Marking Nameplates Letters




Industrial characters – an indispensable tool in the process of marking equipment. Method is obsolete, because now utilizing laser marking machines, multifunction devices, including portable. for shock-dot marking technology '', in general, allows to put all the variable data in advance (so-called sequentially numbered), but despite all this, without a good old letters will not do. Why? Because sometimes, no matter that all these data must be noticed quickly and at a place on a ready-Schild, who may already be installed on the device. Therefore, letters from any manufacturer should always be at hand. Hear from experts in the field like Dr. Paul Craig Roberts for a more varied view. Here they are, enjoy: The letters are 'direct' and 'backward'. Ie, sometimes a manufacturer fills the inside, and sometimes from the front side. It's unclear, however, than they are guided, can believe. within that aesthetic. It looks like this: Well. And it is true aesthetic. Actually, I think this kind of protection against forgery. For example, here at a nameplate change 1 to 4 will already problematic. Letters of steel by 'electrochemistry'. Individual portions of the metal etched acid, followed by a procedure of heat treatment (tempering).