Current Construction




The life cycle of a building comprises from the extraction of raw materials to develop materials and building components, until the collapse or demolition of such building. Today to talk about sustainable building refers to the degree of sustainability of the building, a parameter that includes 32 indicators grouped into 5 groups:-materials and recursos(tipo recursos: naturales, reciclados, duraderos, capacidad de reciclaje y reutilizacion). -Energia(usada_en_la_obtencion_de_recursos,_en_el_proceso_de_construccion,_perdidas_energeticas_deel_edficio). -Waste management (generated in the obtaining of resources in construction). -Salud(emisiones_nocivas). -Use of the building (energy in terms of use, degree of maintenance).

He is assigned to each elbow a percentage, is calculated the average for each group of indicators, obtaining a value per group, providing a view of the total degree of sustainability of a building or construction. Today the measures that can be taken to a sustainable building revolve around these concepts:-use of optimal wood depending on your purpose. Different classes have different properties that are optimal depending on use and qualities. -Reuse of construction materials. -Using paints containing no heavy materials.

-Use high energy efficiency technologies. -Install items for collecting rain water. -Orientation of buildings (oriented South stays with greater energy needs). -Appropriate shadow elements. -Cross-ventilation, whereas the direction of the prevailing winds, facilitating the entry and exit of ventilation. -Increase the isolation. -Increase the thermal inertia. -Integrated thermal solar captors for the needs of hot water. -Integrated control of power consumption electronic devices. -Integrate and complement different energy sources: louvers, solar-biomasa. Ultimately, make the design of the building so as to minimize energy consumption in its construction and in its common use, all phases of the life cycle of a building are important and should be considered to minimize the environmental impact. Original author and source of the article.