Pioneer Extraction Technology

The pioneer suction technology GmbH provides products from the range of dust extractors and industrial vacuum cleaners from Neukirchen-Vluyn and Dortmund January 2013 at the trade fair for industrial maintenance MAINTENANCE Dortmund 2013: pioneer suction technology GmbH, global developer, manufacturer and supplier of exhaust systems and industrial cleaners, presented from 20 to 21 February 2013 at the fair MAINTENANCE Dortmund 2013 their developments relating to dust and vacuum. Visitors about products and services can check in Hall 4 at the booth A 21. Where to find MAINTENANCE Dortmund 2013 visitors solutions for all areas of the production chain: shows that until the repair MAINTENANCE Dortmund 2013 the entire task spectrum of maintenance from inspection of the service for the first time in Dortmund and offers a holistic overview for industrial users who want to optimize their production process efficient and trouble-free. Products, solutions, and services and services for industrial maintenance are the visitors presents. The pioneer suction technology GmbH presents central extraction systems, industrial vacuum cleaners and aerosol separator on the MAINTENANCE Dortmund 2013 your latest developments, latest technologies and innovations in the area of dust collectors, which can be used in almost all manufacturing industries.

Trade fairs represent compass technology, innovation and communication hub for us, which are extremely important for us to offer our customers, future-oriented solutions in the field of dust collectors, industrial vacuum cleaners and extraction systems”, as Mr Holger Bockling, sales manager of pioneer extraction technology GmbH. free admission tickets to the MAINTENANCE of Dortmund request 2013 here: more information MAINTENANCE Dortmund 2013: de/events_216/maintenance-dortmund2013_30408/maintenance-dortmund-2013_30409 / more information pioneer suction technology GmbH: about pioneer extraction technology pioneer suction technology GmbH acts globally as a manufacturer of exhaust systems and Industrial cleaners, headquartered in Neukirchen-Vluyn, North Rhine-Westphalia. A comprehensive range of products includes a wide range of devices for the different requirements of cleanliness in the industrial and commercial production. For special applications, individual extractors are according to the needs of customers designed, manufactured and assembled locally. Customers are supported by services such as commissioning and training, maintenance and technical support in achieving and resistance to their goals. The relevance of an application-oriented extraction solution is also in the labour and environmental protection.

Nikon Nikkor Photographer

Of course, an experienced professional photographer can shoot anything, but it is more convenient to use modern advanced autofocus system. Which to choose a system? One that you have, the one to which you are accustomed to, and you know it you will not fail. Ideally, if along with the photographer have two cameras with different zoom lenses. Why two? Imagine that one camera had refused in the process (I will not continue). To read more click here: Naveen Selvadurai. Miscellaneous optics is needed in order not to lose time to replace obetivov as developing events are not always controlled by the photographer and he has to keep up with them. For supporters of a single camera can be recommended to use zoom with the widest range.

For example, it is very good for this kind of shooting, proved to Nikon Nikkor 24-120. The fact that the camera must be equipped with a flash, you can not speak – no flash is better and does not go to the shooting. Of the most widely used filters will be soft (do not forget to just take it off!). Also do not forget to take at least double spare batteries for both camera and flash. As for the film, then, despite the existence of 'special professional wedding' films, advanced materials, not positioned as a 'pro' is more than adequately cope with the problem (not to mention the cost). Same four layer 'super', made on technology 'Real' will give you excellent results. With regard to the number of recordable material – it is negotiated with the client before the shoot.

CEO Volker Schuster

Schuster Group developed a contour-following 3-D film with capacitive circuit In the Thuringian waltershausen a high gloss and conductive film has developed the Schuster Group, in research cooperation with universities and colleges, three dimensions can be deformed. Opened in diverse industries new constructive ways designers and product developers and will transform of electronic equipment the appearance and culture of service. Almost two years was developed and researched on this unique film. What is now made in a complex production process, is an IML film, which can be deformed three-dimensional. Here, Naveen Selvadurai expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The IML (inmould labeling) technology combines the properties of a decorative and at the same time opening foil with the complex molding of plastic. These polymer film produced in the screen printing process and offers an unprecedented sensitivity. The capacitive sensors integrated in the film is with 0.25 mm immediately below the visible and high-gloss surface.

