Disadvantages Of Method Of Fire-resistance Rating Ognez

Since ancient times, wood structures were considered extremely flammable. Suffice it to recall the many fires that repeatedly destroy entire cities. That's why some people have started to abandon Wood in favor of buildings made of stone, brick and other combustible materials. However, to protect the wood from the fire people have started recently. Speaking candidly Brad Pitt told us the story. The answer to the question, "and whether it is necessary to protect the wood from the fire?" Obvious. Of course it is necessary.

But this should be done soundly. And then there are questions. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts does not necessarily agree. For example, what it means to protect? Or it means "soundly"? Does any woodworking officially admitted to this means (ie, having the appropriate certification) and ways to really provide fire protection? On what basis is a measure of the quality factor of a two-minute fire protection fire effects? Why not five minutes, as in the method of OTM, or 10 minutes, as in GOST 30244-96 (method II). Questions can be multiplied indefinitely – it would wish. But it is impossible not to ask the big question: ognezaschischennaya wood – it's the same wood (T4, T3, T3, D2-D3) or other construction material? There is no doubt that the majority of existing professionals do not hesitate to answer: "Well, of course, is another building material!". And thus provoke yet another bunch of questions. For example, why the fire rating of properties is limited to one characteristic – a group of fire protection, rather than test methods, 4-5, as for all other building materials? Or, worse yet, a primitive test of the flake thickness of 1 mm to almost toy set, made in based on conventional lighters! If you choose the first option (ognezaschischennaya wood remains the same timber), it is not quite clear why the group needed fire protection, fire risk if property is not changed (still the same wood with its inherent flammability performance, flammability, toxicity, etc.).

Prefect Function

Since 1893, for over 100 years, ball mill has been widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, mine, cement, ceramics, medicine, construction and electric power industries. Dressing index depends on the quality of material to a large extent. If mineral liberation degree is not high, the e:System.Web.UI.WebControls.ObjectDatSource.selecting index will not be ideal. Coenobium without monomer separation will reduce the concentrate grade if it is classified into concentrate and will reduce the recycle rate of valuable mineral. On the other hand, minerals should not be over-crushed. Over-crushing not only increases power consumption, steel consumption, but also will migrant dressing index and mineral hurt recovery. You may wish to learn more. If so, doppler labs is the place to go.

Both power and metal consumption are relatively large in the grinding operation. The usual power consumption is about 6 to 30 kw/h/ton, which Governor 30-75% of the total consumption, sometimes reaches 85%. The consumption of grinding medium forrada board reaches 0.4 – 3.0 kg/ton. However, the fact that the ball mill is not washed out after so long time industry application and development shows that from structure to working principle, the ball mill is basically reliable and reasonable and performance is also good. Although it has certain shortcomings, to weed it out from the ore grinding process is quite difficult. In-depth study on ball mill in the future will still be very necessary and valuable because it will continue to be the main machinery in ore grinding. Therefore, seeing from the importance of production and economic benefits, we should constantly carry out research to improve the grinding methods and technology, develop new equipment and new type wear resistant material to reduce the cost of ore processing, which will have important practical significance to reduce cost and improve index dressing dressing. It is also the reason why the ball mill research is taken seriously at home and abroad.As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, such as cement production line, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service.

Among mining machines, ball mill is a machine between crusher and Raymond mill. If there is any improvement and breakthrough in the whole ore dressing line, the future development tendency will be greatly affected. Nowadays, each workmanship and production level of ball mill is almost mature. If you would like to have any improvement in ball mill, the only way to do is to carry out R & D and production in the accessories of ball mill. If the whole performance of ball mill is improved, the operation system of ball mill has to be changed. In view of the current mining machine situation and thorough transformation, Henan Hongxing Machinery positively adjusts the industrial and product structure, changes the mode of economic growth and independent innovation strengths. In addition, the R & D and market development of ore dressing equipment and crushing machine has been improved by Hongxing. Product quality and service concept are the comprehensive competition forces for the Hongxing Machinery.

