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Only paragraph: The social assistance is become fullfilled of form integrated to the sectorial politics, aiming at to the confrontation of the poverty, the guarantee of the social minimums, to the provisions of conditions to take care of social contingencies and to the universalizao of the social rights. Art. 3 entities and organizations of social assistance Are considered those that give, without lucrative ends, attendance and advising to the beneficiaries enclosed for this law, as well as that the defense and guarantee of its rights act in. A.P.C.G in partnership with the social service and too much sectors of the institution, promotes the social inclusion, and the guarantee of the rights, by means of practical inclusive, elaborated so that each time more the person with deficiency, guarantees its space in the society. To get the BPC, the family it must look a rank of the National Institute of Seguro Social (INSS), to fill the form of request of I benefit and income statement of the members of the family, being that the income does not have to exceed of per capita the familiar one.

In a.P.C.G the BPC is a reality amongst the families, had conditions of vulnerability of many, this question leads to a great demand of petitioners of the BPC in the Agencies of Previdncia Social (APS). It is important to stand out that exactly in conditions of high vulnerability, few families if fit in the criteria demanded for the LOAS. The BPC is the first program that guarantees the social minimum that does not need previdenciria contribution, is constitutionally guaranteed to all the Brazilians, its access independe of conditions of current or previous work, and yes of the current financial conditions. Data disclose that the profile of the users taken care of for the institution who receive the BPC, are in its majority pupils of vulnerable families, enter the 16 30 years of age, considered them young-adults.