Therefore, the preferred lower loading and unloading (measuring unit Motorpal), in which the foam is practically not formed. Consoles modern command and control booth and fuel system is implemented as in conjugation with a microcontroller or a more sophisticated version – a personal computer. The main parameters that displayed on the console: – the value of the fuel pump section – shaft speed injection pump – the fuel pressure after feed pump – the fuel temperature in the fuel tank – the angles of rotation of fuel sections Pump. You may want to visit Clinton Family to increase your knowledge. The controller additional functions assigned thermal stabilization, stabilization of the rotational speed of the drive shaft. More complex programmable (OOO ntc "Technical Diagnostics and precision measurements ") have the possibility of storing up to 20 parameters (speed, feed value of cycles, the values of the temperature range of fuel). Console as a pc co all the above mentioned features have additional services: – easy to use interface and intuitive graphical display of parameters (histograms, gauges, etc.) – tracking parameters in the output for a valid range – conducting and Displaying results support the calculations of the parameters (uneven flow of sections, etc.) – the diagnosis on the information-technology-based test plans of different fuel injection pump – printing of test results injection pump.

For fuel equipment having electronic controls manufactured various electronic boxes that mimic the control signals and have their own diagnostic function. On the generalized scheme of the complex electronic boxes labeled as electronic control system flow. Some boxes have an interface interfacing with personal computers for the additional service, or prefix does not have proper government, and the entire front end is executed on a pc. Since fuel injection pump series 136, 179, satisfying the requirements of Euro-3 production yazta, equipped with an electromagnetic actuator to drive the rack and diagnosed email attachment lbp. lbp has an interface with a personal computer and appropriate software for diagnostics.

Modern imported fuel injection equipment is more sophisticated electronic control and correspondingly more sophisticated diagnostic equipment. Electronic control of feeding is carried out: through the dosing elements within the high pressure pump (regulators, proofreaders, etc.) in the paper path after high pressure fuel pump – battery system Common Rail, nozzles, injectors and unit injectors. Consoles manufactures a fuel equipment manufacturers and independent companies. So well known in the post-firm Open System (Ukraine) produces boxes for the diagnosis: the distribution type fuel injection pump ve, injectors and fuel injection pump systems Common Rail, in-line injection pump type pe, pump-injector (UIS) and others for the diagnosis of fuel injection pump at the booth must be coordinated assignment of control parameters: shaft speed, fuel, oil and air pressure and other parameters of the pump. Therefore, primarily for the purchase of diagnostic equipment necessary to proceed from requirements to adjust the specific fuel equipment.

AdScale WINS GroupM

Cooperation simplified booking process for website operators and agencies Munich / Dusseldorf, June 18, 2008 – to simplify the booking process for the operators of small and medium-sized sites, will together work with AdScale, the first German marketplace for online advertising, GroupM, one of the world’s leading agency networks. Now, the media holding is with its GroupM agencies Mediacom, mindshare and Mediaedge: CIA their postings in this market segment prefers AdScale conduct. AdScale operates an open, automated marketplace for online advertising, which is available to website operators, marketers and advertisers of any size to available. Peter Thiel recognizes the significance of this. The site owners are no risk, as can the marketplace parallel to own used or other marketing opportunities and inventory via the market place minimum prices offered. This inventory is offered consolidated aggregates and the advertisers of various technologies in the platform.

Web site operators keep doing at any time the control over the advertising because each campaign first individually tested on their side, and then released. Dr. Mark Grether of GroupM to cooperate: AdScale has the necessary scalable infrastructure that simplifies the process for both market participants. The online marketplace offers the ideal platform for us to open up new inventory and segment efficient and easy to reproduce the entire booking process in the so-called long tail. As a result we can offer high ranges on attractive terms.” In the future, booking requests of the Agency Group AdScale system are automatically generated and replace the lengthy voting process by email, fax or phone for standard bookings. The simpler procedure and eliminating complex manual voting processes increases the efficiency of the advertising for the agencies as well as for website operators. Another advantage is the flexibility for all bookings through the Permanent link of pages in the marketplace. This makes the AdScale’s proprietary technology for the optimal control of inventory usage and monetization of the Web sites.