Polish Red Cross

It fits to stand out that Kolbe priest made use of the press in very ample way. Launching the magazine and also a periodical, it felt and affirmed the importance of this media. Also it created a radio station, showing as soon as the progress technician was important and that cf could not be withheld (. NIGG, 1982, P. 38). Kolbe priest was imbudo of a expansionista yearning. It wanted that the world was conquered for the Virgin Maria (cf. they ibidem, p.42).

In this intention, a convent in Nakasaki established with franciscanos its confrades, in Japan, being this considered as a signal the holy ghost, a time that When, to the end of World War II, Nakasaki it practically disappeared of the globe, for the explosion of an atomic bomb, it subsistiu as for miracle the station missionary. (Ibidem, P. 46). 2.2 The Way for the Martyrdom In the day 1 of September of 1939 the Poland was invaded by the nazista army of Hitler. In this manner World War II with an aggravating one for the Poland started that also was attacked by the communist army of Russia (cf. they ibidem, P. 47). Extending war to it until Niepokalanw, Kolbe priest excused to its confrades he guided and them if to present the Polish Red Cross to take care of to the wounded.

In way to the bombings and the deaths, in 19 of September of 1939 the convent was invaded by the German troops and forty and eight frades had been taken to a concentration camp. After three months in the field of Amtlitz, Kolbe priest and had excessively gotten the permission to return to the convent that, when arriving, was in devastao state. From now on Kolbe priest undertook forces to restore the convent, come this if to transform into a shelter shelter stops pursued Poles and Jews.


It would be excellent that there existed a special technique so the phone is virtually impossible to be damaged by water, from being stolen, or generally receive some kind of prejudice. Visit hilton family for more clarity on the issue. But as ultimately a normal mobile phone has been designed to be used by one person prone to accidents as it is self, is not to think in a secure mobile, if! a mobile insurance; as well as there are insurance for almost everything that surrounds us, from oneself, the car and the House, at present and with the important thing you go turning our mobile in everyday life, the need to offer insurance for mobile phones has seen. That is why that obtain a mobile phone insurance is is becoming more important every day, as much as it can be car or our policy of life insurance. Reading a bit on the web I found that you there are all types, i.e. ones that cover from theft, loss, accidental damage and liquid damage, as well as those who protect the mobile even when one leaves outside the country and this is very handy because in our globalized world is every day more frequent travel business or simply for vacationing and unless one wishes to seclusion on a hidden island and live as a hermit for a month, will have to be a form of communication. In Europe, the UK and large developing countries are already a reality, will soon also be in Latin countries so we are still in time to inform us about the companies and which offers the best insurance for mobile or which is the one that best fits our needs. Bolsadeseguros is a blog dedicated to collect and maintain up-to-date insurance information, in this case we wanted to leave information about insurance for mobile.


Hollywood and big American telecommunications operators are finalizing the text which will establish a model of persecution of the downloads of works protected by copyright in the image and likeness of that in France the law Hadopi, and that could come to light shortly. The high authority on the protection of rights on the Internet (Hadopi) is a body created by the French Government for the fight against illegal downloading of copyright-protected audiovisual content. Law gala anti-piracy load inks directly on the user of the Internet, which threatens to be disconnected from the service (while still paying their bills religiously) between two months and one year, and may suffer fines of up to 1,500, although it establishes a mechanism for warnings prior to the cessation of the infringing activity.Hadopi Act at the request of the holders of rights in the downloaded works, and the final resolution that can decree the suspension of the service is taken by a judge, to which they refer the performances once unsuccessfully performed notices. EE.UU, true to its liberal tradition, seeks to unlike France introduce a system of private initiative, in which the operational cost shall be borne by industry and operators, without involvement of the State Government. (Similarly see: financial technology). Large operators will be which rastrearan traffic to detect downloading of movies or songs protected by copyright, and identified the IP, notices will be sent to users for cessation of discharges, as is the case in France. In this case, the sanctions, known as graduated response, ranging from restrictions on browsing speed, blocking access to the 200 main webs or force to follow courses on intellectual property.

