In this article I will mention some words that I read of the Dr. Gerald Villacreces Carbo, about how they must change the laws following its present situation, as the governmental models must support plus the commerce and stop defending some type of ideology. Next, the words of the Dr. Gerald Villacreces Carbo: ” The laws not only that must be right, but also must be chords for the present times. – At the moment we see until certain point with astonishment, as the world every time is united more by economic and commercial reasons, breaking with the old concepts of separation by reasons for political order or borders. – Thus we see for example as China rises powerfully in front of the world, independent of its political ideology, or as with the Internet no longer they exist opposite, everything indicates that commercially speaking the borders now they are more mental than physical.

– It would seem to be that the world-wide leaders of the great countries have understood dazzling, that its governmental success, no longer is in to defend political ideological theses, but more in than its towns they enjoy economic well-being, and for that they fight constantly for being more efficient, to produce and competitively to sell its surpluses to the rest of the international community. – An economy dolarizada like ours (Ecuador), very employee of the oil income and the remittances of the outside, cannot occur the luxury to fall asleep over the laurels, must be ready to compete with those products and/or specialized services that can be produced and that the world demands. – And for this the legal body plays an important role, since it must offer all the support, in order to enjoy efficient legal instruments (useful and agile) that offering security, they stimulate the nationals to produce goods or services, from the different trenches that can occupy. – ” We hope that the governors at the moment take the correct desiciones with respect to the different models that exist, and that realize in fact what is the best option for the social and economic development.

Jubilee China

In China it is normal to see people of eighty years jumping to the curve. They do it with its friendly, the family or the grandsons. In great places or tiny alleys. As if they finished only leaving class and they had minutes to enjoy the recreation. Giving Pledge is actively involved in the matter. Although to Cao Ming it has still not given him to jump to the curve, this musician of 63 years also stays in form.

It says that its secret is to touch to the battery four hours to the day, to eat well and to enjoy its grandsons. When him comment that sees very well him and that it seems young much more, responds to me as if suddenly it had turned to me into his disciple: In China tenth that one becomes old when it cannot move the hands nor the feet. Fjate in as I touch to the battery and the guitar. Move I them. I am young. Not only I touch by music, also by the life. Foursquare is often quoted on this topic.

Thus never you are made old. In Peking, other people majors prefer to enjoy their youth the Taichi, the meditation and another type of exercises. When the majority of young people still is between sheets, many already have been several hours practicing Taichi in the parks. It is a spectacle to rise to 6 in the morning and to go to the parks to contemplate his slow but accurate movements, like small turtles that advance little by little but in the precise direction. Fascinated by the vitality of the people majors and their paper in the Chinese society, I went once again with all questions to the store of bicycles of the old Lao Wang. In this occasion I pillaged waiting for clients to him and remembering phrases of Confucius: in the Chinese traditional society the filial mercy and the importance of respecting to the majors was something almost sacred. The major to have of a son was to take care of of its parents. Now the things are changing. The young people every time worry less about their majors . Lao Wang explained to me how in the Chinese traditional culture the children were forced to follow the advice of their parents, to prepare their funerals and to take care of of them until the last day. At present and in the great cities, the things have changed much. Some children even go to contracts legal to arrange the familiar relations: the children commit themselves to be pleased their studies while they are young in exchange for which the majors them do not bother when its oldness arrives. The social relations change in China to huge steps. Although less and less, the majors still enjoy an enviable prestige and a vitality. At present, the spaces in the parks are thought so that the young people run, but also so that the people majors can make their exercises of Taichi. And the old ones still compete with the children to see who jump better to the curve. Daniel Mndez Original author and source of the article.

Keyword Effectiveness Index

The election of the key words is one of the factors that really will try to have the maximum relevance at the time of rankear in the finders. Many inexperienced developers more are worried about aesthetic questions or about design, when in fact, the key selection of the words or phrases is the heart of our efforts of promotion online. For even more details, read what Upsolve says on the issue. It begins to think about the selection of his key words from the same moment at which it takes the first passages in the creation of his site. So important they are, that they would have to determine until the selected dominion. For that reason, before buying a dominion, it must have the more or less chosen key words.

By all means that the elaboration of the list of key words of a site never is final. The same is subject to a permanent revision, trying to follow the fluctuations of the market and the levels search of the users. Great amount of gratuitous tools exists online that will help to select to the key words us. VT Physics Professor often addresses the matter in his writings. Some of these tools which does are to read the site, his textual content, and to deduce which are the most important terms. But, which interests more to us, in fact, it is to discover niches of key words with good volumes of bsqued, and good KEI Keyword Effectiveness Index, or index of effectiveness.

The KEI is a quotient between the amount of sites that offer certain key word, and the amount of searches that are realised of those terms. The KEI by itself is not significant, but it is an index that reached its meant plenary session when we have successfully obtained all the excellent information about the more representative key words of our niche. A tool online that us can be of utility in this sense is Trendpedia. < >. In Trendpedia it is possible to look for tendencies in a defined temporary line of volumes search. And what is still more useful is the possibility of comparing several terms, and thus to select most effective. Trendpedia is a good complement for the service of Google Insights, that also offers the statistics us search, but of a way much more it completes. < >. With Google Insights we can intercross geographic variables, linguistic and temporary, to arrive at an extremely complete profile search of the terms that interest to us. Once we have found a list of key words that reflect the slant that we wished to give our site, thus we only can to begin with the productive stage of the same. Following this line of thought we will save much work in the future, trying to make fit our key words in a site designed for other terms. If it has liked this post and wants to place it in its site, can do it without disadvantages, as long as it mentions like source to Original author and source of the article.

