Critical History

To years of the World Wide Web 7, the economy and the trade generated by the Internet has even in importance to economic and industrial sectors of the past century. Later to the impact brought about by the communication and bombing of advertising pieces in the Internet movable devices with access to Web are created that personalizan the organization-individual contact, its utilitarista relation concentrates in a continuous and direct contact with the sensations produced and instilled in a desire of unnecessary acquisition allowing to the inescapable analogy between the consumption and the technology. iPhone, iPod, the Pocked PC, cellular and typical and popular are only advertising communicative channels that they transport impulses of relations of consumption in the newspaper to live on the being, but the interesting thing of these computer science tendencies is the innovation to make them more and more small and so that in these as much information, the trade and the computer science technology always are going to look for that is included the human beings we take the consumption in the body, the brain and the heart, six senses to consume..

Camps Victory

The individuals invest their efforts in themselves. The beauty, youth, the happiness, the personal success, every time more is vindicated like a good. An enormous range of new products and services happens to be supplied by the publicity a public more and more segmented, by means of who the consumer creates to live in a free society, plural and democratic. In this film not culture speech, in the sense that we know only worlds/imaginary states or not in different times. We only visualized technology and crossings of bring back to consciousness. The technique therefore, has become a new autoconservadora reason that it is pronounced by means of a conformista identity. I add this poetry that although reiterative in its rhyme, seems to me that it reflects the subject and the show of Truman.

The imaginary man he lives in an imaginary mansion surrounded by imaginary trees to the border of an imaginary river Of the walls that are imaginary old imaginary pictures hang irreparable imaginary cracks that they represent imaginary facts happened in imaginary worlds in places and times imaginary All the afternoons imaginary it raises the imaginary stairs and it is shown to the imaginary balcony to watch the imaginary landscape that it consists of an imaginary valley surrounded of imaginary hills Imaginary shades they come by the imaginary way intoning imaginary songs to the death of the imaginary sun And in the imaginary moon-lits night it dreams about the imaginary woman that it offered his imaginary love him it returns to feel that same pain that same imaginary pleasure and it returns to beat the heart of the imaginary man Nicanor Vine. the imaginary man Leaves of vine Santiago. Ganmedes. 1985 If these technologies were our next unique culture, I have the conviction of which all the superfluous one would fall: the fashions would fall, would fall the bodies, would fall the purchases why? , the advertising language would fall, would fall the false ones identities. And we would have a common space with a multiplicity of mental representations directed not to the pesimism but to an identity improved of each individual towards each individual, where the simulation would fall automatically in the emptiness. Because the sense of the life would be authentic to know, authentic knowledge that is the way of the man . BIBLIOGRAPHY Society Modern and World-wide Society Social Foundations of the human behavior. UOC.

CASTELLS, MANUEL. The era of the information. Economy, society and culture. Bowl 3. Millenium end. Paradoxes of the Individualism Camps Victory Vertices Psychologists Capital cabinet of Madrid: C Caleruega, 88 Cabinet of the Clearing of Madrid: Avenue Lazarejo 106 Telephones: 91 631 44 93 690 75 85 35 email: All rights reserved Original author and source of the article.

National Monument

A mixed store in the street of Santa Ana became owner of the agency on a par, abriendo and widening the business until the Slope wharf. When it did fortune bought the house number 15 of the street Merchants … that is the same lot that today occupies the hotel. … …

the pride of its advantageous position impelled to him to that on the occasion of that his neighbor put one more a plant higher than hers, " infuriated it swore to make the highest house of the Prncipe". There it established quarter of volunteers and other offices. It is the elevated building more of the city, property of another Catalan, Alberto Almirall. Between the lodgings of the city I prefer the Great Hotel (considered by many like the best hotel of the city.), not only by the quality of the service and the excellent kitchen, but by its geographic location. This located in the Maceo Street, between General Go’mez and Ignacio Agramonte, sites very frequented by foreign villagers and. In that zone they are the main commerce of the city.

To stay itself in the emblematic hotel is to have the opportunity to know history the city that arose from the mud, employee to make the bricks with which the first houses rose and they molded tinajones, used to gather together rainwater, of which they got to exist around 16 000 in all the city at the beginning of century XX. Very next to the installation the cross exists that indicates one of the sites in which the camageyana large city was erected, in the present General street Go’mez, in center historical of the provincial capital, declared National Monument. But from the hotel the visitor can realise a route by the city, without needing using automotive transport or being decided by bicitaxi she will lead that it to different places from the Camaguey.