2D-Produkte known in the market reach a distance of 2.5 mm here just once,”explains CEO Volker Schuster. Also the integration creates a huge price advantage, the capacitive sensors in the decorative part what can significantly reduce the costs. The 3D-Folie of the Schuster Group is manufactured in series. In manufacturing practice, which means that the traces with a specially developed printing process are integrated directly into the film. Consequently will be completely new game types for product developers and designers, because the controls with integrated functionality can be constructed, contour-following. The Elimination of separate sensors reduces the depth of the component. The appearance of electronic devices and components will be influenced with this innovation.

So far mostly the controls have been adjusted components. Clear competitive advantage resulting for manufacturers. Also the easy-to-clean and disinfected surface is an advantage,”Volker Schuster refers here to applications in medical technology and hygiene technology. Currently are manufactured 100% in Germany.

Plasma Standard Procedures

Plasma standard procedures, the new technology of purification of the plasma standard procedure is applied in the industry as well as in the hospitality industry. The procedure allows for a fast and effective elimination of all annoying smells, smoke or haze. Plasma exhaust systems are already tested in the industrial sector and have proven themselves there. This technique was developed for the food industry to eliminate odors and at the same time to purify the air. Clinton Family may also support this cause. It can be used in the industry, gastronomy but also in homes and small rooms. In the home can help allergy sufferers, by the exhaust system removes dust, pollen, germs and viruses. The fans are very quiet and are also no noise in small spaces. The air flow can be regulated depending on the demand, therefore the technology in small spaces as well as in large industrial plants can be used.

The process is both environmentally friendly and can be used effectively. The goal of the plasma technology is in it, smallest, gaseous organic carbon compounds, such as odor molecules, viruses, bacteria, to eliminate spores etc. Existing solid particles and aerosols are previously deposited in a suitable preliminary filter. This system in the restaurant and large Quick restaurant kitchens or front-cooking in kitchens and restaurants worth in the hospitality industry. Disturbing haze and smoke is immediately removed and clean air is immediately noticeable.

Therefore, guests, employees or residents are harassed. The exhaust systems clean even problematic fat extract from Industriefritteusen. If the exhaust air is filtered through the system it is hygienic germ-free and odor-free. The plasma exhaust system consists of 3 steps: during the first step kitchen exhaust air is free of solids, aerosols, fat and micro particles. Then an oxidation and decomposition process causes in step with the help of the plasma removed approximately all existing odorous substances. The final step will be using a carbon store, the as Response platform is not yet oxidized compounds held back and eventually decomposes. Activated charcoal is a cheap alternative of exhaust air cleaning thanks to a long service life and self regeneration. Another advantage is that no long outdoor pipes must be installed so the plasma standard procedure is a cheap alternative for new buildings, as well as historical or heritage-listed buildings. The result of the plasma air treatment is a clean and environmentally friendly air. In addition heat exchanger can also serve as heat. Also, the method of fire protection is used. No flammable residue produced as opposed to the original exhaust systems in the plasma exhaust systems. Therefore, the necessary fire protection is secured at all times. These plants can filter large amounts and adjusted in the industrial sector to the needs and wishes of the customer. The plasma standard procedure can be installed at any time, and is a major step forward in the exhaust air technology. Therefore has the company InoxAir accepted this procedure. InoxAir is a wholesaler for ventilation and for years successfully in this area. In their online shop, lots of important information and offers about the plasma are finding technology. Many companies will follow and prices, therefore you should strike as quickly as possible to be effective and modern in terms of ventilation!