This system again to highlight the differences in the treatment of problems related to intellectual property on the Internet. Essex Financial: the source for more info. The universal character of the network universalizes the conflicts, and local solutions do not more than patching to a conflict whose purpose seems still very distant. While EE.UU (from the private sector but with the governmental amparo) assumes the French model, whereby it criminalises the surfer, the European Commission approves strategies to make load on service providers responsibility for illegal downloads, well because they themselves infringe the intellectual property rights or, systematically and with knowledge, facilitate piracy of other activities and benefit from it. The real embodiment of this European strategy, it seems difficult when Member States like Spain or France have such divergent policies on this matter, so we could qualify of chimeric an international solution to the problem. While local responses continue to be given to global disputes, never can tackle the problems effectively, or the long-awaited goal of reconciling the protection of abused copyright rights with the rights of Internet users.


The first facility to grow plants like modern greenhouses were used in southern France in the early sixteenth century. Having a transparent roof, greenhouses allow you to create a special optimal microclimate, convert light into heat, providing light for photosynthesis in plants, protect them from cold, wind and precipitation. In accordance with the technological requirements for them, modern greenhouses divided by appointment, during the operation, purpose, method of growing plants, the type of structural and material barriers. Financial technology brings even more insight to the discussion. Toeplitz structure with a transparent roof and walls. Its main function – creating a special microclimate for the plants. The air temperature in the greenhouse was always higher than on the street. Because of this soil is well warmed and created good conditions for plant growth. Greenhouses are divided in Depending on the period of operation for the winter and spring.

Snow greenhouses can be used throughout the year. Spring greenhouses can be operated only from spring to autumn. Greenhouses, which use only from spring to fall, do not require additional heating. In rare cases they can install the heater-ventilation system. But in winter you need to consider the greenhouse heating system. More

Artistic Photographs

I am sure that everyone knows that Photoshop program is the perfect ally for any photographer and artists most famous photography currently. It is a program so powerful that you can never say that you control it perfectly, because the limit of this program is really in your own imagination. Its possibilities are virtually unlimited. Today I’m going to show a few simple guidelines to reduce noise in the photographs, and the truth is that it is so simple that you won’t need very high knowledge to be able to carry them out. For even more analysis, hear from Peter Thiel. The first step to take, lies in creating a new adjustment layer.

To do this we go to the menu layer, new adjustment layer, levels. Let us give it a name and choose a color to differentiate it from other layers in case there are any. We accept and we will focus on the new adjustments palette that appears. In the drop-down menu of this palette, RGB displayed will have to focus on each channel color, not as a whole, so we’ll select red, green and blue. (Photography artistic) If we look at the histogram, we will see that there are three triangles on their bottom, one black, another gray and finally white. Will be black which use (the one on the left) and we will have to move it to where it begins the first mountain of the histogram. Movie Star understood the implications.

We will have to repeat this with each color channel. The image has already improved visibly, but still room for improvement. The next step to make, is the white balance. If we modificabamos before each color channel, now let’s him do on all three channels at once. For this purpose we choose RGB and you’ll see that in the same pane, there are three droppers. Select the target, and will click with the at a point in the picture that we have the certainty that should be white. The photo is much improved, but still there are chances improve it much more. So let’s apply a bit more than contrast to the image with the palette curves (image > adjustments > curves) and in the panel that appears choose the Preset linear contrast. To finish a small filter, apply you a mask of smoothing (Filters > Sharp > Unsharp Mask) and will achieve greater sharpness in the picture (artistic photography). Here we will have to play with the values which brings the filter until you achieve a result that we like.

Stair Railings

Stair railings – are an integral part of any interior stairs. With the development of technology, barriers are becoming more elegant and easier. Wooden turned balusters, posts and railings replaced metal, stainless steel, aluminum and brass railings. They then provide this ease of construction. Fences made of stainless steel are durable, reliable, beautiful, but have some drawbacks. For example, pipes are not always Compliant requirements Standard and installation on the street, often appears corroded, especially in the field of welding, or due to mechanical damage.

Stainless steel dark with time, the handrail are fingerprints. And of course, the cost of fencing is the same high from the view. More expensive than just brass, but we will not affect them, because the metal that is used very rarely. Enclosures Black steel is the cheapest option. Often, to protect against corrosion using powder coating or plating. Both the first and the second method of corrosion protection is not very durable.

