The Sentence

The text did not want here to limit the good actions, but I believe that any difficulty that a person is passing, being we in the condition to help must make it; why after all of accounts it is a duty of the Christian! Without counting that we ourselves we are citizens to pass for definitive situations and can lack of aid. The omission is the act to ignore, to pass of plaza, to make seen thick. the destination of people who thus proceed is the fire lake prepared for the devil and its demons, observe that the perpetual fire was not prepared it human being, were prepared for the devil and its demons, but those that have action that they are resembled of the malignant one will be in the same surrounding. After to start to the sentence to explain you the reason? in the same way, only that now in negative way and reprovao, to start to describe the omission of bodes: I had hunger and not in of these eating, I had headquarters and me of these not to drink; being foreign, you did not collect me, being naked, did not dress me; being ill and in the arrest you did not visit me. The ones that will be its left will make a reflection regarding its acts, they will make choir to appeal of the sentence, as they were full of reason, therefore would not go to remember itself to have omitted a good action, and they will not remember themselves to have if omitted before the person of ours Sir, however Mr. will answer to them: in I say you to truth that, when to one of this teeny o you did not make, you did not make it me. It demonstrates here a great love to you for the abandoned ones and charges of us attitudes and not recklessness. .


However, if the intended barrage was of only 30 m that is the average of floods ' ' that if it does not know to the certainty of that side comes and for where vaem' ' , they is esteem then that the waters of Andes would be dammed in the bolivian territory, as the foreseen one for the nature, whereas the barrage was come close of the side of Amazon would be empty and the full wood until the city of Manaus, would remain then the work to keep clean the cradle of this enormous clean reservoir thus would prevent the sabotages in the turbines for debris of floating trees and of the proper mud and with certainty the solution would be to deforest all flooded region. All the logs wooden before they stopped the helices would have to be burnt what it would be an irremediable loss, already thought to burn a trunk of pink peroba. It would make sensible more then to keep the project but to change engineering in favor of the technology of the Portuguese of before the discovery of Brazil and instead of the bulbs, they could then use secular mills of Tide of Corroios in same Seixal and that functioned in one alone sensible one of turn, with certainty that they could be used as milling of sugar cane of sugar for attainment of etanol, exactly thus do not exist guarantee some that the IBAMA would allow to plant sugar cane of sugar in the Amazonian forest. They are as many insoluble difficulties in this project, that was not well clearly the reasons of the Brazilians to take the auction a so remote possibility as the extracted electric backwater energy. Or to another possibility of the oil discovery in unattachable environments as the layer of the daily pay salt, a rock of equal hardness to the diamond and whose the temperature in this depth surpasses 300 (c) what it would melt the league of any perfuratriz that atritasse in this way. .

Work On The Internet

I have been working on the internet from home now since 2001, when I quit my job highly paying change country and live with the girl of my dreams. At the beginning I didn’t know really what was what had to be done and actually began as a hobby. And when the director slaes for a sale of hotel reservations web site called me in January 2002 and requested me to put ad ads on my web site in exchange for pay me a small Commission on sales of visitors that I mentioned I thought not much in it. However, when I phoned the following month and told me that I had done 4 sales I was delighted! Moreover, at that moment I knew that it would be able to earn a living working online at home. In those days, getting a web site to rank well in Google was relatively easy sites, there is much less to compete against.

However, these days that definitely has to follow a system to be able to identify markets where you can get traffic. The system is relatively simple and is as follows: 1. think of some interesting markets don’t begin by creating a web site. 2 Discover which keywords people in those markets are using to search for on Google. 3 Measure the number of web pages that compete for each keyword 4. Judging the strength of competition 5.

Create a web site with optimized content keyword 6. Get links to your web site from other web sites 7. Measure your ranking in Google and the amount of traffic there is, the entire process in just 7 steps. To spend a bit of time and effort that will be able to identify some markets with relatively low competition, create a web site and start getting traffic.


It would be great if the construction companies could build magnificent houses of great beauty in a very short time, a few houses that satisfy every whim and individual tastes. The industry that is engaged in the construction of prefabricated houses offers a small glimmer of hope so that we can easily adapt our desires unto the House of our dreams. In addition, this type of housing are made so much less damage to the environment and that’s always something to keep in mind. But like many things in life promising, not everything about these houses can go swimmingly. Here is a brief list of the advantages and disadvantages of a prefabricated house.

