Ancient Russia

Terminology Parquet – floor covering of different types of wood, stacked, ottsiklevannoe and polished, with the application of a protective layer in the form of varnishes, oils and other protective coatings. Sanding parquet – alignment surface after the installation of new flooring or removal of the upper contaminated layer (1 to 3 mm) of the old flooring. Parquet polishing – fine treatment of wooden surfaces directly under the application of varnish or other protective coverage. Floor plank (riveting, die) – the unit, specially treated wooden parts of a certain size, has tongue and groove to dock with the adjacent slats when installing parquet flooring. Groove wood flooring bar – a deepening of the longitudinal and end parts of the strap, insert the comb. Crest of the floor plank – prominence on the front and sides of the longitudinal strips to insert into the groove. The first mention of the dance floor appears even in the annals Ancient Russia since the reign of Ivan the Terrible. Of course, since the time of production technology and application of parquet significantly changed, but the floors and to this day remains the most popular floor covering. AND agree that when you see a beautiful well-packed and finished parquet, for example, various reports from the halls of the Kremlin, it is sincere admiration. Moreover, any uninitiated person in technology manufacturing and device parquet floor, of course, thinks that "it is probably as difficult, long and expensive," he fears, and assuming that he can have a beautiful wooden floors in their homes.

Stretch Film Ceilings

Represent a thin sheet (film) thickness of 0.15 mm, manufactured from high quality vinyl, which pull on the skeleton, called a baguette. On the domestic market suspended ceilings come from France and Holland. Lightweight, durable, not afraid of water, they also hide the bumps, cracks and other defects in the main ceiling. Frames are fixed on the perimeter of the room on a wall or ceiling, it can be visible or secretive, plastic or duralumin. Stretch ceilings produce 150 colors and shades, different textures: matte, glossy, allowing to achieve the effect of specular reflection and thus visually expand the room, marble, suede, velvet, satin, metallic, perforated. Design features of this coating can install them in a room of any configuration, "embrace" the ceiling column create a multilevel ceiling, any geometric shape that is achieved with using split baguettes. Between the suspended ceiling and the ceiling you can put a variety of technical devices: ventilators, air conditioning and lighting.

Guaranteed excellent quality stitches and designs for the next 10 years. From the rolls of a width of 1,5 m (1,6 m in the extended form) make the cut with an allowance for stretch. Canvases are welded together, the contour of welded harpoon – fasteners canvas. On patent ceilings visible thin line interface, it is invisible to the mat. Technology ceiling installation is as follows. On the wall discourage horizontal line through it install aluminum or plastic molding.

Reinforce it with dowels and screws. If ordered recessed fixtures, they set the lock. The canvas is hung on the suspension, heated gas generator (heat gun) and pull around the perimeter of the room. After cooling facilities film is compressed and the ceiling turns out perfectly smooth, without any wrinkles. In the gap between the wall and ceiling, equal to 8 mm, insert a special filler profile. In the right places pierce holes reinforce reinforcing ring and install fixtures. Single fabric tightened 60m2 ceiling if the room is larger, the stretch ribs, to which the film is also stretched out. Stretch ceilings can be cleaned using any detergent, but only with a soft cloth, brush can scratch or even break, because the film is set . Stretch ceilings are not afraid of leaks – they can withstand a fairly large body of water (up to 100 l / m 2 ceiling). Drain it by opening a hole for the lamp. If the built-in fixtures not, the experts of the firm, establishing a ceiling, the ceiling will release angle, release the water, and then attach the ceiling in place. With tension ceilings You can use any type of lighting, but the power of the built-in halogen or incandescent impose restrictions: no more than incandescent lamps 60W, halogen lamps – 35 Tues Fixtures attached to a main ceiling.

Math Skills

With the development of mathematical skills of the students with the interaction of experience, education and maturity, the curricular emphasis moves from relatively simple to more complex tasks. In general, the cognitive complexity of tasks increases cognitive domain to the next. It is intended to allow a progression from the knowledge of a fact, procedure or concept to use that knowledge to solve a problem and from the use of that knowledge in uncomplicated situations the ability to engage in systematic reasoning (transit of Content different cognitive demands). The following sections continue to describe the behaviors, skills and abilities of the students used in the definition of each cognitive domain with respect to general skills expected of the students. I. KNOWLEDGE OF THE FACTS AND PROCEDURES The ease of use of mathematics or reasoning about mathematical situations depends primarily on mathematical knowledge. The more relevant knowledge that a school can remember, the greater its potential to address a wide range of situations posed a problem. Without access to a knowledge base that enables easily remember the language and basic facts and conventions of numbers, the symbolic representation and spatial relationships, the school would be impossible mathematical thinking endowed with purpose. The events encompass the factual knowledge which is the basic language of mathematics and the mathematical properties and essential facts that form the foundation of mathematical thinking. Procedures form a bridge between Basic knowledge and use of mathematics to solve common problems, especially those with which many people in their daily lives.