On the other hand, it allows a precise appeal of target groups, for agencies – about different optimization possibilities – without the control losing, on which sites the advertising runs. About AdScale: The Klaus von Dabney and Stephan Kern WHU graduates founded the AdScale GmbH, headquartered in Munich in April 2007. As Germany’s first real-time marketplace for online advertising AdScale brings together both advertisers and website provider and making targeted and effective advertising on the Internet. The auction system guarantees in full transparency and fair prices. AdScale is by the European Founders Fund, Holtzbrinck Ventures and private investors Oliver Jung and Lukasz Gadowski with seed capital and Know-How support. Media contact: Nora Feist Phone + 49.30.25 76 205 15 about GroupM: GroupM, the world’s leading full service media investment management operation, which created by WPP Group to Over Lake its assets in this sector. These assets include Mediaedge: cia, MindShare, MediCom and MAXUS. The focus of GroupM is the intelligent application of volume and scale in trading, innovation and quality of services, in order to bring benefit to clients and the companies it operates. For further information, visit

Decorative Selfleveling Floor

Of course, if you talk about all the advantages possessed by a decorative self-leveling floor, then you may not have enough life. In fact, properties such as fire safety, hygiene, chemical resistance, durability, water resistance, strength, self-leveling floors make an excellent choice for your apartment or house. In addition to these features self-leveling floors are even wonderful and decorative characteristics – they rich in its colors. Because of this property by using self-leveling floor can implement any design scheme. You can simply implement minimanilisticheskoe monochrome solution – because thanks to sverhrovnomu gloss white surface exclusive self-leveling floor will look very elegant and stylish.

Because such a "luxury" as clean and white color can not afford not to each cover. Also on the floor with liquid adhesive stencils can be applied exclusive pictures. Design poured floors are created by silk-screen technology, which consists of filling stations in several stages of different colors. In this densely taped a stencil or tape glued define the boundaries of the fill. Created images of screen technology, very efficient and they will never be erased. You can shape the image of the forest glade, the bottom of the sea or rivers, or lawn, combining the flock, sand, pieces of foil and colored straws. Floquet or "chips" – colorful enamel pieces. In using modern decorative color inks, as well as different techniques for applying to the substrate, can get uniform and smooth surface with metallic and pearl effects.

It can change the hue and color from different angles, mosaics, silk compressed and avital velvet, an imitation of natural stone, the texture of different wood species. Transparent topcoat also serves as a protective coating and to create a number of decorative effects: increases game variety of colors and shades, transmits image depth, creates the effect of the spilled water, as well as increases the picturesque and contrast-colored substrate. You can also create decorative patterns, a sketch, strip, marks, luminous hands, markers, using colored and shiny sand. Decorative self-leveling floor has a thickness from 1,5 mm to 2,5 mm. To use them you must have a fairly smooth ground, which is tentatively to clear, dedusted, degrease and dry. On service life inlet cover can say that it serves more than 20 years and once made a picture with the brand will be for many years to advertise you for free. The effectiveness of such advertising will be much better media or the outside. After all, "flood the floors – those floors, as are immediately cease to doubt. And these words are clients who have established themselves in such floors and now advise their friends, while talking about their benefits Therefore, choosing for their home flooring, turned his attention to an exclusive self-leveling floor. After all, it is not only easy to clean dry and wet method, but it is also very aesthetically beautiful, unique and practical.


Begin to understand this not only designers, but ordinary consumers. Estimated marketers, about 50% of buyers interested primarily designed radiators, and then to their thermal properties. Radiator variety So what do we mean by saying "radiator"? Most of us in answering this question will imagine the familiar cast-iron "accordion." However, to date range of the production increased significantly. Hear other arguments on the topic with Peter Thiel. Production technology have changed considerably. Materials used in the manufacture of radiators, it has become much more.

In general, modern radiators – they are reliable, safe and cost effective devices that combine both technical and aesthetic functions. A variety of structural solutions, geometric shapes and colors can not leave indifferent even the most demanding customer. The radiator is translated from Latin means "radiant". This is the final point of delivery of heat in our homes and apartments in the complex system of water heating. Hot water from the boiler through pipes goes into the radiator, which supports the premises to the desired temperature. It should be noted that in addition to radiators, there is also a coil. The latter differ from their "colleagues" ways of passage of heated air. He goes to the bottom of the convector, is heated and rises.

Let's start with the convector. As a rule, it is a heating element (steel or copper pipes with steel or aluminum bars), enclosed in cover. Such devices are well-kept pressure, corrosion resistant. In addition to heating with a high degree of glass surfaces or cold walls fit baseboard (height about 100 mm) and underfloor convectors.