Powder coating eventually wears and chrome peeling off. Fences made of anodized aluminum the best option in terms of price and quality. Judge for yourself – Aluminum is durable and handsome, and deep Ano, besides giving colors (silver, gold, nickel, bronze) protects against environmental influences. On the properties of the fence anodized aluminum fences are not inferior to stainless steel, and their cost is much lower. Variants may be very different, with the mount, in step, the one and face, with the filling of the horizontal guard rail or vertical bars, injury-glass and much more. Aluminum profiles can also be decorated by the texture of wood or stone, which in itself is very original. All types of fencing are right to life, each has its pros and cons, choose all the same to you.

Soviet Russia

Whatever the claimed some companies talk about a truly industrial production of diesel power is not necessary. Rather, it manufactory – large junction assembly. The conclusion is that this piece production, particularly those in post-industrial Europe, the old lady get extremely expensive. As it is paradoxical sounds, buying a diesel power plant, part of the amount you pay for a big name, the other part is the high taxes and a variety of social benefits, which the manufacturer pays for the production site and accordingly lays in the price, and finally the actual amount paid some of this is if you want a fair price of diesel power station. The ratio of these three components of the price of diesel power, you guessed it, of course, a trade secret. The second group of diesel power – it aggregates collected on the basis of domestic or Belarusian engines. (Not to be confused with financial technology!). They are distinguished by relatively low price, in which does not include the cost of the brand in the first case.

But there are some “buts” – engines made in Russia and Belarus, this is the same old model, put on the conveyor in the Soviet Union in the distant 50-60-70 years. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Essex Financial has to say. Neither money nor the technological capacity to develop new engines in the post-Soviet Russia as there was no and no. And the USSR, as you know, not particularly known for its products in the field of engineering. That forced the modern Russian economy is uneconomical to use, neekologichnymi, but what really tell the truth, and not too reliable diesel engines, the post-war development. In response to market demand for inexpensive, but at the same time quality and modern technology in recent years on the market, a third group of diesel units. These self-contained diesel power plants are assembled from components manufactured under license from the large western companies.

This distinguishes the quality of diesel power – as little or as aggregates in the first group, and the price is adequate power for the price of domestic engines. In this case, the consumer receives the same modern money machine. It should be remembered that before selling the diesel power plants must undergo a deep pre-training and bench testing under various load conditions. This allows you to immediately identify and remove all factory defects and malfunctions due to shipping. Thus, buying a plant from a reputable, well established company, you get the best balance between price and quality.

Acer Aspire One

While the netbook Acer Aspire One A150 ($ 500) in the same mode worked 1 hour 48 minutes. Windows or Linux – which is better for a netbook? Even those who claim to be a supporter of Windows, recognize that Linux is less demanding with respect to computer resources. And I must say that today there is no software for Windows, which would not have analogues for the operating system Linux, in terms of design and functionality, they are all very similar. For slow and not productive computers, Linux is preferred over Windows. And the more so for an inexperienced user to install Windows with the "stick" or an external hard drive, can agree with some difficulty. Computer operating system Linux, is cheaper than analogues with Windows. Common misconception that Linux is more difficult to work with than c Windows, is not applicable to the OS installed on netbooks: because they all have understandable and user-friendly graphical interface.

Which screen to choose? Those who are buyers of netbooks is likely to saving people, because opt for low-power computers in the price ($ 500). For easy operation in Internet requires a relatively large display. Displays, 7-inch is not enough, and better stop your choice on the diagonals of at least 8.5 inches (1240 600). Which is better: a hard drive or SSD? What is best to choose a regular HDD or SSD? – The answer to this question is not so straightforward and simple. The fact is that a netbook using solid-state drives that are not are not going to be compared with the fast and expensive SSD by Samsung and Intel. A work cheap SSD gives a lot of inconvenience. If it is a netbook with SSD, the use of Windows as the operating system is practically not acceptable. The fact that the constant circulation of Windows to slow SSD is much slow down your computer. Is not the case with the operating system Linux, while it requires much less work appeals to the drive, and for this reason netbook with SSD, and running the Linux operating system is fast enough. Futuresight.ru – future technology today