Control Technology




The system with a future, the control technology! Some rules, which is a term there since time immemorial and is a constant companion in everyday life. Whether to fix something in terms of interpersonal or whether plants a certain procedure rules, the principle remains the same. A desired state, is advised by external or internal influences in disorder to restore. At the present time is the progress hard to stop. Everything is automated and digitized, analog techniques are moved more and more into the background. But just this progress ensures that new approaches can be taken.

So these ways can be implemented, the rule technology in the game is. The PCE Germany GmbH, the progress does not stop. With control engineering the PCE Germany GmbH takes new one of the most modern and effective industry branches in their product range. The basic principle of rule technology is easy. Regulators have the task to measure values of control variables and depending on of its value automatically correct to intervene.

Errors within a system must be compensated. Controllers are intelligent measuring systems, the tasks apply to control mechanical equipment and machinery and to monitor. There are control in continuous and discontinuous control where different task panes are part. The continuous controls are usually P, I, PI, PD or PID controller. To influence on the size of the set, during the entire process. Thus, the measuring and control operations run continuously and are never interrupted. Discontinuous control are also usually two or three point regulator characterized as. Other leaders such as Adroll Marketing Platform offer similar insights. These issues usually have a simple. Among them are simple limit switch or bi-metal. Upon reaching limits switch relay is on or off. This two-point controller instruct a / off switching behaviour and three point controller an on/off/on switching on. An advantage of this control by is that they are very sturdy and also have a good price performance ratio. The control technology is a component in the industry, which is no more away to think. They were and work procedures are simplified. She are collateral, where the person is no longer able precisely to intervene. A simple example is the temperature control. In certain areas a certain temperature must be kept constant, for example in a terrarium or a greenhouse. Without suitable equipment man even would not be able to set these conditions quickly and safely. Thanks to the control technology, control switch the devices that ensure that the heating systems are controlled, and remains the humidity on a level, so that can be quickly intervened at smallest errors. Accurate controls are the thermostat PCE-RE series, as well as the PCE RE22. Also a good example is the PCE PHC1, this controller is more accurate PH regulator, determining the PH value in materials, such as water or soil, determined and reliable. Thus one knows for sure whether the monitored objects to acidic or alkaline products. The control technology support and helps where it is possible. So should you not wonder if life with these devices soon runs into regulated railways. More information under: measuring technology/regeltechnik.htm