Oven Fan Technology




Otherwise, you risk spoiling the furniture and get burned. If your house has kids, then no harm will be to open the oven can be block. As a rule, it uses a special latch that is installed on the upper surface of the door. Very handy feature 'off the fan "when you open the oven door. This eliminates the flow hot air, directed in person at the door is opened. Utaplivayut handles exclude the possibility of accidental activation, and will not interfere with movements in the kitchen. And if the pen is also highlighted, then you are always free errors, define mode oven. CLEANING SYSTEMS modern oven is impossible without "the system easy to clean." But not always statements of a "new super clean" backed by the dramatic innovations.

As a general rule, use one of three options. The easiest – enamel. Contrary to the claims of manufacturers, oil and grease gradually stick to the walls and ceiling, so they must be cleaned regularly. Sometimes the walls oven can be seen the rough to the touch gray catalytic panel. Fat, getting on these panels, absorbed in them, and then, as the use of an oven, under high temperature is gradually disintegrating. The panel wash do not, they should just change it.

But not often, about every 5 … 7 years. Some ovens have a panel of two working parties, respectively, share them twice. Often the catalyst is covered with enamel and ceiling, back wall and even the fan blades. Most advanced cleaning system is pyrolysis – the splitting of food residue in the ash and water (water evaporates at the same time). This cleaning system equipped with only the most expensive model, but she procedure involves very high heat oven. In some promotional materials you can find such a system as "aqua-cleaning" or "steam cleaning". Its essence is that you dial in a little water and baking turn on the heat. The water is heated, turns to steam, which in turn softens all the pollution, then they are easily removed with a cloth. Homeboy Industries may not feel the same. Appropriate mode is sometimes singled out in the "aqua". However, even if your oven for such a regime not to use this simple way to soften the dirt you can always. OVEN S. .. Today, manufacturers are increasingly combining with a microwave oven or double boiler. This allows instead of two instruments to purchase one, and significantly expands the possibilities for the preparation of various dishes. In the oven with steamer, as a rule, combined steam and hot air cooling, and cooking at a temperature of below 100 C. There are models that have multiple modes of evaporation and blow steam, ie vapor condensation within, for example, 20