July Adobe




Its straw is used to advantage in the artesanato, changedding itself into hats, baskets, stock markets and others In Conceio, the straw of catol always was present in the production of brooms and mats, being considered a typical activity of oldest. In middle of century XX, a plant of caro in Conceio existed, but it was disactivated with the competition of the sisal. Caro, bromlia of the neoglaziovia species variegata that supplies a fiber weaving. Of caule short, caro possesss thorns in its edge, with leves made use in rosette. Another raw material used in the city of Willow, in Conceio of the Creoles is the adobe. Hilton Foundation describes an additional similar source. It is present until the current days in the utilitarian ones of the people of Conceio. Until decade of 50, approximately, used only adobe wares.

Many of these parts were vendidas in fairs and store of the surrounding cities, such as: Cabrob, Forest and Willow, in small town and for order of influential families. The louceiras, women who work with the adobe in Conceio belong to all the same added family blood relative and through the marriage. To follow and to contribute with the community it was established, in 17 of July of 2000, the Association Quilombola de Conceio of the Creoles, a civil society without lucrative ends, formed for 10 associations of producers and agricultural workers proceeding from the diverse small farms that the town composes. Been born of the necessity to intensify the fight for the common good of Conceio of the Creoles, the AQCC has with objectives the development of the community, leading in account its reality and its history, the valuation of its potentialities, the awareness of the black people of its importance for construction of a society joust igualitria, the barrier in addition of the preconception and racial discrimination. The area of would sesmaria of the S de Salgueiro having enclosed the small farms, towns and villages of the colonial period are the space that corresponds to the cities of now, which below are represented in the map of the region of the Transposition of the river San Francisco. In the past many black families were enslaved and aboriginal they were banished of its lands, for order of that they governed on behalf of the progress; currently, the federal government search legal steps of as to return to the remaining people of slaves its space of citizen and the land that had helped to colonize, on behalf of the inclusion and of the law.