Manufacturing Concrete Products




Manufacture of reinforced concrete structures include production phases such as preparation reinforcement, shuttering work, reinforcement, concrete, care has not yet hardened concrete. Reinforced concrete different from the monolithic because the first reinforced concrete are manufactured at factories, after that transported to the construction site and there already are assembling. Technological processes in the manufacture of concrete products is on the the company has received increased attention, and this is a major strength of this production. Because of this seeking of the highest quality for a small amount of time. Only a factory can go through the process of manufacturing jbk (prestressed).

The main disadvantage of making jbk the company can not call them a great number of variations. An example would be a slight variety of manufactured products, and blames the limited standard formwork. Also at the factory produces such constructions, which are designed for mass use (eg, pile). As a result, a wide growth of enterprises producing reinforced concrete structures, gave rise entire regions of the same type of structures that depersonalizes them. This was particularly noticeable in the Soviet Union, where such construction particularly well developed. At enterprises producing concrete products increased attention paid to the existing schemes of technological processes. At some enterprises prefer conveyor technology (single Product details enclosed in the form, passing on the conveyor belt, pass the entire assembly process). Another technique is called flow-aggregate.

During her form was located in her piece from one device to another crane moves. And for each process there is a separate part. Poster – a technology in which the workpiece does not move, and move them devices themselves. For prestressed structures (this can be attributed slabs) can be applied two methods of production, as in the tightening fixtures: electrothermomechanical and electrothermal, the manufacturer can choose the most convenient for them.