Women Group In Engineering WIE

The past May, after the company/signature of the Agreement Frame of Academic, Scientific, Technological and Cultural Cooperation between the company, DIRECTIVE SOFT and UNIVERSITY RICARDO PALM of Peru, appointment occurred to an encounter to consolidate the bows of technological cooperation, between representatives of both institutions. The present appointment was carried out in the city of Lima (Peru), in facilities of the Ricardo University Palm, where it was counted on the presence of the director of the Dpto. of Publicity and Corporative Image, Jenny Guilln Sanchez, representing the Spanish company DirectiveSoft Corporation; and the Director of the Center the International of Technologies, Enterprise Development and Leadership CITDEL, Maria Chiok War, representing the Ricardo University Palm. Both institutions dealed with the oriented common intentions to the accomplishment tie projects with the education, the culture, the technology and the service to the society, in the search to promote the innovation and free software, establishing and developing mechanisms instruments of mutual collaboration and benefit, with the object of offering a better service to the community and to promote the development of the culture, the scientific research and technological. Thus also, the facilities were visited where at the moment the plans of the specific agreement are executed, and an interview like personality to Maria Chiok was carried out, Director of the Center the International of Technologies, Enterprise Development and Leadership CITDEL, that carries out far-reaching projects; and also, it is President of the Women Group In Engineering WIE- IEEE Peru Section; interview that later will be spread. This way, working on the base of the reciprocity, one looks for to stimulate the professional and scientific participation of both institutions, being consolidated the bows of active cooperation between Latin America and Europe. More information to enter to.

The Speech

And so that we pruned to speak of social movement, it is necessary that isolate episodes are perceived like part of a lasting action and that the people feel tie by bows of solidarity and shared ideas. These characteristics can be seen clearly in the case of the Ejido. Although the migration has had one long tradition here and in other localities of the zone, it is not possible to be spoken of a true social nor institutional integration, as it is possible to be stated by the conditions of these working immigrants: shortage of social services to its reach, education, house and, especially, by the labor conditions which they are put under. We can speak of a social movement of the people of the Ejido, latent for many years and that came to the light as a result of the episode of the murders of the year 2000: Networks informal of interaction, because an organization structured and with name does not exist that raises the flag of explicit way, but we attended a speech antiimmigrant through the groups of being able and divided politicians, who use mass media like exaltadores of the interested news. One of the topics of immigration is its entailment with the marginalization and the delinquency. In mass media, deliberately or fortuitously, more emphasis in the delinquent immigrant becomes who the worker. Shared beliefs and solidarity, the industralists and proprietors of the agricultural operations are allied so that the speech against the immigrant remains and favors its gains, and by their necessity of cheap manpower. Its sense of property is excellent at the time of its positioning in front of the immigrant. Focused collective action in the conflicts, the movement which we attended in the Ejido is clearly opposite to the change of articles of incorporation.

Celeste River

I had the opportunity to visit personally this charming place and also to live in meat own the adventure that represents arriving at this recondite oasis, due to the difficult access and evil been of last 11 km of way. If it has time and a vehicle 44, it does not doubt in visiting Celeste River, a place removed from a story of you foretell, which is worth each and every one of the minutes that it will use in arriving; but it has 44, hopes to have one! National park Honda Bar This National Park is located in the province of Guanacaste, to about 20 km to the north of the city of Nicoya. In the small hill of Honda Bar (of about 300 meters of height), one is hidden everything an underworld, worthy of a story of Julio Bern. Barrahonda is recognized by the ample network of independent caverns, some of which reach the 240 meters of depth. Within the caverns it is possible to observe estalagtitas, stalagmites, columns, teeth of shark and many other formation.

Among the 19 explored caverns, most spectacular as far as its forms of decoration is the call Velvet. This cave of 63 meters of depth delights to visitor with incredible formation such as organ, which produces different sounds from the struck being, the head of the lion , the curtains and many more. All the route in Honda Bar is a pleasure, since to accede to the caves it is necessary to realise a route by the mountain, where the species of present fauna and flora in the zone will be able. When arriving at the entrance of the caverns they will be armed the equipment yet of security and will begin an exciting and exciting reduction towards the interior of the Earth! the Hornillas To 15 km of Bagaces, course to the north of Costa Rica in the Province of Guanacaste is elevated majestic Miravalles volcano, with its 2028 meters. This volcano presents/displays secondary activity of type, that is to say; thermal waters, stony grounds, solfataras, pailas and fumarolas. The familiar project of the Hornillas takes advantage of these guided resources realising Tours, beginning to observe the volcanic activity of the fumarolas and pailas, walking within a crater with volcanic action. In this same zone it is possible Rich it will offer what very few countries can offer. The small reviews on these places, do not make justice to their true beauty and attributes, so it removes something of free time, renase with family or friendly and know these wonderful gifts that this country offers to us!