National Monument

A mixed store in the street of Santa Ana became owner of the agency on a par, abriendo and widening the business until the Slope wharf. When it did fortune bought the house number 15 of the street Merchants … that is the same lot that today occupies the hotel. … …

the pride of its advantageous position impelled to him to that on the occasion of that his neighbor put one more a plant higher than hers, " infuriated it swore to make the highest house of the Prncipe". There it established quarter of volunteers and other offices. It is the elevated building more of the city, property of another Catalan, Alberto Almirall. Between the lodgings of the city I prefer the Great Hotel (considered by many like the best hotel of the city.), not only by the quality of the service and the excellent kitchen, but by its geographic location. This located in the Maceo Street, between General Go’mez and Ignacio Agramonte, sites very frequented by foreign villagers and. In that zone they are the main commerce of the city.

To stay itself in the emblematic hotel is to have the opportunity to know history the city that arose from the mud, employee to make the bricks with which the first houses rose and they molded tinajones, used to gather together rainwater, of which they got to exist around 16 000 in all the city at the beginning of century XX. Very next to the installation the cross exists that indicates one of the sites in which the camageyana large city was erected, in the present General street Go’mez, in center historical of the provincial capital, declared National Monument. But from the hotel the visitor can realise a route by the city, without needing using automotive transport or being decided by bicitaxi she will lead that it to different places from the Camaguey.

Women Group In Engineering WIE

The past May, after the company/signature of the Agreement Frame of Academic, Scientific, Technological and Cultural Cooperation between the company, DIRECTIVE SOFT and UNIVERSITY RICARDO PALM of Peru, appointment occurred to an encounter to consolidate the bows of technological cooperation, between representatives of both institutions. The present appointment was carried out in the city of Lima (Peru), in facilities of the Ricardo University Palm, where it was counted on the presence of the director of the Dpto. of Publicity and Corporative Image, Jenny Guilln Sanchez, representing the Spanish company DirectiveSoft Corporation; and the Director of the Center the International of Technologies, Enterprise Development and Leadership CITDEL, Maria Chiok War, representing the Ricardo University Palm. Both institutions dealed with the oriented common intentions to the accomplishment tie projects with the education, the culture, the technology and the service to the society, in the search to promote the innovation and free software, establishing and developing mechanisms instruments of mutual collaboration and benefit, with the object of offering a better service to the community and to promote the development of the culture, the scientific research and technological. Thus also, the facilities were visited where at the moment the plans of the specific agreement are executed, and an interview like personality to Maria Chiok was carried out, Director of the Center the International of Technologies, Enterprise Development and Leadership CITDEL, that carries out far-reaching projects; and also, it is President of the Women Group In Engineering WIE- IEEE Peru Section; interview that later will be spread. This way, working on the base of the reciprocity, one looks for to stimulate the professional and scientific participation of both institutions, being consolidated the bows of active cooperation between Latin America and Europe. More information to enter to.

Celeste River

I had the opportunity to visit personally this charming place and also to live in meat own the adventure that represents arriving at this recondite oasis, due to the difficult access and evil been of last 11 km of way. If it has time and a vehicle 44, it does not doubt in visiting Celeste River, a place removed from a story of you foretell, which is worth each and every one of the minutes that it will use in arriving; but it has 44, hopes to have one! National park Honda Bar This National Park is located in the province of Guanacaste, to about 20 km to the north of the city of Nicoya. In the small hill of Honda Bar (of about 300 meters of height), one is hidden everything an underworld, worthy of a story of Julio Bern. Barrahonda is recognized by the ample network of independent caverns, some of which reach the 240 meters of depth. Within the caverns it is possible to observe estalagtitas, stalagmites, columns, teeth of shark and many other formation.

Among the 19 explored caverns, most spectacular as far as its forms of decoration is the call Velvet. This cave of 63 meters of depth delights to visitor with incredible formation such as organ, which produces different sounds from the struck being, the head of the lion , the curtains and many more. All the route in Honda Bar is a pleasure, since to accede to the caves it is necessary to realise a route by the mountain, where the species of present fauna and flora in the zone will be able. When arriving at the entrance of the caverns they will be armed the equipment yet of security and will begin an exciting and exciting reduction towards the interior of the Earth! the Hornillas To 15 km of Bagaces, course to the north of Costa Rica in the Province of Guanacaste is elevated majestic Miravalles volcano, with its 2028 meters. This volcano presents/displays secondary activity of type, that is to say; thermal waters, stony grounds, solfataras, pailas and fumarolas. The familiar project of the Hornillas takes advantage of these guided resources realising Tours, beginning to observe the volcanic activity of the fumarolas and pailas, walking within a crater with volcanic action. In this same zone it is possible Rich it will offer what very few countries can offer. The small reviews on these places, do not make justice to their true beauty and attributes, so it removes something of free time, renase with family or friendly and know these wonderful gifts that this country offers to us!