Mobile Communications




GPS: not just navigate After Siemens and Motorola have successfully integrated into mobile phones GPS-navigators, the idea picked up by others. Although external GPS-receiver, sometimes even works better built, the trend association of these devices continues a large touch screen One of the important lessons that taught us iPhone, is that he reminded the industry of mobile radio communication of the importance of convenience and ease of management. Prada-Phone and Viewty. Apple’s also expected the new model, now with umts. It is not excluded that in addition to touch screens on the market can also do special glasses, performing the function of the display. Network Technologies Leading European Operators first direct more money to develop a network of umts, the network than gsm. They offer their networks not only hspda technology with data transfer rates up to 3.6 Mbps, but in areas of intensive use have moved to force the it to 7,2 Mbps.

Also initiated improvements in technology hsupa, to send images, graphics or large presentations at speeds up to 1.45 Mbps. At the same time do not stop work on the implementation of edge, which seek to maximize great cover. Adroll may help you with your research. Soft increasingly important in recent years mobile phone has learned to take pictures (without giving digital cameras) and play music, he worked his way to the Internet and has mastered the navigation on the web. Year after year, manufacturers of mobile phones invade neighboring industry and transformed the once separate products into one of the technical capabilities of cell. Some are able to do quite well. So, Nokia is not only a leader in the mobile phone market, but also an active supplier of digital cameras, MP3 players and fm receivers.

If until now the development proceeded at the expense of hardware solutions (new camera or a GPS-receiver), it is now Developers of mobile phones focused on software. Appear open platforms, open up new opportunities. On the one hand, based on them more easily create their own functional applications than it allows a familiar platform Java. On the other – the owners of telephones are free to expand the capabilities of their devices, in-stallirovav on them or that program. Such approaches provide consumers with flexible Custom devices with minimal effort on the part of manufacturers, which is undoubtedly beneficial to all. Brands combined trend is indicated in the last year, when the cell phone manufacturer cooperates with any successful brand from another industry will continue. The most striking examples – Production Prada-Phone company lg, mobile phone Porsche, manufactured by Sagem, or company Mandarina Duck Alcatel. Ideally, benefits both parties: and fashion brand that can expand the supply of its products, and mobile phone manufacturer are covered by the new target groups. Forms of cooperation – a variety: from joint development to a simple transfer labels of existing products, or from the placement of two logos on the case of mobile phone to mobile phone, for example, in the design of Porsche, which mark Sagem-existent.