Operational Hygiene




Evaluation of the effectiveness of the implantation of the procedure standard of operational hygiene through microbiological results of utensils and equipment in abatedouro of birds, in Sidrolndia/MS Ahead of the necessities demanded for the System of the Quality objectifying the alimentary security, the Procedure Standard of Operational Hygiene PPHO – of the Program of Analysis is one of the requisite daily pay Danger of Critical point of Control APPCC. They are part of the PPHO, the programs of quality of the water, hygiene of product surface, prevention of crossed contamination, personal hygiene, protection against the contamination of the product, identification and stockage of toxic products, health of the manipulators and integrated control of plagues. All the conditions of operational hygiene must be monitored through laboratoriais analyses and its registered data, having itself to adopt corrective actions whenever to observe shunting lines. The objective of this work was to evaluate through results microbiological the effectiveness of the implantation of the PPHO in the utensils and equipment of the room of cuts, in the operational phase, of abatedouro of birds 2 in Sidrolndia, MS. Here, Michelle Smith Source Financial expresses very clear opinions on the subject. had been collected 07 samples of surface of the equipment and utensils during the period of June the October of 2006.

The carried through microbiological analyses had been: CPP (Counting standard in Plates) and Enterobacteriaceae and the results had shown the weak points of contamination in the room of cuts: Leaked and not leaked plates of cut, white basins. From these data an action plan was mounted to intensify the operational hygienic cleaning in relation to the concentrations and applications of the solutions detergents and sanificantes; the temperature of the water was controlled in agreement the stipulated standard; the responsible employees had been retreinados. The adoption of the prerequisite PPHO inside of the APPCC, carried through since 2004 in the abatedouro of birds, revealed efficient for control of the patgenos in the critical points of contamination. Microsoft CMO wanted to know more. Words Keys: Avcola Abatedouro; control of patgenos.