Experimental Station




This especificidade demands strategies differentiated for conservation and recovery of springs. In experiment aiming at the recovery of the forest covering of the ciliar bush in closed domain of in the Experimental Station of Assis, SP, did not have significant difference between the pure treatments and mixing when the same species had been planted in modules or randomly. Amongst the native species of ciliar bush open pasture domain, was distinguished for the high survival, covering and guianensis growth of Tapirira, Anadenanthera falcata and brasiliense Calophyllum. The deriving native species of forest formations had had null survival low or, mediocre growth and covering (DURIGAM & SILVEIRA, 1999). From there the importance in the choice of plants adjusted for the reforestation in any rea.FERREIRA & DAYS (2004) had evidenced that the ciliar bush of the brook Is Bartolomeu in Viosa, Minas Gerais presented only 5.7% of the area that would have to present the current law in accordance with, represented for nine forest fragmentos in different periods of training of ecological succession. With the objective to get subsidies technician to guide programs of resetting of the ciliares bushes and areas of permanent preservation, the survival and the development had been evaluated, how much to the height and the diameter of the col, of species of native and exotic plants arbreas, lead in antropizados environments, with peculiar characteristics.