Advantages are very fast to build and not as damaging to the environment as the traditional choice. The prices are much lower and are also very easy to assemble (panels are built in factories and then they are moved to the ranch or land of the owner to proceed with its construction). Today there is a very wide range of designs to choose. The requirements for its construction are less that when constructing a traditional House, the main benefits, perhaps, are the reduction of energy consumption and the large resistance offered due to the quality of materials in addition to types of underlayment with advanced techniques. Sometimes the vagaries are expensive, and if you have a fixed idea of how you want to the House (with all its luxuries and necessities), will have to pay for it at a fairly higher price but the House will be made and assembled in much less time. Disadvantages the manufacturer of this type of houses will have to see the land where the House will be built first. The final cost will depend on many factors and will be almost impossible to get a good idea of what the House is going to cost before the manufacturer has had an opportunity of seeing the site and discuss tastes and requirements. Though it is said prefabricated houses they are available in all kinds of budgets, the truth is that when choosing the best designs of high technology and structural beauty, to the sinal can get quite expensive.

The low cost designs may not be to the taste of all, since they are obviously less attractive because of its simplicity. Great designs are intended mainly for families with high incomes. So as you can see, the advantages are mainly very good: a House at Capriccio with the latest technologies built in very little time. But at a price if you are looking for originality and individuality. Many people believe that actually prefabricated houses can be that they cost more than traditional ones. Anyway, the precast industry is still in its infancy and surely over the years will offer the best in terms of designs that will surely be much more affordable and attractive for the majority of buyers.


Currently, the most popular are wooden sleepers. The smallest spread in practice have reinforced concrete and steel sleepers. However, production of concrete sleepers is steadily growing. Wooden Sleepers are made mostly of conifers such as pine, fir, larch. In the production of wooden sleepers in the first place, it should set an appointment sleepers, because there are three main Purpose: main tracks mostly for the 1 st and 2 nd grades, for the main ways the 3rd and 4 th classes for ways to grade 5. Secondly, choose a cross-sectional shape, which is also divided into three categories: lumber, half-edged, edging. The main advantages of using wooden sleepers combines ease of handling, relatively low prices, low sensitivity to temperature fluctuations.

The main disadvantage is this kind of ties include the use of wood as raw material for the production of a category do not fully renewable resources, the rot in the ground fastening sleepers with the rails, rapid wear. In connection with the highlighted shortcomings of wooden sleepers, there is now a process of replacing this type of reinforced concrete sleepers, despite the trend increase in the cost of metal and cement. Reinforced concrete sleepers have the form reinforced concrete beams with variable cross section. Production of concrete sleepers made with advanced tension reinforcement. In practice, there are the following way tension reinforcement: 1) the mechanical method carried out using hydraulic or screw jacks, and 2) electrothermal method is used to lengthen the valve to the desired value by means of electric current used for heating valves; 3) electrothermomechanical way.

This way of stressing the steel combines mechanical and electrothermal method. The main advantage of concrete sleepers as compared with wooden sleepers is high degree of durability and long life. The disadvantages of concrete sleepers is the high cost of raw materials used for production, toughness, leading to a high degree of wear, rail wear and tires wheelsets. To address the shortcomings, and in particular to compensate for the stiffness in the production of this type of sleepers using resilient pads between the sleepers and rails. However, the production technology concrete sleepers leads to a significant increase in the cost of the path. Metal sleepers in practice are rarely used, because there is a lot of noise when moving trains, electrical conductivity, which excludes the possibility of their placement on the lines of the difficulty of compacting ballast under the sleepers. However, despite some difficulties arising in the operation of metal ties, they have significant advantages, namely, long service life compared with other types of sleepers, easily recyclable, economical, because after processing retain up to 40% of its value, the ability to use almost all over the world in connection with that can withstand high temperatures. Also among the advantages of metal sleepers need to distinguish the presence of a small number of fasteners and light weight. Among the shortcomings of the most significant is lack of electrical insulation track circuits. But this lack of ties eliminated by the use of different insulating gaskets.

Spanish Marketing

1. It is a total solution. Includes hardware, machines, equipment and devices, wiring, furniture, mounting, counseling and accompaniment. 2 Economy. Whether leasing, outsourcing or purchase, is the solution lowest price in the world market. 3 Efficiency.

Software solution is a suite with more than 600 tools for interactivity with customers, from sales and collections to research and CRM. 4 Amigababilidad and adaptability. Completely in Spanish and adapted to the Latin American market. Easy operation and customization. 5. Support and high quality service.

Our goal is your success. You have, from the outset, with a team of specialists that will help you in the strategic definition and mount campaigns. Our more than 25 years of experience in management and consulting in marketing and services, and our vast knowledge having organized and led four world congresses of CRM marketing, will be always at your disposal.