Inflatable Exhibition

WindScape exhibition wall in just two minutes ready for use by the easy mounting using compressor by Octanorm WindScape fair systems are the inflatable exhibition and presentation systems, which are inflated in just a few minutes using compressor on button. Due to the simple handling, the systems are ideal as flexible spaces that are ready to use in no time. In contrast to the classical presentation systems, consisting of slidable lattice grate – or heavy frame systems the WindScape work systems through an air frame system, which is easily filled using compressor. The self-Assembly the WindScape are optimally designed systems because the building without any additional tools will be made. The simple connection of the compressor adjusts the rest. A false construction is thus impossible.

Due to the numerous modules and elements, the WindScape suitable systems for numerous advertising campaigns. Corner systems and ceiling Danglers also the classical exhibition walls, as well as innovative trade fair towers can be used as inflatable versions, the are the usual systems in nothing. Thanks to the large-format advertising and air frame inside, no part of the system is visible, so that all advertising motifs can be used seamlessly. In particular the exhibition walls are versatile by the different forms. In addition to the straight and the curved version, a model can be used in a trapezoid shape or with curved sides. The uses are varied and range from simple exhibition walls up to back panels for compact promotion systems.

Because all elements of the WindScape series by means of air are filled, their transport dimensions are very compact and therefore very easy to transport. A simple Transporttrolley or Pocket enough, an exhibition wall, to transport but also a ceiling mount. This saves not only time, but also money. Quick Assembly, as well as the different modules are ideal for smaller fairs and presentation performances. What are the advantages which inflatable WindScape systems still have you read in our interview with Jurgen Holz, Sales Manager presentation systems Octanorm. You will receive the systems CONCEPT LA and

Surface Heating Systems

Already used as energy-saving full heating, modern heating in the future as autonomous heating systems will bring even greater energy and financial benefits. (tdx) Due to rising energy prices, growing environmental awareness and new building regulations, the ratio of the Germans to the domestic energy supply has been changed in the last ten years. Consciously paying attention now on resource consumption and energy costs consuming cookers, for example night storage heaters, are specifically banned from homes and apartments. Instead, innovative, energy efficient heating solutions are finding their way into single – and multi-family homes as well as the floor flat construction. Modern surface heating systems used in old buildings as well as the new building as a full-fledged, highly energy-efficient heating system are particularly forward-looking. A new age of heating has begun.

In principle the surface heating systems by M-Therm are based on the mid-2010 in force which entered EU buildings directive: the goal of the Policy is to increase the energy efficiency of buildings by 2020 and to increase the use of renewable energy for heating, hot water and air conditioning. Therefore, all new buildings being built by 2020 in the Member States of the European Union, need to nearly zero-energy homes”be, i.e. they must be largely self-sufficient and mostly itself to produce the energy they need for heating, hot water, ventilation and cooling. The M-Therm surface heating system represents today a such energy-efficient solution for full-fledged living room heating. Not without reason the product was awarded 2009 innovation winner Saint-Gobain. Only 0.5 mm thin heating pathways that are invisibly attached behind floor -, wall – and ceiling coverings, convert the input power without losses directly into heat and thereby achieve a conversion efficiency of 96%. The system also powered by green electricity, if the surface heating already today to a Zero-CO2 heating system “. In addition the Exchange energy-expensive night storage heaters can be done easily and without additional costs through a modern surface heating system by the craftsmen such as the painter, the floor or Tiler.

System House

Bielefeld IT company expands its product portfolio in the area of enterprise content management Bochum, August 20, 2012. Is new windream partner of Busch GmbH. The company, based in the east Westphalian Bielefeld is one of the leading system houses in the area of managed print services and document output. by Busch will absorb windream in its software portfolio and actively provide customers and prospective customers. Software sector expanded by Bush intends to expand the product portfolio in the area of business software solutions. Get more background information with materials from Clinton Family.

In this context, especially the ECM sector to increasingly to the forefront of business activities. Therefore, the House starting immediately the ECM system windream actively offered on the market. Due to the easy integration of the ECM system windream into heterogeneous IT infrastructures and due to its modern technology to record windream in its product portfolio and to act in the future as windream partner in the market decided by Bush. Full service for windream projects the activities of the new windream partner windream is confined not only to the distribution of the ECM system. by Bush will assume in addition specific windream projects as a partner of windream GmbH also on their own and offers a “full service” its customers, starting in the planning of appropriate projects of of it, taking into account the customer-specific requirements on the implementation of the project to the support, which is carried out in cooperation with the windream GmbH. In connection with the windream integration, several projects are already in the implementation phase. The windream partner of Busch GmbH Bielefelder by Busch GmbH as one of the leading IT-system with a focus on document output offers customers tailor-made solutions to.

