Cloud Computing

Still difficult today to find professionals in applications, tools and strategies, due to the speed of development of new technologies, customers were not willing to pay the fair value of their knowledge. Other allusions explained that the majority of workers in this sector are people who opt for autoformarse, since there is no training formal in this regard, stressing the need that the University is more close to the street and their needs, even knowing the difficulty that entails with the emergence of new professions in a sector that evolves so quickly. Although it was not easy to define what training needs were needed to form a new professional profile in this sector that covers the gap, became a effort between the nearly 35 assistants at this table to define a first sketch in the following way: Professional with hybrid, multidisciplinary training requiring knowledge in business services, Wireless, mobility, mobile devices available to customers, security, Cloud Computing, Networking, augmented reality, e-payment, E-learning, accessibility and Community Manager, among others. Many writers such as Peter Thiel offer more in-depth analysis. In short, there are many business areas involved in this new profile, being more significant, Marketing, communication, programming and design, all of them with a deep knowledge of the target channel, said Guillermo Vallejo de Adesis Netlife. This complicated profile is a first step to more detailed definitions that will be happening in multiple tables with the Madrid City Council and the collaboration of other participating companies to support the formation of new professionals such as retraining of experienced workers who need to enter fully into the ICT sector for professionally upgraded. Markarte, marketing and communications, specializing in new technologies, agency will continue providing its grain of sand to break the gap still existing in the Spanish companies regarding the use of these new tools, its usefulness and its profitability.