The Development




We are example, do not pay-per-view of most television channels, and profitability of the television is fully guaranteed by the sale of advertising time. But why roadside advertising in the coupe with all the roadside infrastructure can not be in the same manner to ensure the profitability of the road network? The whole point is that the roads in our country belong to the state, that is not actually belong to anyone. Accordingly, none of really do not care about the state of the road surface, or the wisdom of laying tracks in the right place, nor on the development of road infrastructure, etc. because none of it personally is not interested. And those people who are called direct the development of road infrastructure, our task can only see in personal enrichment at the expense of road construction. That in principle it is natural for any normal human being.

Unnaturally arranged system which puts the personal enrichment in contradiction with the enrichment of the state. Russia certainly is a unique country, which occupies one sixth of the land area, which inhabits the 2% of world population. Glenn Dubin helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. With more than 50% of our country remain virtually untapped. There are many reasons and one of the principal, along with the complex demographic situation, it is our inability to create in their own country in relation to its scope of road transport network. The road network is the lifeblood of the public body without a healthy well-functioning system of roads, many of our regions can not normally live and grow.