Public Call Offices




PSTN-VoIP-termination termination enables service providers to establish reliable and inexpensive communication between the xo IP-networks and transmit IP-oriented calls to the telephone network (PSTN). Using this approach significantly expands the range of services offered by VoIP-providers, and allows you to make calls over very long distances at reasonable prices. Among the distinctive features of VoIP-termination can note: * stable connection between the IP-network and the pstn for termination of calls over very long distances; * Services of local and international termination; * identify the link as for SIP-protocol, and on tdm (Time Division Multiplex); * Reliable transmission of voice data via the xo ip and Sonus infrastructure; * np nxx billing structure allows you to set low prices for lata / ocn models. Renting out sub-providers (Switch Partitioning) This service allows wholesale VoIP-providers and VoIP-Reseller rent switch, which is owned by other companies. As a rule, for the clients of such providers of the resources allocated switch, which they are entitled to dispose of at its discretion. Using makes it possible to use the best switch on the market, while paying only the minimum price of the lease.

Wholesalers and resellers can use this switch without any capital investment, which can be tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars in infrastructure. Renting a switch, you can earn now. Phone cards (Calling cards) phone card (Calling card) – is a telecommunication credit card, you can use to telephone and mobile communications. Typically, a user buys a phone card from the phone company or its reseller and is able to use its services. There are several ways to use phone cards – they can be both pre-paid (pre-paid), and post-paid (post-paid). Prepaid card bought before connecting to the provider, while post-paid card allows you to pay with telecommunications provider much later – in fact even after the provision of telecommunications services. The advantages of calling cards include the possibility of propagation through a network of public call offices, internet cafes, and well as through web sites on the Internet.

Implementation of services using prepaid phone cards has some advantages such as cost, the possibility of budgetary control, mobility, etc. Use telephone card is very simple and convenient, so to. Calls can be made as to landline or mobile phone, as well as from a payphone. Negotiating settlements CallShop phone centers VoIP CallShop, also known as Public Call Offices (PCOs), use the VoIP-technology positioned as a replacement for traditional call centers, widely represented in all countries. These solutions are designed for both existing and potential owners of telephone booths and Internet cafes, and include special software and remotely configured VoIP-gateway, which terminates calls via the VoIP-service providers at attractive rates.