Technical Security




Re-experience: Security from technology to law the SecTXL 2012 starts in their second year. Have the content focused last year on a day exclusively on the subject of cloud computing, the SecTXL ‘ 12 on two days takes place and will in addition consider the areas of mobile computing, social media, and other topics such as e.g. Consumerization (of IT) from the legal and technical point of view. In addition to these innovations the SecTXL will take place ‘ 12 spread also in four cities (Hamburg, Frankfurt, Munich and Berlin) throughout the year. New technologies and concepts at the same time provide enterprises today increasingly and particularly more challenges. One must ensure that the systems used on the technical side are at least adequately covered. “On the other hand, legal questions arise due to globalization and the increased use of globally distributed systems the use on the paper” can complicate already.

The SecTXL ‘ 12 tackles these issues and presents In addition to technical presentations by lawyers and experts in the fields of data protection and data security technical problems and their solutions of IT architects. So possibilities are pointed out, companies must behave in times of modern communications and working practices from the point of view of safety. Agree to the SecTXL ‘ 11 – Hamburg dates: 22 and 23 February 2012 Frankfurt: 14th and 15th June 2012 Munich: 18 and 19, October 2012 Berlin: any further information as well as the agenda and the paid registration are 15 and 16 November 2012 under to find. Follow our Twitter account at or visit our Facebook page About the SecTXL the SecTXL (security from technology to law) is a series of events with a focus on security aspects in the field of information technology. While the legal background to the fore are available in addition to the technical problems and solutions.