Tarot Cards

Hello Probably each of us would occasionally lift the veil of the days to come and look back to see what will happen to us in the near and distant future. In fact, no need to create a time machine, because over 5000 years, humans have been successfully using this proven way to predict his fate – namely, tarot cards tarot line on relationships, love and the future. Each card – is a window into the unconscious, it helps fixed all and look into what for him nahoditsya.Simvoly Tarot cause different people have different associations. They do not have to be different: it is necessary to overcome long-standing habit of the mind to reduce everything to the already known things. So new to learn. As its apparent illogicality dreams help to overcome the stereotypes of thinking and tarot cards by intuition help to penetrate their meaning, if the mind does not get into those depths. Characters are the mainstay of intuition. They are ambiguous and therefore are perceived differently by different people, not only, but by the same person at different times.

Transfer them to another person and situation to another is impossible. In general, if people have a question, then answer it already exists, it is only in the subconscious mind asking. A map to help just read it, investing the contents of the unconscious in visual images – symbols. Because, guess You must be familiar with a deck of cards. It is important to deeply and thoughtfully consider the card separately, talking with her, and understand the entire flow of information inherent in the symbols of the Tarot cards. Of course, as a clue to use text messaging, situated in the description of the deck, but the deeper meaning you find yourself on the map. Play a big role here, and astrological symbols, and postures, and the colors and plants.

Try to "enter" in map, to understand it. The same is done with an inverted map. On average, study each card for every position it is necessary to spend at least a couple of hours. At the same time separately on a sheet of paper, try to summarize why it is this map correspond to those values and what values do you consider it necessary to add. Imeeya years of experience with tarot cards, I'm helping dyudyam in dealing with problems that can not be solved by other means in the usual life. Turning to me, you can be sure that the divination is performed qualitatively and vkratchayshie time and you will get answers to your questions.

Sochi City Assembly

The policy of "free" of the city after a long fight backstage members of Sochi City Assembly has finally agreed to hold municipal elections on the first Sunday in March next year. Mountain gave birth to a mouse, but these genera have been very difficult. The reason – the clash of interests between the local, territorial, and the Moscow elite. Since Soviet times Sochi was a kind of "free city". By Krasnodar he treated formally, on a geographical basis. Boundary Officials scrambled to expand its influence in Sochi, but usually without any significant result. Only the current governor Alexander Tkachev was not formally, but actually subordinate to the boundary of Sochi administration.

He began to pick up nominations of mayors and hold them for the post. But it seems that officials are still the main resort of the country can not "sit right." They can not, because it interfered with the Olympics, and the Kremlin have their views of the city. The mayor alone, and deputies 50. That's where it would seem, can roam a little in terms of providing authoritative seats right people. But no such luck. As always, it began with a discussion of administrative lists. These lists – special informal and secret documents.

They include those who are pleasing to the authorities and who should provide the greatest support. On a separate, specially fit, a person seeks to hold them at all costs. It means that we assume any outrage, except a serious crime. The set of methods of administrative resources is quite large: the removal of unwanted election of candidates through the electoral commission or a court (Completely subordinate administration in these matters), the hard PR in the media, threatening to take away the undesirable candidates business, political bribery rivals (come down from a distance, but we'll lucrative contract), different kinds of bribery and coercion of voters, falsification of election results.

Ferney Alberto

QUESTIONS Ferney Alberto wants to identify an innovative business idea but like many entrepreneurs eager to create business, has few resources, so you want to find the source of adequate funding and support for consolidation and maduraci n.Su mission is to help you make the Ferney Alberto appropriate decisions supported with real arguments. 1. Defining an innovative business idea with high technological and especially productive. It should explain what the criteria for an idea is innovative and high technological and productive. As set out criteria. 2. Giving a presentation of your business idea, taking into account the following points: Center for their business idea. technological products or services applied to the production or marketing of goods or services proposed in your business idea. and Resources technological infrastructure needed to develop the business idea. 3. Identify funding options for obtaining capital for business creation and how to access them. 4. Ferney determine where to go to for advice on technological and innovative. 5. To establish which of the following groups, is the most advisable for Ferney Alberto internationalize your product and why: 1. Europe2. Asia3. United States. 6. Select the payment methods you could use Ferney Alberto for commercial transactions with the group selected and the requirements under each. 7. Define Ferney Alberto recommendations for maintaining a healthy credit history and avoid the consequences of not having it, for its future business. 8. Use a diagram to describe briefly the support received by the venture unit of SENA training center and the nearest Technopark for realizing the business idea of Ferney Alberto. SOLUTION 1) Business Idea: Travel agency “Because I chose this idea: that is an idea that covers many branches necessary for the human being, as is the recreation fundamental part of mental and physical growth of every person, rest as is a way out of the routine that covers our daily lives and some branches, such as curiosity about new places, different customs, etc.-economics: the money to start rolling our idea would be achieved thanks to some cooperative we can provide the money, the first goal would be to pay the debt of the cooperative.