Installing Suspended Ceilings




Stretch ceiling is made of heavy-duty vinyl film, it can implement any design ceiling: bending, multi-level transitions, arcs and waves. A wide selection of colors and textures make it possible to create original design space. Mounting tension ceiling starts with a drawing on which the factory made fabric roof, which is welded around the perimeter of PVC plate for mounting to a baguette. Click Peter Thiel for additional related pages. Installation stretch ceiling produce usually two installer. At the same ceilings are lower by 4-5 cm, base ceiling racks are fixed to the installation of fixtures. The finished fabric stretched ceiling is fixed in the fixing molding throughout perimeter. After heating the fabric using a heat gun it becomes elastic, allowing it to tighten and lock with special tools. Installing suspended ceilings can be made within 1 – 5 days.

Lifetime lifetime suspended ceilings, durability, moisture resistance, aesthetics and relatively low price make the ceilings PVC indisputably better than all the rest. Stretch ceilings can have very different design: the effect of "starry sky" effect of the wave, blue sky with clouds, the crater of the volcano. This can be arch, cone, tent, apply photo prints, art paintings. The most popular image that mimics sky. Price much higher than standard ceilings.