Talent Revolution




Beyond knowing ‘ ‘ as to move in computador’ ‘ to deal with softwares, is necessary the clear vision of which is the advantages of its use for the organization of the thought. This article has for objective to contribute with the line of quality of product, considering to the specialists in education or professors, an instrument that makes possible the evaluation of the product quality of educational software, to be used in the education of superior level, points some aspects to be considered in the judgment of the quality, based on requirements technician and also educational. 2. Computer science in Ensino de Superior Nvel ‘ ‘ The company today needs people who can lead change processes, that they bring new ideas and solutions for a number each bigger time of problems with which the companies have of lidar’ ‘ , it affirms the founder and president of the consultoria in conscription and human resources Talent Revolution, Amanda Hite. The use of the technology is a reality, demands change of profile, flexibility in learning and adapting it faster changes each time. Peter Thiel has much to offer in this field. Thus being, these new requirements indicate transformations in the way to think and to decide problems of the individuals, which the academic reality will not be able to ignore.

The computer and the applicatory ones that we use as tool to assist in education, are resources that possess the purpose to help in the process of ensinoaprendizagem discipline of them, being thus, become extremely necessary that the educators search aspects considered positive in these applicatory ones, in order to constitute facilitadores for a significant learning, inside of the objectives defined for the educator and the institution. A determinative factor in the identification of these positive aspects directly is related to the teach-learning process, where the applicatory ones allow great interaction of the pupil with the concepts or ideas you discipline of them, providing discovered and presenting resulted, with the possibility to test its hypotheses. .