In our time, banner ads are so pervasive that it may seem – it has existed since time immemorial. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts oftentimes addresses this issue. We already can not imagine almost any site without banner ads. Meanwhile, a form of online advertising has appeared not so long ago. His appearance must banner of the American company AT & T, which provides phone services. It is this company has posted on Internet site first in the history of the banner.

Of course, it was quite simple. With dimensions of 648 by 60 pixel banner, without further ado, click on it called. rs often says this. The inscription on it reads: Have you ever clicked your mouse right here? You will . And this historic event took place in 1994, 25 October – given age of many other inventions that are popular these days, most recently, is not it? After the first banner ads appeared a kind of interesting and effective website owners, companies and others in need of representation of large numbers of users via the Internet. Technology for creating banners since improved, and arrive at being finalized, and now we have different opportunities to work with this type of online advertising. Since the advent of the first banner the most effective and clickable banners were considered those developments that, among other things, enable and psychological techniques. For example, in the history of banners, the most popular are those labels which contain the word free (which translates as "free"). The appearance of the banner also had Values: color had a big advantage over monochrome.

The most attractive were the same animated banners. User confidence in the banners in the 90s was great. At the same time, more colorful than a banner the more he had the chance of success. However, the frequent discrepancy between advertising and reality shattered the confidence of Internet users to banner. But we can not say that was a complete disappointment. Over time, banner ads divided into quality – colorful, beautifully executed and fully justifying the confidence of those who are interested in them, and those that cause irritation of his obsession and deceit. Since the development of Technology banners of the first category there is an order of magnitude greater than the second banner, they remain relevant and effective form of advertising.