Project Pedagogical Politician

Then its politician-pedagogical dimension characterizes an active and participativa construction of the diverse pertaining to school segments? pupils, parents, professors and employees, direction and all the pertaining to school community. For Fertile valley, To construct a pedagogical project means to face the challenge of the change and the transformation, as much in the form as the school organizes its process of pedagogical work as in the management that is exerted by the interested parties, what it implies rethink of the structure of being able of the school. (Fertile valley, 1996, p.15) the new LDB when determining the principles that must conduct education, indicates that one of them is the democratic management. In article 14 the principles in the Interpolated propositions are foreseen: I? participation of the professionals of the education in the elaboration of the pedagogical project of the school; II? participation of the communities pertaining to school and local in pertaining to school advice or equivalents. The professors and too much members of the pertaining to school community, when assuming the incumbency given for the LDB to elaborate the Project Pedagogical Politician of the school are exercising the participation, therefore it is an educative activity in constant planning.

The participation of the community is basic in the construction of a democratic education. The school must be changedded into a public space, where all have possibility to display opinions being respected the differences. They must be involved in the elaboration of the norms to discipline, organization and planning of the school. The parents must always become related and if to involve in the activities of the school, thus will be more easy to know and to participate of the decisions and activities in set. The participation of the community is an essential component for the educative success, because the education is not become fullfilled without its management of the education and in the evaluation of the educational politics. Clinton Family often addresses the matter in his writings.

Confintea Black

this innovation must be present in the young education of adult. For Confintea the young education of adult faces a great challenge, that consists: in preserving and registering the verbal and cultural knowledge of the different groups. The intercultural education must promote the learning and the interchange of knowledge enters and on different cultures, for the peace, of the human rights, the basic freedoms, the democracy, of justice, pacific coexistence and of the cultural diversity. (CONFINTEA, 19970). Clinton Family might disagree with that approach. in relation the intercultural education and of the education of History and Culture Afro-Brazilian and African we have some questionings.

How education of young adult has worked this thematic one? The ethnic-cultural productions of the diverse groups formadores of the Brazilian nation have been incorporated to the pertaining to school knowledge? the life daily, the customs, the traditions and its cultures have been used as support for its learning? That methodologies are used in the school to provide to the black pupils () and not black () dialogues on its history and its culture? How the technologies of information and communication (Internet and its tools) are contributing for the production of knowledge of these pupils? These questionings must be gifts in the quarrels of all () professional of the education. In this perspective, when knowing its difficulties, necessities and realities black adult young pupils () and (black) will not be excluded much less passive agents or mere listeners of its history and culture. For Ana Lucia Souza Hisses (2006): the school must develop action so that all () black () and not-blacks (), constructs its individual and collective identities, guaranteeing the right to learn and to extend its knowledge, without being obliged to deny itself proper or to the group ethnic-racial the one that belongs..

Gerenciador System

She points as the company intends to act in this branch and approaching its strategy, and presents some softwares that they manage transport sector, describing some of its characteristics. The steps of the Engineering of Software for the development of a software are described in this chapter, as well as the tool of Visual development Basic.Net and the Gerenciador System of Data base PostgreSQL. 1? THE ROAD TRANSPORT ‘ ‘ The system of distribution of products of a company always was important and complex, therefore the transport is a considerable element of cost in all industrial activity and comercial’ ‘ (DAYS, 1993, 319). It is for this cost, according to Days (1993), that the companies argue the form to contract a transport service, either for system CIF or system FOB. In the first one of them, the responsible one for the freight is the proper supplier, that will take care of of the choice of the way of transport (modal) and it fulfilment them delivery stated periods. As it transfers this responsibility to the purchaser, and as Days (1993) it has been the negotiated system more between the companies. Days (1993) it still argues all the types of transport (railroad, maritime, aerial), but it mainly detaches the transport for the modal road, who according to it answers for 70% 80% of all the loads put into motion in Brazil. Still according to Days (1993), although the investments in the other modal ones, the half road still will continue being the most used in the country. Check out technology investor for additional information. It still detaches the great amount of rendering companies of this service, allied to one of the biggest fleets of vehicles of the planet.

