Experimental Station

This especificidade demands strategies differentiated for conservation and recovery of springs. In experiment aiming at the recovery of the forest covering of the ciliar bush in closed domain of in the Experimental Station of Assis, SP, did not have significant difference between the pure treatments and mixing when the same species had been planted in modules or randomly. Amongst the native species of ciliar bush open pasture domain, was distinguished for the high survival, covering and guianensis growth of Tapirira, Anadenanthera falcata and brasiliense Calophyllum. The deriving native species of forest formations had had null survival low or, mediocre growth and covering (DURIGAM & SILVEIRA, 1999). From there the importance in the choice of plants adjusted for the reforestation in any rea.FERREIRA & DAYS (2004) had evidenced that the ciliar bush of the brook Is Bartolomeu in Viosa, Minas Gerais presented only 5.7% of the area that would have to present the current law in accordance with, represented for nine forest fragmentos in different periods of training of ecological succession. With the objective to get subsidies technician to guide programs of resetting of the ciliares bushes and areas of permanent preservation, the survival and the development had been evaluated, how much to the height and the diameter of the col, of species of native and exotic plants arbreas, lead in antropizados environments, with peculiar characteristics.

Optics Ana Maria

Specific programs of ambient education and recycling developed by companies of the sector in partnership with schools, beneficient clubs and entities have despertado the interest each bigger time of the society for the recycling; O high aggregate value of the aluminum scrap iron stimulates the recycling of other materials, giving force to an important instrument when it is said in recycling: the selective collection, that comes gaining space in some Brazilian cities; A recycling saves up to 95% of the energy electric necessary for the productive process. The products developed from this project are of low ambient impact, and are inserted inside of a context of preservation of the environment, for being done with the reaproveitamento of what he would be harmful for the nature. Exactly it will be had disarranges of the product, the silver could be melted and if to transform into another jewel and the lens will be able to inside receive a new clipping to be inserted of a new drawing. 5.2.RECICLAGEM IN the SELEO OF the PRODUCT this to create this product, is collected in the Optics Ana Maria and the Labonorte (Deliverer of lenses of eyeglasses) the blocks and made unusable pieces of lenses. Get more background information with materials from Peter Thiel. After that they are separate for curves, size, type, thickness and color. The lenses that already will have passed for burnishing, coloration and clipping in technological maquinrio of high definition will be sent the jewel workshop to receive the contour in silver in accordance with the 950 drawings technician. All these processes that involve the product at the moment are terceirizados. WAX CANDLE OF NAZAR In the city of Belm of Par, as well as in many cities of the interior of the state, occurs a wax candle in homage to the padroeira saint of the city. In as the sunday of October, the wax candle of Ns Sr de Nazar, the biggest procession of faith of the paraense people happens.

Quality Of Life

With intention to take to the school and the community the necessary knowledge for the construction of the citizenship the envolvement of different agencies will be necessary that assure the rights and duties of each individual in the society, enters these agencies we can cite the policy, the body of firemen, agencies of health, etc. will be worked subjects related to the improvement of the quality of life of the population, for example: Garbage (reduction, reutilizao and recycling); Hospital garbage (destination); Water (consumption, wastefulness, pollution); Forests (why to preserve them); Fire (negative prevention, effect to the environment); Agrotxicos (ambient risks for the health, damages); Illegal hunting; Respect to the wild and domestic animals; Drugs? DST? Sexually transmissible illnesses; Security in the transit; Respect to the next one; Slight knowledge of health (hygiene, prevention of illnesses); Citizenship (right of the citizen); Conscientious vote; To promote the dimension ambient 5R? To reduce, To reuse, To recycle, Reeducar and Replanejar. To if implementing these projects of education for the environment, School will be to facilitate to the pupils and to the population a basic understanding of the existing problems, of the presence human being in the environment, of its responsibility and its critical paper as citizens of a country and a planet. To deepen your understanding VT Physics Professor is the source. It will develop thus, the abilities and values that will lead to rethink and to evaluate in another way its daily attitudes and its consequences in the environment where they live. As the pupil will go to learn by the way of the environment, the contents lecionados programmarians, will become one of the forms of conscience taking, having become, more pleasant and of bigger interest for the pupil. Having the capacity to become our conscientious and sensetized pupils this new vision on the environment, proper them ambient educators in its houses in its half one of conviviality will become.

