The Reeds

What if We can use them, in order to interact with young people at the technological level, in turn must imformarcen of new advances in science, tolerate young people in their future extravagances, not scolding by this move too far to the youth, and in turn creates resentments that culminate in contempt with the days, one of the solutions is trying to propose different points of view. In order to advise them the best without that young people perceive it .being loving with his family and little renegadores since the lamentation and the spirit of defeat causes the young unpleasant sensations such as nuisance and many others. In vejes it complaints can be avoided if you are looking of God serving him with measures work according to the capacity of the old one, with the above answer our first question, as us envejeceremos us is convenient to act this way. Being elderly’s quality. First and foremost I ask respect for elders good treatment and love of their weaknesses. Young people seek wholeheartedly to God, that I can tell you that in vejes it is He lives and is received as we’ve lived in our youth. The word in Leviticus we recommend: in front of the reeds you wake, and honor the face of elder and thy God have fear I Jehovah. THE things secret if we observe for a moment the distances we humans attach to things, we will see how the near and far are everyday part of our lives, and the more often does not differentiate one of the other with reference to the distances, if we look through the perception of the senses will discuss that if we are located somewhere, all the things that surround us exist, and are not imaginary offsets about the reality of things, why we feel them, we smell, see, and other many qualities that enable us to know, the funny thing is that everything that catches our attention, or affects us, seems to be actually existing only by that everything else seems to be a ghost.

Robotic Refueling Mission

His departure to the international space station is scheduled for Friday. They fear that a storm may postpone the launch of the shuttle. It will take four crew members for a twelve-day mission aboard. NASA began Tuesday countdown to the launch of Atlantis on 8 July, with the fear that a storm that is moving toward Florida could overshadow the final mission of the era of the ferries. Officially clock started to count down at 13.00 h, USA (17.00 GMT) Eastern time, but NASA fears that the storm, which is located in the Bahamas and moving toward the Northeast, obliged to postpone the launch. Still there anything resolute, but NASA meteorologists observed its evolution, said Kathy Winters, NASA weather service spokeswoman in press conference since the forecast points to an increase in cloudiness and 60 percent of rain and storm in the area of the launch on Friday.

It is expected that the Parthian Atlantis to the international space station (ISS) on Friday, the 11.26 h (15.26 GMT) from the Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canaveral (Florida), with four crew members on a 12-day mission. Spare parts and scientific material in their wineries take module Raffaello multi-purpose with five tons supplies, spare parts and science equipment to cater to the ISS, which orbits at about 385 kilometers from the Earth, before the end of forever the era of ferries. It will also transport Robotic Refueling Mission (RRM) experiment, designed to demonstrate and test tools, technologies and techniques necessary to mechanically resupply satellites in space. NASA, Jeremy Graeber, tests director said that Atlantis is ready and responsible for loading of mission STS-135, Joe Delai, stated that the material also. If we had to delay the launch, NASA has a margin of two days for the takeoff of the Atlantis, if not, he would be postponed until August 16 by calendar problems, said Graeber. .


You’re done with your girlfriend, but do not want things to stay that way. You can not stop thinking about it and you have to take action. And do something. Do you want to return, but as you do to achieve it? Tips to get my ex girlfriend: 1 .- Try to understand what went wrong. If you really want to do my best to recover your girlfriend, you need to determine exactly the cause that led them to finish first.

This will help foster a better relationship between the two, if she decides to accept you back. 2. – Talk: If you’re willing to really regain it you should take some time to talk about things that have been doing and that has been happening in general. This will paint scenarios mentally, each other, something that will keep your mind but try to avoid it. 3 .- Do not worry: Take some time to really know if this is something you want to continue. You could be somewhere completely different compared to when you were with her.

If you think a bit about what you want in a relationship partner, it is more likely to have a worthwhile end. There are many ways you can use to retrieve your girlfriend if you’re willing to do the job. The problem is creating enough will power to start your conquest. You may find that this may take some time and effort on your part. You really have to be prepared to enseriarte and put both your head and your heart to achieve your goal.

