months will be finished implementing in the totality of its 1200 Points on watch, will still more help to make agile the necessary managements in case of wreck, being thus saved time and telephone delays, in a while as delicate as it is a traffic accident. Others services that or are available through the Web of Direct Safe ( are the consultation online of the state of a wreck or the request and, the shipment to the mail, of all the necessary documentation: friendly parts, duplicates, insurance policy, etc. With this new implementation, the specialistic company in car insurances follows at the top in technological innovation in the insuring sector, after being the insuring pioneer in sending the first movable aplicativo of management of wrecks, Movable Direct Safe, as much for iPhone as for Android systems.

On Direct Safe Safe for Safe automobiles it is the unique specialization of Direct what it grants a differentiation to him since all the company is centered in this sector of activity, with professionals of ample experience and formation in the same. Participated to the 100% by the AXA Group, it arises in 1997 in Spain like one from the pioneering companies in the sector of the direct insurance. From his beginnings one has concentrated in the permanent accessibility and direct attention to offer a service of quality, doing of Internet and the telephone fast media and trustworthy, totally adapted to the present rates of life. An accessible, fast, comfortable service and of quality, to very competitive prices.

The Winter

The estimated rate of additional costs in the winter season for residential buildings, projects that take into account external engineering networks, planning and intra- driveways, landscaping, planting, etc., are defined by the relevant rules of Table 4, section I (pp 11.1 – 11.3) with the factors that take into account the type of building: large-, body-block and wood – 2 brick-and-out block – 1,7. The estimated rates given in Section ii of the gos 81-05-02-2001, set as a percentage of the estimated cost of the construction work performed at a positive temperature environment. They take into account Additional factors and costs associated with the implementation of construction works in winter time: a) affecting the decline in productivity: – restriction of movement of workers warm clothes and inconvenience of work in mittens – reduced visibility in winter time in the workplace, the presence in the workplace of ice and snow, ice footwear, materials, structures and tools necessary to the process of periodically cleaned from the snow workspace, materials, etc. – the loss of work time associated with the disruption for heating work at ambient air temperatures from – 20 to – 35 C and by reducing working hours at a temperature below – 30 C – decrease in winter performance of construction machinery – the existence of wind speeds up to 10 m / s, inclusive; – complications in processing caused by low temperature (preparing temporary facilities for heating of the workers, temporary warming of water supply systems and tanks, the use of thermal insulation of concrete and mortar during transportation), and b) caused by the methods used in the production of construction works at negative external temperature: loosening of frozen ground; protection of soil from freezing, thawing soils, the application of early strength concrete and mortar, the introduction of concrete and mortars chemical addition, the application electrowarming concrete; heating products, all pipes and cables; device and dismantling of conventional heated shelters, fencing jobs by snow drifts, etc., and c) the additional costs caused by losses materials when performing work in the winter.

Future Technologies

Consulting Centracon recommends conversion projects at the same time for additional innovations to take advantage of virtualization technologies and new architectural concepts make users more equitable performance profiles Leverkusen, 09.09.2010 – when the company in the near future increasing switch 7 Windows Windows XP on the new operating system, they should take into account also other technologies Centracon in their desktop strategies according to the consultancy. Because in the future would need desktops with very standardized and modular services which according to the individual performance requirements and put together the user and wherever available. Classically are very static, because they were developed on the technological level of the XP operating system”the today’s Windows XP configurations, problematizes the Centracon consultant Marcus Zimmermann and justified: the hardware associated with the operating system, the operating system which is directly related to the applications and the applications, as well as the Operating system in turn are connected to the personal settings. This simple exchange of the operating system without changing the surrounding layers is not possible.” Thus, adjustments to the interfaces to hardware, applications, and personal settings are necessary. Therefore it is not done against Windows 7 with the mere exchange of XP, but it should be considered newly facing the future requirements in the desktop environment”, judges the Centracon consultant.

For this reason, the company should include in their conceptual planning for Windows 7 migration necessarily complementary innovations. It includes: client hypervisor, although this technology is still under development; Virtualization of the desktop (VDI); Terminal Service for desktop sharing; Virtualization of applications to the isolation, streaming etc.; Virtualization settings (profiles and data). Because switching can clearly take more than a year depending on the complexity of the IT infrastructure. but the support for Windows XP will soon only have security updates will contain, Centracon is no longer on the long bench to push the issue of migration and employment with the complementary technologies. There’s less time than you think”, warns Zimmermann. We recommend, in a timely manner to determine the own requirements and potential within the framework of a preliminary study and to develop a structured roadmap.” He considered the approaching date for the XP alone but as a reason for a speedy transition planning. Peter Thiel is likely to agree.