Institute Study Superior

The confidence in itself is the first secret of the success. R.W. Emerson does not fit the smaller doubt, on the vision and knowledge to take the opportunities, since it makes the ITESM (Technological Institute Study Superior of Monterrey) that is an Institute prestigious and very recognized in Latin America, the Caribbean and Central America, where many students of these continents have been going to form, to become qualified, to share experience, in the different races that offers, many are scholars by the same ITESM, who acquire vanguard knowledge, experience apply and it in their country of origin. Of course, when one is going away to refer the ITESM as my case, in where I trained as engineer and I obtained my postgraduate of masters in administration of companies I do, it with objetivismo without letting take to me by emotions, feelings, but by concrete facts that they show results, by my experience, vision and evaluation of results. When I arrived in my first opportunity back at the ITESM many years, this it only was centralized in Monterrey, city, that it stops that then very shady era, never similar to which today it is, a modern metropolis, for that then, already were a good number of Central American, few Latin Americans, study of engineering, especially electrical, mechanical, civil, architecture, administration, accounting and degrees in Physics and mathematics. The authorities and founders of this field of education already maintained a dynamic entailment with the enterprise sector that is very representative for the region. Aspect that has benefitted to the Technological one, put the companies professional bring up to full strength with withdrawn his, which projected a positive image of Complexion that has favored him and has taken it to that at the moment it counts on 33 fields in all Mexico, which demonstrates to its development and quality of its professionals according to the profile that is designed in each race, totally updated according to the needs of the scenes where it is.

Acoustic Technology

Each thesis, nevertheless, originates an antithesis, that is to say, an idea totally opposed. And from the fight between these two ideas a synthesis, a new idea, that arises it conjugates elements of the two previous ones, and allows therefore the advance of the knowledge. What means all this? Since a pair of opposite (thesis-antithesis) exists and that the truth is not in any of them, but in its union (synthesis). Our mind works of this same way. The human brain is divided in two hemispheres, the right and the left one, each with certain specific functions: the left hemisphere is the one that takes care of the logic, of the information processing that is obtained by means of the senses (the tact, the view, the sense of smell, the ear and the taste) and from the mathematical thought.

Also it controls our capacity to speak and it is the one who takes care to make decisions. In addition, it controls the memory in the long term. the right hemisphere is the one that takes care of the sensations, the feelings, the fantasies, desires and the emotions. Here it is where the intuition is originated, and is the hemisphere that controls and allows to the creativity and the originality. The artistic abilities are possible thanks to this part of the brain, that also controls the memory ” profunda” or (the unconscious memories, that we cannot put in words but that anyway they condition our form to be and to think). However, in the daily life these two hemispheres do not work isolate, but they are complemented: in order to take an important decision, we thought about rational form the pros and the cons (a function of the left hemisphere), but also took into account our emotions and our intuition (that are originated in the right hemisphere).

Each of them totally is opposed the other, and it is in charge completely of different tasks. But to be able to think, to feel and to decide, the human being needs that both hemispheres work in joint form. Our brain only works when both they are synthesized. The meditation looks for the same: to surpass the polarities and to find the essence of the things, that resides both between extreme. To obtain this synchronization is a powerful objective of the meditation. This process has been years of constant practice. Luckyly for us, now it is possible to reduce all that practice to 8 minutes. If, now you can reach those deep ones altered of unit and cerebral synchronization that obtain years of meditation in only 8 minutes. It seems to him something too good to be truth? Science sends men to the moon, divides the atom and it submerges in the deepest oceans. Nothing is impossible. And the Acoustic Technology makes possible that you reach the levels Alpha, Theta or Delta of meditation in only 8 minutes. For example, to reach a Deep State De Meditacin Delta, the unique thing that must do is to listen to powerful audio hearing aids and in few minutes it will be enjoying that unit with the universe that so many benefits offers its life. Now it will be able to reach his goals more easily, to improve his health, to increase to his sexual appetite and its beauty of form fast and easy.