The African




The black children were had in its majority as illegitimate children, liveed with its mothers, most of the time, without father, when and if the mothers worked in the great house, they had the right of living close to the whites and supporting the terrible tricks that the small amos made with them. When they grew, they were taught legal-size, substituted term, in the text ‘ ‘ Children slaves, children of escravos’ ‘ , of authors Florentino and Goes (2006), for the word adestramento, to mention itself to the crafts taught to the children, who were trained, since early, and that they made the difference in the hour of vender, going up its value of merchandise. You may find that Medicaid can contribute to your knowledge. It was not thought, at this moment of history, the black, African, as person, in its personal development, trained only it to have more profits. of this moment of child, in the way as was seen and treated the black child, will have diverse unfoldings in the behaviors and in histories that had been constructed and passed ahead e, thus, these images had been being chores, reread, others crystallized in form or represented by drawings that the books of infantile and youthful literature populate, the imaginary one of the people and force concepts and images of the African and afro-descendants in our current days..