Storing Digital Photos

To date. More and more people can not imagine their life without digital technology fotoapparatov. goes somewhere in the past. and the number of images grows every day. Not always possible to print them, and leave a long memory can not be applied like. Storage of photographic archives on the personal computer, most often it is not convenient.

as it takes a lot of space, the pictures can disappear in an instant under the influence of the virus, either as a result of unexpected damage your pc. The surest way to post pictures is fotohostigi. By posting photo albums on these portals, you get a lot of compelling features: – unlimited storage space for your own photos and Album – Easy and fast loading picture – now, looking at the link, your album can watch friends – whichever image you can print, as well as to order souvenirs with images from your photo albums – preservation of photo albums in their original quality – there is the possibility of creating a professional portfolio on a separate subdomain – comments and observations from both ordinary users and by professional photographers for contemporary photographers photohosting are not just spending time on the Internet, but also a professional necessity. For many people no longer need to spend time and Degni to create personal site, just create your page and add the necessary photo archives. Special services will help transform them into a portfolio. By placing a professional image, you immediately attract the attention of the target audience, which will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the result. Beginners, amateur photographers gather to himself a lot of useful information. Thanks to the intuitive.

simple services can easily understand variety of techniques, styles and nuances fotoiskustva. Follow the instructions and advice of professionals you can easily pick the appropriate equipment and accessories for photography. At the moment, on the Internet There are countless portals for storing photos and video. Each of them than any noteworthy. It is worth to note that when choosing photohosting important that he could not only store photo archives, but also was easy to use, has a number of additional functions. An important an advantage is the intuitive interface. Fast downloads photo archives will help keep your spare time. Changing status access to the album – is the ability to upload personal photos that are not available for viewing outside users. Original quality of stored images allows them to print high definition images. Photohosting – is not just a portal to store photos photography enthusiasts and professionals, as well as a wonderful tool for self-development in the direction of photography, the ability to express themselves and like-minded potential customers.

Street Gallery Samsung

2-3 drops of fragrance and gift recipient will feel a wonderful floral aroma. You can add flavor to ink pens, to release limited edition perfume gift for your company. Sometimes liquid flavors are used for packing bedding, clothing, but we recommend for these purposes to apply a second group of technologies. Solid gels, aroma beads, aromatherapy sachets. Perhaps the most glaring example – branded perfume, Samsung specifically designed for global manufacturers, giant.

You can feel this aroma, visiting Moscow on Street Gallery Samsung, and can extract a new washing machine Silver Nano, which is embedded scented sachets. Jewelry companies certainly be interested in aromatization boxes for jewelery. Imagine a buyer opens a gift and immediately feels a pleasant aroma, which matched by sex and age of the buyer. Our partners in the city of Ivanovo now leads several projects on flavor packs with linen, and Novosibirsk, Russia plans to invest flavored in boxes with shoes. Aroma-Capsules and Gels printing.

Scents can be applied by offset, silkscreen, tampons way. Technology "rub-sniff", "tear-sniff" you've probably seen in magazines, advertising perfume. Range of flavors is very wide. For example, color "Nixdorf Center" – white and cool blue, and menthol scented card, and promotional postcard with a picture cappuccino smells like cinnamon. Congratulations on March 8 contains notes of lavender. Postcards, flyers, calendars, pens, flexible magnets, coasters for cups, mugs and themselves Is not an exhaustive list of objects flavoring. Avtoaromatizatory. Cardboard or gel avtoaromatizatory all shapes and colors with your slogans and logos.

Light And Sound Machine

Light and Sound Mind Machine tmm Mirage – a new device on the market of light and sound Mind machines. He developed and produced in Russia using modern microprocessor and the new full-color rgb LEDs, manufactured by Technology E-POWER. Developed software and circuit solutions provide features that are available not in every light-sound device a higher price range. tmm mirage simultaneously manages brightness and frequency of outbreaks of rgb LEDs while the three Red (red), Green (Green), Blue (blue) colors separately for all channels. 16-bit brightness control dial allows you to create 4,096 shades of all colors, including white. In tmm mirage color management function can be chosen independently of stimulation frequency. Thanks to this technology, we can induce more complex psychological states and visual effects.

You do not need order extra points, all possible colors are already built and can be modified using special software. Additionally, the effects can be created by soft fabrics. You can arbitrarily change the area of the field of view to stimulating a simple rearrangement of the LEDs on the glasses. The range of frequencies of light flicker 0.0625 – 51 Hz! Set the frequency of flashing with a step 0,2 Hz in the range 1 – 51 Hz Installation frequency flicker with a step 0.0125 Hz in the range 0.0625 -3.1875 Hz! tmm mirage has 80 memory banks available for download or create their own programs of stimulation (sessions), consisting of nearly 2000 segments. The internal operating system can also be updated.