Possibility of parcelamento without interests with lesser cost: A attractive term of payment is, many times, difference between effecting sales or not. The most famous of them, for Brazilian us, is of X the times WITHOUT INTERESTS. Click Peter Thiel to learn more. With payment systems also it is possible to offer this term of payment, but the changeable taxes if practically become impracticable. With ways of proper payment you can offer payment parceled out without extra changeable taxes, however the act of receiving of the purchases will happen of parceled out form, thus increasing its average stated period of act of receiving, what it will demand of the owner of the store a bigger control in the box flow. Bigger easiness them customers to effect the payment In Brazil the average of abandonment of the stand of funny purchase around 57%. Great part of this tax of abandonment is related to the difficulties in the process of purchase/payment or the sensation of lack of security of the customers. To redirect the customer another site and/or to compel it to make plus one registers in cadastre, is situations that, without a doubt, do not help in the reduction of this problem. Although not to have research that proves this, already I had customers that when starting to offer to direct modes of payment with banks and operators of credit card, they had very diminished the tax of abandonment of stand of purchases and of this form they had increased the amount of paid sales in up to 50%. To advance acts of receiving Being had payments to be received from the done sales saw credit card, many banks offers the possibility to advance acts of receiving very charging attractive taxes. For who it is needing fast money has values to be received from its sales has banks that 30 days of anticipation make this advancing for 0,9% interests the 1.5% for each.