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However nor all the games are distant of the ludonarrativa, some use something similar to its thought. Interesting examples are the interactive narratives, visual novels and the games hiperlineares, the two first ones, not being classified as a game for the majority of the scholars and for its respective public, they are about counted histories for the user whose maximum interaction that it possesss is to make based choices, or not, in the options that are given to it. The interactive narratives are? plays? by means of words and small phrases, where the computer it of the one situation and an environment where the player must describe which its action. Although not to possess no visual ambientao most of the time, this type of narrative opens a fan of choices for the player, who is the main base of the ludonarrativa. However, if for the side of the narratologia the interactive narratives follow the line of thought of the ludonarrativa, for the fact to present diverse choices to the player, for the side of the ludologia, it if distance total, since any type of interaction is impossible that if is similar to a game in this type of narrative. The visual novels, that are very not known in ocidente are histories that happen with the minimum of interaction with the user, the facts and dialogues between the personages go if uncurling, and generally the user represents a personage who must choose between options that are given to it during the novel, what generally dumb uncurling of history. The visual novels accurately possess the same relation that the interactive narratives have with the ludonarrativa, that is, leave to desire in the question gameplay. The examples that more if approach to the ludonarrativa, are the games hiperlineares, that they possess ramifications in its histories, are convergent they, that they possess a way option more than to be followed during the game, but that it will always take the player to an only one end, or divergent, that beyond possessing a way option more than, also possesss more than an end.