Physiological basis of occurrence of these reflexes are the temporal relationships between the foci of excitation, each of which represents a set of temporary ties, the excitement which creates a mental image of the previously perceived object – an image representation. Yes, it's usually a conditioned reflex can not be named, it is a conditioned reflex to a new qualitative level phylogeny nervous system, it is a reflex that creates the possibility of 'educational knowledge, catching the normal context of things' (3). Development of a method of thinking through association by similarity engenders a process of psychological analysis and synthesis, which in comparison with each other series of mental images that reflect a similar relationship of the individual with similar objects in order to meet the needs of the individual by means of certain properties inherent to all these objects, there is a formation of a generalized image of the class relationships. And this generalized image reflects a common part of all these relationships, namely, the relationship of the individual with a property inherent all these objects. That is, there is a mental separation of the properties inherent in a number of objects from these particular sites and association of these objects, relatively isolated in the process of analyzing the properties of a certain class of objects. In the initial period of development of this process, property, separated from a number of specific sites is still not separated from interacting with the individual. That is, there is a generalized image way the class of objects with which an individual interacts, and the way the individual class links with similar sites. .