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By the way, about the news. Fans spend their time then to get the latest news from the press, websites team or specialized portals. After all, you can simplify their lives, increasing their loyalty and interest in the club, a simple dispatch the latest news, and this tool is present in a "respectable crm system. And the list should be targeted to the fans the impression that the representative of the club personally told him the news that he really expensive, time share with him the kind of information before it will be found in print or online. The tool lists, just as you can use to invite fans to the traditional meeting, and based on feedback to make predictions about the attendance of such events, develop marketing campaigns to sell souvenirs and merchandise.

Most Russian clubs did not lag behind Representatives of other industries and use the Internet as a pr tool to create websites and place ads on them. Of course, the fan should know that a company maintains his club. What gets club from such advertising on site, guess not difficult, but that gets a fan? Participation in contests in exchange for personal information? Speaking of personal data on the site of the club are quite unimpressive form for registration. Unimpressive because provide an opportunity to understand unless a box fan, but not on the level of his education or marital status, nor about the position does not. That is, the club does not know anything about their fans.