Critical History

To years of the World Wide Web 7, the economy and the trade generated by the Internet has even in importance to economic and industrial sectors of the past century. Later to the impact brought about by the communication and bombing of advertising pieces in the Internet movable devices with access to Web are created that personalizan the organization-individual contact, its utilitarista relation concentrates in a continuous and direct contact with the sensations produced and instilled in a desire of unnecessary acquisition allowing to the inescapable analogy between the consumption and the technology. iPhone, iPod, the Pocked PC, cellular and typical and popular are only advertising communicative channels that they transport impulses of relations of consumption in the newspaper to live on the being, but the interesting thing of these computer science tendencies is the innovation to make them more and more small and so that in these as much information, the trade and the computer science technology always are going to look for that is included the human beings we take the consumption in the body, the brain and the heart, six senses to consume..