Khan Atomic

Shortly before the intervention of Khan, the Mayor of the city, Kazumi Matsui, questioned the national energy policy and highlighted the tremendous anxiety that raises the current threat of radioactivity in Fukushima. Criticism of us without ever asking clearly the end of atomic power plants, Matsui, son of two survivors of the atomic bomb, asked the Government measures to win back people’s trust and understanding. In addition, in its traditional peace declaration, called for the abolition of nuclear weapons and launched a critical tibia to EE UU to remember that continues carrying out its subcritical nuclear tests and other related experiments. The debate on the safety of nuclear power plants also planned this year on the tributes that were carried out in the vicinity of the symbolic dome of pump, the skeleton of the building was standing in the area after the attack. Although there were no large anti-nuclear demonstrations, some messages warning against nuclear energy, which Japan obtained 30% of its electricity before the accident at Fukushima could be seen next to the banners and posters for peace. Thousands of people, many of them to dedicate senses tributes and prayers for the deceased and also to show its respect for the survivors, who for years suffered the social stigma of discrimination came to the peace Park.

In Hiroshima, which today is a dynamic metropolis of more than one million inhabitants, there are 68.886 survivors of the atomic bomb with an average age of 77 years, whose stories acquire increasingly more value to protect your experiences of oblivion. So your memories go to future generations, and at the same time promote nuclear disarmament, the Japanese Government has included testimonies in seven languages for thirty hibakushas (atomic bomb victims) on the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. New technologies also allow approaching the experiences of victims of Hiroshima and Nagasaki through numerous websites, while Google offers this Friday, with its StreetView service, a virtual visit to the interior of the dome of peace, normally forbidden access. Source of the news: the nuclear debate focused the 66 anniversary of Hiroshima

Antriebstechnik These

With 40,000 hour lifetime, this geared motor is unique on the market. CPM device therapy devices: the smooth-running gearbox PerforMax 42 moved reliably with the aim of optimum muscle building a motorized CPM device for knee and hip in terms of extension and flexion. The powerful planetary gear motor acts with supportive, that occurs a faster treatment success for the patient, significantly improving the joint mobility and reducing pain significantly. Drive/fixation of operating tables: maximum flexibility, ease of use and in particular the powerful power exhibit mobile operating tables in the operation process. Be with the angle gearbox EtCrowno 75 from Zeitlauf Antriebstechnik These high demands reliably implemented in everyday hospital. Powerful drive and reliable fixation device guarantee a table structure which comes with a high level of mobility and stability without flexibility shortfalls to the usage.

Uncompromising convincingly the Zeitlauf Antriebstechnik drive specialist today belongs to the leading technological companies with helical, planetary and angular gear units featuring the Crown wheel technology. In addition to a standard product range that is built up in a modular system, in particular the strong focus on customized solutions and individual developments in modern, energy-efficient aspects testifies to the high engineering competence. Based on a strongly application-oriented philosophy, these individual developments usually become industry-wide standards. The system provider has developed a number of innovative solutions in medical and rehabilitation technology for mechatronic drive systems: pump systems (dialysis technology, heparin – and hose pump) physiotherapy furniture (rehabilitation and) Training equipment) lift systems (patient, stairs and motor) bed, beds and seat adjustment systems (operating tables, dentist chairs) wheelchair systems (drives, auxiliary drives in wheelchairs) imaging diagnosis (CT) medical assistance devices (mixed for impression materials, sealing and foil welding equipment) absolute precision, reliability and energy efficiency are our top bids that we have in the development of our product focus. This is it true in all sectors in which we operate, to implement. But in medical technology even the smallest error can entail fatal consequences. Our customers rely on our high quality and long-term engineering expertise in medical technology.

As innovator, we can stretch the bow from the standard variant thanks to its own developments of basis of to customer-specific total solutions. While we are in constant dialogue with our customers. Just so we can perfect a transmission design tailored to the requirements develop”, says Managing Director Thomas Horz. For more information, see: