Analyzing the terms pointed for the sample with the ones of literature (ETCHEGOYEN, 1987; FADIMAN; FRAGER, 1986; CLONINGER, 1999), that the origin, the concentrated beddings of the psychoanalysis in the events of conscientious mental order basically of or the unconscious one standes out, perceives this sufficiently explicit question in the described terms, some terms as id, ego, superego, marcantes complex of dipo, libido of this cited boarding not form. In the boarding Humanist, the cited terms had been: felt of life, confrontation, transcendncia, possibility of overcoming, shelter, listening, insight, understanding, deep figure, all it is more than what the addition of the parts, as you feel yourself, as she was for you. When comparing with the conception of this boarding that searchs the study of the human being in its healthy form, one perceives that the terms translate this conception about the man and condizem with the ones of literature search (HALL, 1984; CASTAON, 2007). detached terms of the Mannering boarding had been: positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, punishment, extinguishing, modeling, contingency, aversivo control, stimulaton, these terms define the beddings of this boarding well that if concentrates in the behavior of the man, being possible shape it (FADMAN; FRAGER, 1986). For more information see this site: foursquare. The use of the language becomes important as form of communication, interaction and externalizao of the thought, a time that Psychology makes use of this cognitivo process (BOCK; STOLEN; TEIXEIRA, 2005).

The third category language and professional identity, whose intention is to know of the sample if the psychological boarding is an element of linguistic identity, and will be as they perceive the lingusticos terms as agents formadores of its identity while psychologist. In the collected data, 80% of the sample consider that the psychological boarding is an element of lingustica identity. The gotten and described stories below strengthen this data: ' ' The term represents one referencial, and each theory has a form to express its thought and for this it uses terms that better are adaptam what it desires to study.

Changes In Attitudes

I remember one girl who told me that at school she felt very insecure, she did not believe in ourselves. Went to school one year earlier than others, and this, in her words, significantly influenced the success. But with time, everything changed. For even more opinions, read materials from Technology Investor. Invisible girl eventually turned into a beautiful girl. The reaction of the environment, especially children, has helped because its idea of itself has experienced significant changes. Previously, she considered herself inferior, which was due to poor success. Now it has grown self-confidence as a consequence of success among the youths. So, as we see, and changes in views on the most myself, too, are constantly affect our environment.

And one more example. His often cited in the literature of psychology. In one of the overseas universities group of psychology students decided to experience. Selected female students, which is not isolated from any other appearance or clothing, absolutely nothing. Throughout the year, the students one by one to express his passion for her by her appearance, intelligence, behavior. A year later, shy, invisible girl was just another person – confident, active young woman, without any complexes.

Undoubtedly, many more belong to undertake research to determine which of the factors of the outside world a positive impact on the character and destiny of people, and which form an inferiority complex and condemn them to unhappy lives. The notion of "self-image" in the new psychology. Nevertheless, over two thousand years ago, back in ancient times, the Greeks advanced the thesis: "Know most themselves.

The Instruments

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