It goes to happen in Los Angeles, in the United States, between days 18 and 27 of November, THERE the Auto Show (an event similar to the Hall of the Automobile), where diverse marks (Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Ford, Honda, Jeep, Kia, Lincolin, Mitsubishi, Nissan and Ram) will count on estandes for its expositions. But something is going up to around the environment and attracting new curious looks for the event. Between lectures and conferences of the representatives of the marks, that probably will go to divulge the volume of sales, new concepts, or to announce prizes of the industry, Nintendo (giant Japanese, one of the leaders in the video segment games) also is with a marked lecture. But for which reason, reason or circumstance, Nintendo would go set appointments a collective one of stocking-hour approximately, in the end of as the day of event? Many forecasts on what Nintendo will go to divulge THERE in the Auto Show already had been made, as the production of a new product to entertain the people on board the vehicle or until the equipage of tablet Wii-U in the vehicles. But leaving the imagination to flow, it is possible to imagine that some vehicle will have the Mario as mascote of the line. It imagines tires golden remembering currencies, green wheels of mushrooms and exhaust pipes.

Already it thought if Nintendo produced a system of launching of hooves of turtle and rinds of banana in the track, for the real world (making referncio to the game Mario Kart), in an attempt of combat to ‘ ‘ barbeiros’ ‘ in the transit. When requested a word of Nintendo on the collective one, was only given a reply. ‘ ‘ We will have more information soon and we do not have more nothing to say in this momento’ ‘. The truth is that while the Auto Show does not start THERE, we can imagine millions of things regarding this conference of Nintendo. We go to wait.