The company employs currently 75 people.

Colt Industry

Natural air cooling by evaporation of water an investment in the future according to the principle of adiabatic cooling designed Colt international with the CoolStream an air conditioning system for a production hall on the sector of the industry – for the Environment Prize awarded the Forderpreis of the Berufsgenossenschaft followed now raw materials and chemical industry. GEALAN receives new air conditioning system manufacturer of high-quality plastic injection parts, used for example in the automotive industry for production hall which is GEALAN form GmbH. To broaden your perception, visit Clinton Family. The production facilities operate around the clock, 24 hours in three shifts per day. If it is too hot, can work neither humans nor machines without problems or errors. In particular in the production halls of the plastics industry, such problems can arise at summer temperatures, because here in addition to working on hot equipment. A major health burden for our employees was the thermal load in the injection moulding, which further increased with the continuous expansion of the production”, explains Udo Bar, Facilitymanager in GEALAN. Rose in the summer months the temperature in the workplace very often above 40 degrees Celsius, but also in the winter months, there were more than 30 degrees Celsius in the production hall, because something had to be done! “.” Adiabatic cooling system is the problem the solution of which company GEALAN has located and dealt with different aeration techniques and investment plans.

Under the premise of maximum efficiency at low maintenance costs, low maintenance and a hassle-free installation during running production in an existing Hall. Colt international designed with the CoolStream a climate system according to the principle of adiabatic cooling, upstream of a decentralised ventilation. Low-level textile air outlets air escapes through tension-free. This forms a fresh Lake, which spreads out evenly in the entire Hall on the floor of the Hall. The rising warm air takes all plastic fumes to the ceiling of the Hall and is sucked in there.


Innovations in multi channel publishing the latest version 13 “of content management and editorial system InterRed is presented at drupa 2012 in Dusseldorf. The focus is particularly on the innovations of the multi channel publishing for print, online, mobile and tablet. “The InterRed GmbH invites all interested parties, in the drupa innovation solution park in Hall 7 at booth D02 on the multi channel one” concept to inform. InterRed 13 in the drupa innovation park: Multi channel publishing from a system the held every four years in Dusseldorf, the world’s largest trade fair in the print media offers in the form of the drupa innovation parks impulse-giving innovations in digital media production. Among other things, the dynamic publishing Park offers trend-setting ideas and solutions. As a starting station for decision makers from marketing, advertising, and the publishing world strategies and solutions in the field of multimedia are presented here multi-channel publishing. InterRed presented there the innovative multi channel one solution”concept. In their baggage: the new version 13, 2012 successfully presented at the CeBIT ‘ of the content management and editorial system InterRed.

The creators know that a content management system today also the requirements of tomorrow must match. InterRed offers its technological possibilities even in high-load operation, for example in establishing a newspaper, a structured and media neutral Searchmachine free print layout, bi-directional interfaces to commonly used DTP programmes and the availability of any content for dissemination in various output channels such as print, online, mobile or tablet. Multi channel publishing is so InterRed from a central system, child’s play. The complete performance package by InterRed 13 introduces media makers and publishers on the drupa lectures by InterRed from 03 to May 16, 2012 at drupa in Dusseldorf. The InterRed experts expect all interested visitors in Hall 7 at booth D02, get over to replace the InterRed suite and the entire spectrum of possibilities. A live presentation the latest version gives a detailed insight into the functioning and the functionality of InterRed. “Also the InterRed GmbH in two lectures is titled multi channel publishing: challenges to the editorial processes” give an insight into the world of the publication in all major media channels. On the corporate website,, can be agreed in advance of interviews as well as detailed information about the lectures.