Pallets Plastics

Plastic pallets are an alternative that is increasingly used in worldwide production centres. They are usually manufactured in recycled materials, being the production of pellets one of the destinations most commonly used for all kinds of plastics recycling. Mainly used in meat, pharmaceutical industries, food in general, and for export, although increasingly extend to other sectors. The reason for its slow implementation is the price, they cannot compete with the wood, although increasingly more, come to this is a much more efficient industry. The use of plastic pallets prevents cutting down thousands of trees every year, in addition to giving out thousands of tons of materials destined to be garbage.

The use of plastic pallets is ideal for export applications, is not affected by plagues of bacteria than if affect the wood, which should in fact be fumigated to be able to be used in this type of applications. Plastic pallets are a green product, not they can only be fully recycled, but that in their process of manufacturing by injection material 100% recycled from pallets or other products manufactured from polymeric substances may be used. The poly olefins are more widely used by mankind polymer type, can be found in all kinds of products, such as packaging, bags, or components of automobiles, and are precisely the material that we use for the manufacture of plastic pallets advantages: ecological waterproof: Los Pallets plastics do not spoil with water, in fact can be cleaned with water without forming any type of mold. Dimensional stability: the productive system by pressure into a mold injection gives them totally repetitive dimensions, so the fit is much higher, saving transport costs. Rfid labeling: Labelling by rfid radio frequency system, opens a huge range of possibilities in the management of goods transported in these types of Plastic Pallets. Current technology injection with the IML system in mould labeling, allows the absolute integration of the label rfid in the plastic. Lightness: Plastic pallets are lighter than wood, and therefore produce fewer injuries during its handling. Ease of cleaning hygienic: plastic pallets are more resistant to the adhesion of different to the own plastic substances.

Stable mechanical properties in all situations, all units are exactly equally resistant. In addition these conditions are excellent, if we compare two pallets of equal weight, one plastic and one of wood, the latter is much weaker, tensile, compression, bending, etc higher life: Los Pallets plastics are much more long-lived, since they are resistant to external agents both physical and chemical. Safety at work: the pallets of wood produce wounds, mainly due to the chips and wood dust emitted by, something that does not happen with the plastic.

Chilean Technology Probe

-companies Chilean technology probe, the Mexican Telecom Claro and a group of professionals headed by Antonio Sepulveda, Eugenio Fourt, Rodolfo Gomez and Cristian Nieto signed on 14 July last the Constitution of society for the implementation agreement underway first telecommunications network cell phones designed to provide high quality services and value-added of specific interest to people who are part of the Community Evangelical and/or Protestant of Chile. 3Genesis aims to become leader and expert reference in Chile with regard to the business of virtual mobile operations (OMV) and expand its experience and services to neighbouring countries, where there are organized Evangelical and Protestant communities. The new firm specialized in the management and marketing of cellphone, aims to work in partnership with groups and people that gathered around faith in their respective Evangelical and Protestant temples in the country, they require a better inter-communication, both for personal reasons, as the collective and its evangelising task. 3Genesis offers to the Christian community, as well as their direct environments, services, cellular telephony and messaging of texts at prices lower than the competition, with various options of hiring (prepaid and plans) and deadlines for length of service. Also delivers specific added value to the community, including among its services: to) the word in your hand: the Bible Reina Valera 1960, in digital version contained in the chip of the acquired cellular, digital functions that allow you to quickly and easily access to books, chapters and verses wanted. (b) contact with your brother: A function of the cell 3genesis specially designed for a simple contact and permanent inter-community. (c) the Pastor to the door: digital service that allows pastoralists have in your cell phone to your online community.

(d) proud of your faith: ring-tones with hymns and music Evangelical. (e) Sunday school: function with special three-digit number that enables a direct biblical and pastoral advice on the study of the word. In addition, 3genesis offers its services to lower prices which alternatives and part of the monthly fee is intended to support the work of Evangelical extension, through foundations created by agreement with all the authorities of the Church in the country.