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5 The growing development of new information technologies has led to that educational systems suffer transformations to adapt to a society in a State of permanent change, with new values and needs. These changes result in: 1. Moves the interest of teaching towards the aprendizaje.2. The role of the teacher of Exhibitor Guide and ultimately as an administrator means. 3.

Pass a culture based on the book and the text to a culture multimedia. 4. The desynchronization of education (in time and space). (Everyone can learn at different times and in different places. 5Currently the number of teachers who are concerned about how to use more efficiently the ICT and take good advantage of its benefits grows by leaps. Below is an analysis of the main positive aspects: 7 – Interest. Motivation. Students are highly motivated to use the ICT resources, motivation makes that students are spending more time at work, and therefore, it is likely to learn more.

-Greater communication between teachers and students. Channels of communication which provides Internet (email, forums, chat) facilitate contact between students and teachers. -Development of search and selection of information skills. The large volume of information available, requires the implementation of techniques that help to locate the information that you need and your valuation – visualization of simulations. Computer programs allow you to simulate sequences and physical, chemical or social phenomena, phenomena in 3D, so the students can experiment with them and understand them better. -Customization of the processes of teaching and learning. Each student can use materials more suited to their learning style. -Aid for the Special education. In the field of persons with special needs the computer, with special peripherals, can open new alternatives that solve these limitations – shared resources.

Good Events

Well good events which, however, have its counterpart, very, very bad. For example, is good, very good, that the coverage of the health care system has increased and in some municipalities having either high rates. But it is bad, very bad that there is even a Colombian citizen who does not have who will give you medical care when it is affected by a bad of health. It is good, very good that kidnapping figures have decreased, but it is bad, very bad there are still thousands of kidnapped people, among them some of whom nobody remembers because they are not exchangeable military on an eventual humanitarian agreement and are abducted not only by the insensitivity of his captors but ignominious oblivion force and the dark shadow of anonymity. And very. But too bad that also has a single, albeit a single victim of the most unfortunate of all elements of the armed conflict.

Good, very good, that fall, although no one creates it or feel it, unemployment rates. Bad, very bad, there are still millions of countrymen for whom poverty is the only real alternative and begging is the only way to survive. Good, very good that it has increased coverage in public education and more children to attend classes. But bad, very bad that continued overcrowding, scarcity of media and teaching resources and quality questioned by the results. Well, very good that a greater number of people have cell phones and Internet access.

Bad, very bad, on the other hand, family communication follow deteriorated. The parents little talk with their children and a greater number of households see their stability threatened by lack of a little, albeit a little time dedicated to communication. Good, very good technology is in the hands of one increasingly larger number of people. Bad, very bad, however, that youth and a good part of the population, have turned their backs on the book, the best invention of all time. Good, very good, allow women to make autonomous and wise decisions about her own body. Bad, very bad that such decisions be contrary to life in the case of the existence a small body whose heart beats in the womb. BY: ALEJANDRO TERESA MART?NEZ Alejandro Rutto Martinez is a writer and journalist italo-colombiano who also teaches in several universities. He is the author of four books on ethics and leadership and is contained in three anthologies of Colombian authors. Contact to the cel. 300 8055526 or email. Please read their writings in MAICAO to D?A page in which you will find writings, chronicles and beautiful parts of the Colombian literature.


To the foregoing, can be added, that to be able to face those challenges, definitely, management must update their knowledge, administrative tools according to the requirements of the present so that you can face it successfully, so, it is necessary to count with the support of national universities, its schools of administration, their graduate degrees in this discipline and upgrade their knowledge according to the demands of the present, reformulate the Administrator profile that you have, which leaves a lot to say on gaps in knowledge that have not been considered according to the dynamics of the changes, challenges, technology, that the present demands and to ensure competitiveness. Be taken into account, which cannot be achieved a great success in the leadership profile, if the administrator is not energetic, eager to take on challenges, responsibilities and determined, capable of conveying the willingness to carry out the things to the profitable end and not to be able to exercise the determination and the good judgment of controlling emotions when they are subjected to pressures. There is that olviar, which the leaders not only control and direct his followers, but in a very real sense, also embody the most significant characteristics of their groups. If you intend to be a good manager in the present, we must accept followers, motivate them.

Field Marketing

Which strategy globally is still to achieve the objectives for the customer? It is based between fundamental axes do not never get away from the objective we pursue and is that the client generates business. Find professional profiles more suited to action either actors, hostesses, commercial, telemarketing, etc and finally, technology, i.e., tools are necessary to be able to collect the data and results of the action to become strategic knowledge what Aplus Field Marketing methodology for putting up a Field Marketing campaign? First, the collection of the customer briefing, then actions are presented from the creative point of view, are often raise multiple creatives, once accepted any passed to production, which involves selection of the necessary human resources, training them, implementation or coordination with the points of sale or approval of the campaign with large surfaces, permissions if it is a street action marketing, etc. Commissioning and daily monitoring by supervisors and Campoamor on the outcome of the campaign. Does the role of human resources in any campaign that is designed? Basic our goal it is to make us partakers of Field Marketing as a tool of communication which is responsible for transmitting the messages of marks face to face, i.e., through people, to consumers at the point of sale. Human resources are our main advertising medium by which we are going to move our clients goals, and most importantly have all the possible professional profiles. What makes us different to Aplus Field Marketing from others is that there are temporary work that can get developers/s but will not speak in a marketing message people, hostesses companies offer hours provide you just that profile, the task force only commercial, etc. We cover all professional profiles do actions of communication face-to-face are conducted primarily? We are carrying out actions of Field Marketing for many brands such as Canon, MINI, Sage, Lilly laboratories, etc.

Advantages Of Plastic Windows

Simple wooden frames bring many troubles that are associated with the constant painting and rapid amortization, this is known to many. When the Russians put the wooden box, they did not think there is another solution to not serve the window every season. If today to draw attention to the frame, then basically you can see the windows of plastic. Modern windows need only occasionally wiping with a sponge, they are very clean for a long time, because that repel dirt. Performed in a different color palette can be virtually all PVC window, without losing the main advantages, they are remarkably resists the active medium.

Installation of plastic windows forever relieve you from continuing painting the frame, we need only periodic cleaning of locks. You will no longer feel the street noise, get rid of excess dust and the inevitability of additional heating homes in the cold. Now there are many options to save heat in your apartment, say, you can buy blinds or glazing a balcony. Popular manufacturers of windows Salamander, Rehau, ALMplast provide their clients with affordable reliable window. Recent advances in window industry, can produce just exclusive windows. As in any market economy, a windowed segment of the market there is competition.

This competition is a guarantee of quality for manufacturing companies plastic window. Difficult times of crisis shows that market, and market windows are no exception, the strongest can survive, those whose product demand, and competitive. Well-known brands of plastic manufacturers us Salamander, Rehau, ALMplast not only lose their positions in the window market, but also developing rapidly. Application of new technologies has reduced the price of finished products, improve product quality. Plastic window for today Day is a collection of cutting-edge technology, innovation and achievements in various sectors of the global economy. Plastic window like no other product has not only price, but value, saving us time, money, resources, and energy. We are a company which is the official representative of the manufacturer. In their work, are guided by high standards, international brands are present. Conduct market research, reveal the needs of our customers and offer those goods which are necessary, and do not force it is. The basis of our work with both private and corporate clients in the window area is the quality service and reasonable price. We focus on service and efficiency. Stay with us, be the first.