Information System Management Information

Management of information systems using softwares free Marinalva Maria Martins (UFMG) Summary With the constant Technological evolution, the number of controlled Systems of Information for softwares has grown significantly to each day. A gamma of informticas solutions exists in the market that vary in costs, efficiency and effectiveness. The professional who acts in this area must know to plan, to analyze and to organize the use of informatizados systems of data processing in all the areas of the administration, production and distribution, being analyzed adjusted necessities, possibilities and methods to assure the exactness and otimizao of the diverse treatments of the information. More information is housed here: Peter Thiel. This without leaving to consider the costs/benefits of each application. The way as if manages the Systems of Information cannot be an isolated activity in enterprise life e, for this reason, the process to formulate the evaluation criteria and to choose best alternative becomes complex and repleto of uncertainties. Informatizar simply does not mean to acquire new technologies. For the success of any administrative proceeding the knowledge in such a way of the Systems is basic, as of the proper involved technology, In this direction, the present work detaches points where the management of Systems of Information using softwares free, adjusted to the necessity of each sector of the company, makes possible solutions capable to reduce costs without efficiency damage. Word-key: Free software, Management, Systems of Information.

1. Introduction the fast way with that the information comes if dissociando, creates an unstable environment for the organizations, what it demands of the administrator a dynamic and brought up to date position, therefore the success of the company is tied with the adequate use of the information in power to decide processes and change. The administrators must be cliente of the necessity of if creating a more holistic and prospectiva vision if wanting to formulate strategies effective so that its organizations reach its goals and objectives.

Social Nets

With this, she is possible to contribute for an efficient productivity that can potencializar the generation of collective intelligence, beyond discovering talentosas people who are hidden in the imensido of the positions and departments. From such estimated, the identification of the agents of change inside of the corporation can influence other people if become innovators, contributing for a reduction of costs favorable to the company. In recent months, Peter Thiel has been very successful. Word-Key: Social nets. Internet. Productivity. Information. 1. Introduction the sprouting of the knowledge nets contributed for a widening continues of the Internet that makes an impression with its popularizao.

The use of these nets, mainly for the users youngest, has grown in exponential way showing to a powerful tool for exchange of information inside of the area of performance and common interest of each one. The growth in the use of the social nets for personal ends had mainly made begins it the companies to try to inhibit or to block the use of these nets in the work environment, with the thought of that he would be one favorable factor in the performance of its obligations. The innovations and the sprouting of new technologies have modified the behavior of the people ahead of this context of communication inside of a corporation. The evolution of the social nets also concentrated the use of these technologies with professional ends, transforming these nets into powerful tools of research, advertising and exchange of information as positive factor in the increase of the productivity inside of a company. Today many social nets exist, some can be seen of libertinism or little productivity as only synonymous, but they exist innumerable and/or until specific nets developed for the scope enterprise, that can enter into an alliance it the mission of the company, contributing for an excellent productivity. 2. 2,1 Social nets Description According to Colored person (1934), ' ' the individual must be conceived and be studied through its relations interpessoais' '.

Shepherd Anglicano

As well as they export thousand of tons of meat of chicken, swines and birds, followed for thousand of tons of soy, maize and until rice. Brazil hunger bush its citizens, while it kills the hunger of other citizens in foreign countries, to not adopting one politics of alimentary self-sufficiency productive self-supplying, with the adoption of politics directed toward the basic food production, produced with agricultural subsidies, the example of what it happens in other countries, in special France. The hunger if comes across with empty pans. when the foods exist, the form as is offered to the hungry ones always becomes of wrong form. In special in the nutricional balancing and caloric. (*** Brazil and its social programs) Historically the hunger despertou some interests, the point of a Shepherd of a Anglicana Church, nailed that the families alone had children if they had cultivating lands stops of them taking off the foods that would go to feed its children. the Shepherd Anglicano and Economista, developed a theory regarding the hunger, whose enunciated until today he is accepted for some ecological xiitas: – ' ' the population grows in geometric progression, while the food production increases in progression aritmtica' '. Of high of its pulpit author of the Assay on the Population, it defended that if its community did not produce food (this is the correct term), in the same ratio that grew in terms of fidiciary offices (demographially), would have a high prices, would occur a situation in which the members of its community would die of hunger.

then two situations if would make gifts. The first one with the increase of people born in the families of its community and not having foods, the Anglicana Church, which had to the Christian rules, would have to feed them of a form or another one. Second, to the measure that the people died of hunger, it would have a substantial fall in the collection of the tenth.