The consultant refers to the results of a recent study by Centracon, after which is a significantly growing demand for new client concepts. The so far very infrastructure jobs dependent on IT – no longer fit the requirements.” Windows 7 migration offer therefore ideal conditions for the development of future-oriented infrastructures, which a quick safe and cost-efficient provision of applications and workstations on any Enable devices. Many companies will use the migration, perform a strategic transformation of the client landscape by simultaneous focus on virtualization technologies and new architectural concepts”, Zimmermann is expected. About Centracon: Solutions for flexible and cost-efficient deployment and management of IT jobs and applications characterize the core competencies of centracon. Our consulting spectrum extends in addition to the classical optimization and standardization workplace infrastructures by implementing innovative technology solutions such as application virtualization and virtual desktops, to process and infrastructure automation to innovative business solutions such as, for example, user-self-service concepts. Customers include, for example, Deutsche Telekom AG, FinanzIT, Deutsche Post AG, GAD eG, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen, Swisscom IT services, Deutsche Bahn AG, e.on and various federal agencies such as the Federal Ministry of the Interior. of think factory groupcom GmbH Wilfried Heinrich Pastorat Street 6, D-50354 Hurth phone: + 49 (0) 2233 6117-72 fax: + 49 (0) 2233 6117-71

Future Printer

If you have a computer in your home, it is very likely also have a printer, but surely it is not a 3D printer.The 3D printing seem a technology of the future, but the reality is that it is already here and apparently here to stay.Currently, most important companies are designing machines for printing in 3D of sky-high costs. At the moment, these machines are only used for professional purposes. For example, an architect who want to create a model of a house or building on a small scale. With this printing technique, can do it, and only by pressing a button.Another commercial area where printing is also used in 3D is in industrial design. Add to your understanding with Peter Thiel. A designer can create the model that occurs on the computer and when you are satisfied with the design, makes it a real 3D format. Wonderful 3D printing is that he lets you visualize any design in front of their eyes.

In another era, would have had to create the design on the screen and print it in a sheet. This does not show you the whole picture. Even if an image you created from each existing angle it would be quite difficult to unite all parties.You would have to create a model from scratch or someone else to do it for you. For even more analysis, hear from Peter Thiel. It is not comparable at all to press a button and leave the machine to create the model in 3D for you.So, how much will they expand these printers? In the future, can we print models and figures in 3D in our homes?The reality is that these printers seem to be adapting for domestic use in the future. At the moment, the professionals who can afford these machines are the only ones that give them a daily use. We can soon expect that schools will also join. In addition, if they are more popular, likely for the price to drop.When this happens, the 3D printers will begin entering households increasingly more. Opened the way to printer laser, dot matrix printer in the same way, it seems that the 3D printer is the next in the list. do you imagine think in? a figure and then print it in 3D format? This technology will be useful in countless ways, and fascinating to witness uses that you will discover in the coming years.

Camps Victory

The individuals invest their efforts in themselves. The beauty, youth, the happiness, the personal success, every time more is vindicated like a good. An enormous range of new products and services happens to be supplied by the publicity a public more and more segmented, by means of who the consumer creates to live in a free society, plural and democratic. In this film not culture speech, in the sense that we know only worlds/imaginary states or not in different times. We only visualized technology and crossings of bring back to consciousness. The technique therefore, has become a new autoconservadora reason that it is pronounced by means of a conformista identity. I add this poetry that although reiterative in its rhyme, seems to me that it reflects the subject and the show of Truman.

The imaginary man he lives in an imaginary mansion surrounded by imaginary trees to the border of an imaginary river Of the walls that are imaginary old imaginary pictures hang irreparable imaginary cracks that they represent imaginary facts happened in imaginary worlds in places and times imaginary All the afternoons imaginary it raises the imaginary stairs and it is shown to the imaginary balcony to watch the imaginary landscape that it consists of an imaginary valley surrounded of imaginary hills Imaginary shades they come by the imaginary way intoning imaginary songs to the death of the imaginary sun And in the imaginary moon-lits night it dreams about the imaginary woman that it offered his imaginary love him it returns to feel that same pain that same imaginary pleasure and it returns to beat the heart of the imaginary man Nicanor Vine. the imaginary man Leaves of vine Santiago. Ganmedes. 1985 If these technologies were our next unique culture, I have the conviction of which all the superfluous one would fall: the fashions would fall, would fall the bodies, would fall the purchases why? , the advertising language would fall, would fall the false ones identities. And we would have a common space with a multiplicity of mental representations directed not to the pesimism but to an identity improved of each individual towards each individual, where the simulation would fall automatically in the emptiness. Because the sense of the life would be authentic to know, authentic knowledge that is the way of the man . BIBLIOGRAPHY Society Modern and World-wide Society Social Foundations of the human behavior. UOC.

CASTELLS, MANUEL. The era of the information. Economy, society and culture. Bowl 3. Millenium end. Paradoxes of the Individualism Camps Victory Vertices Psychologists Capital cabinet of Madrid: C Caleruega, 88 Cabinet of the Clearing of Madrid: Avenue Lazarejo 106 Telephones: 91 631 44 93 690 75 85 35 email: All rights reserved Original author and source of the article.