Institute Study Superior

The confidence in itself is the first secret of the success. R.W. Emerson does not fit the smaller doubt, on the vision and knowledge to take the opportunities, since it makes the ITESM (Technological Institute Study Superior of Monterrey) that is an Institute prestigious and very recognized in Latin America, the Caribbean and Central America, where many students of these continents have been going to form, to become qualified, to share experience, in the different races that offers, many are scholars by the same ITESM, who acquire vanguard knowledge, experience apply and it in their country of origin. Of course, when one is going away to refer the ITESM as my case, in where I trained as engineer and I obtained my postgraduate of masters in administration of companies I do, it with objetivismo without letting take to me by emotions, feelings, but by concrete facts that they show results, by my experience, vision and evaluation of results. When I arrived in my first opportunity back at the ITESM many years, this it only was centralized in Monterrey, city, that it stops that then very shady era, never similar to which today it is, a modern metropolis, for that then, already were a good number of Central American, few Latin Americans, study of engineering, especially electrical, mechanical, civil, architecture, administration, accounting and degrees in Physics and mathematics. The authorities and founders of this field of education already maintained a dynamic entailment with the enterprise sector that is very representative for the region. Aspect that has benefitted to the Technological one, put the companies professional bring up to full strength with withdrawn his, which projected a positive image of Complexion that has favored him and has taken it to that at the moment it counts on 33 fields in all Mexico, which demonstrates to its development and quality of its professionals according to the profile that is designed in each race, totally updated according to the needs of the scenes where it is.