Pasting Wallpaper

Desktop has long been firmly on the palm as widely used interior material. Wallpaper manufacturers afraid to lag behind competitors are constantly improving their technology and apply new materials that raise the property of wallpaper on a new level. When choosing wallpaper can not be guided only by appearance, be sure to take into account their properties. You'll encounter with an assortment of different types and characteristics oboev.Pered pasting wallpaper you have to prepare the surface, ie remove starye.Budet easier if you moisten them with water and soak up the pressure, clear steel spatula. Further, if there is a whitewash then wash it off. You also need to pro primed wall, behind the putty where required and when dry you can get down to business. Clay in the stores today are also presented in a wide range, today there are compounds with different properties, moisture-resistant, opposing the development of mold and mildew and most importantly easy cooked in cold water using a mixer. Only necessarily aware that the label indicates to what exactly the type of wallpaper they podhodyat.Pri to work is important to close windows and doors.

If there is an edge then glue should begin from the window. But today's wallpaper is usually glued to the butt and then pasting the direction values are not imeet.Oboi cut to a height of the wall with an obligatory allowance for 7-10 see it will depend on the pattern that you will sovmeschat. wallpaper glue from the back side with a brush or roller, then fold into the glue. It is imperative that they soaked and softened. Next wallpaper carefully put on the wall and smooth out a special roller, brush, cloth or plastic special spatula. Surplus wallpaper from skirting conveniently cut bureaucratic .Po completion of the work required to walk and eliminate the gaps.

Russian Companies

Thus, the recent victory of Sochi in the fight for the right to host the Olympics has become the basis of signing the agreement between Russian corporation Glavstroy and regional engineering and construction group of companies "Rostovgiproshaht. On the one hand, Rostov company has modern equipment and technology design, on the other, Glavstroy as a leading construction and industrial corporation federal level – a necessary economic potential and an extensive network of business partners. In this case, both companies to pool their resources, have one goal: to participate in Olympic projects. But it is often the case that even firms with radically different goals can unite their efforts to address them together. For example, in the past , the largest domestic construction company Sistema-Hals has agreed with the Chinese state corporation Hebei Construction Group on a strategic partnership. Each of the members of this alliance – their own goals.

According to the President Sistema-Hals Felix Yevtushenkov, for the Russians in this partnership are important "building world-class technologies, as well as professional managerial and operational resources," the Chinese side, through which the company hopes to reduce its costs. From the perspective of their partner's cooperation with the Russians also have their benefits. Firstly, the famous companion of the Chinese work will be much easier. And secondly, the Russians have own a huge portfolio of projects. "The agreement with Sistema-Hals is a significant opportunity to use our potential in Russia and cis countries. Cooperation between the companies will be strategic nature and is not limited to contract work ", – said chairman of the board of directors of Chinese companies, Siyumin.

Charles Windlin Development Digitus Ring

Prove promising futurodizayna and its positive impact on the jewelry. Determine how realistic practical implementation of the proposed hypothesis about the success of the idea of such a synthesis. With the rapid development of microelectronics, many designers are turning to the use of information technology in jewelry jewelry, and in this direction already exist rather interesting patterns. Here are examples of some of them. Ring Business Card American designer Japanese Matsui has invented a new form of business cards.

The so-called information ring their holders to share personal data with a handshake. When shaking hands ring transmit information and stores the information about the owners – phone numbers, email addresses, other contact information, and photos. After meeting with new business partners, you can pump the collected information to a ring on a personal computer. Energy source for the "business cards of the xxi century" should serve as a warm human body (Fig. 1). Ring of Charles Windlin Development Digitus Ring includes 1,400 magnetic spheres each of which can rotate. Also in the ring are computer chips, allowing to control colors of the ring – from a darker to lighter.

While this ring is able to tell time or, for example, date of wedding anniversary. In what may be the complement (Fig. 2). Figure 1. Ring business card Fig.2. Digitus Ring The Remember Ring One day before a special event in the life of its owner the inner surface of this wonderful ring is heated to 120 F (48 C) for about 10 seconds and continues to heat up, hour after hour for all day long.

Bringing Technology to the People

In order to get broadband high-speed internet technology infrastructure to rural communities in the Berkshire Mountains, the Broadband for the Berkshires/Southern Berkshire Technology Committee has been formed.   The belief of this committee is that without access to high-speed internet technology it is impossible in today’s day and age for a community to develop economically.  Not only is the economic base of a community at risk without fast internet, but other essential elements of life need the internet just to keep up. Areas like education, communications, health, safety and the general quality of life are dependent to a large extent on the accessibility the citizens of the community have to the internet.

The initiative for rural communities to get on-line stems from the same forces that propelled these communities to seek out access to electricity and to telephone services in bygone times. The issue of the day is fast internet access, and Broadband for the Berkshires is working on getting the rural communities of the Berkshires on line.