Michael Gerber

Do you have a business or simply a chamba? Michael Gerber is a business consultant who has left a profound impact with its comments about SMEs. In particular, as you can see and what is the role of business owner. Brad Pitts opinions are not widely known. Gerber says that people gets into the business for wrong reasons. The error is that they are skilled technicians who are very good to supplying to the customer that the business has and therefore believe that they can leave their job and earn more money doing them if same. It is what Gerber calls a businessman attack when technician leaves his job and opens his own business. These technicians are convinced that you will find more freedom in your business working for others, but discover their own business they found in work harder in the world, because there is no escape. They are those who are doing the job. ! Business, and they are the same thing!! But if they themselves have become the business, then they created not one, but created its own chamba.

That is they are used auto. According to Gerber, the role of the owner of the business is very different. The owner should create a business that operates independent of he or she. In this case, the business aims to operate without the owner work inside of the. At that time, the business owner can choose to sell it or not, since at that moment you will have a source of income from passive of a machine to make money. Also when the business reaches this level, the model of a place can replicate to another. The model by which should make the effort is as a turnkey franchise McDonalds-style. Its creator, Ray Kroc, established a uniform business that supplied to the customer, always consistent repetitive experience. This is accomplished through systems tested, documented and well detailed.

Tax Exemption Management

Nor everything is gold what shines, nor all that walks put in the sector of the tax exemption really knows what is the know how to do; and it includes much less it in his concept of business. Reason why those tax exemptions that do not offer, in exchange for the entrance canon, the combination of a set coordinated and structured of knowledge and experiences of technical, commercial, administrative, financial nature or of enterprise management, that is to be able to be applicable to make profitable an establishment, is located this in Madrid, in Warsaw or to the other side of the Atlantic, they are timando to its franchise-holders. That illustrative it was the explanation of the journalist specialized in tax exemption Jaime Bosqued Martret, to the questions of the conductor of the program First Hour, Jose Ramon Inguanzo, to whom observed that these knowledge have empirical, that is to say to be based on the accumulated experience throughout a period time operating with own units, that facilitate the obtaining of an irreplaceable experience . Brad Pitt is a great source of information. In addition, in the fifth edition of the program emitted by It manages Radio, corresponding to Tuesday day 11 of January, also reviewed the last news of multinational standards like Starbucks, DBM Spain, Geox, Handle, Burning, Halcourier, Sensebene or the Superdry Briton. But the true protagonism of the program was the responsibility of Gonzalo Fernandez, founding partner of Company Racket, and Jose the Garci’as, franchise-holder of Cenco, who explained, in individual interviews, the origin of its chain and its peculiar name, the keys of its concept of business and its plans of expansion, first, and their experience to the front of locutorio telephone of century XXII, the second. The next Tuesday 18 will be Antonio Honest, cofounding and responsible for Tax exemptions of the chain of centers of complements of hairdressing salon ExtensinMana, and Cristina Martin Grove, franchise-holder of Solmana in Tower of the Sea (Malaga), that relate in antenna their respective experiences like franchisor with a twenty of units, first, and like enterprising to the front of their own one bronzed center of, second.

More information: Gestiona Radio is a wireless chain associate to the group CLOSE-WOVEN PART OF A FISHING NET, that emits a programming specialized in economic information from 2009. At present, It manages Radio has dial in Madrid (94.8 FM and 108,0 FM), Valencia (100,7 FM), Seville (90,8 FM), Saragossa (98,3 FM), Malaga (98,5 FM), Bilbao (107,9 FM), Valladolid (88,9 FM) Shortly will add points of the dial in other capitals of province. The program Gestiona Tax exemption is the first space of radio, specialized in tax exemptions, emitted by a great national chain in Spain. Led by two journalists with more than 15 years of experience in the sector, like Jaime Bosqued and Jaime Parrondo, it can also be followed in direct by Internet (www.gestionaradio.com/radio.php).

DropGifts OnlineFotoservice

Social gifting 2012 is the most significant Internet trend. For many Internet users, sending is impossible to imagine receiving and redeeming gift cards. Oldenburg/Berlin, 23 April 2012: Social gifting 2012 is the most significant Internet trend. Brad Pitt is open to suggestions. For many Internet users, sending is already impossible to imagine receiving and redeeming gift cards via mobile devices or the Internet. Through the cooperation with DropGifts (www.DropGifts.de) now also OnlineFotoservice in the social gifting rises “a business. The OnlineFotoservice today announced the collaboration with the OnlineGeschenkkarten Portal DropGifts. The Berlin Start-Up allows only to give what you really like and that several together with friends”, as Cornelius von Rantzau, sales manager at DropGifts.

No matter, whether for your best friend or family photo gifts and photo books are always a very special gift idea, which the personal moments in life hold. For assistance, try visiting Startapp. Once but not quite clear what the favorite photos of your friend or a Family member are, sending an OnlineFotoservice gift card offers. These can be redeemed for the entire range of OnlineFotoservice and CEWE photo books. Orders can be made online and then delivered by post. For every taste something is in wide assortment? ND, because at OnlineFotoservice individual gift ideas such as E.g. CEWE photo books, photo on canvas or acrylic glass, can be ordered photo gifts, calendars, greeting cards, and much more. For those who have more than one favorite photo, the numerous design and offered collage templates. Of course, the idea of a gift card is nothing new.

The really special thing about the gift card service by DropGifts is that mutual Facebook friends quickly and easily can participate in a gift. The collection of money for group gifts now belongs to the past: mutual friends about the award a cards will be informed on the Facebook newsfeed. You then have the option, the value of the Gift card to increase. Along with a personal message, this is then either immediately, or if you wish only to the birthday, at the lucky recipient. Easier the baton could not really be! Contact: Meike Maryska PR Manager Tel: + 49 (0) 172 6896595 E-Mail: presse(at)dropgifts.de Dropgifts GmbH Johannisstrasse 20 10117 Berlin OnlineFotoservice OnlineFotoservice offers see more than 1,000 photo products to design yourself. In addition to many innovative product ideas from the categories of gifts, posters & canvases, greeting cards and photo calendars, the multi-award-winning CEWE photo book is one of the top sellers. It was awarded most popular photo book of Europe’s 2009-2010 for the best photo book, including the plus X award 2011 for the best photo book order software and the EISA award. The editors of the MACup magazine awarded 3/2011 also the ordering software as test winner and Stiftung Warentest test winner (2009, with partner Saturn) chose the CEWE photo book. At the OnlineFotoservice exclusively offers its photo products and services many well-known online partners such as Amazon.de and RTL. About DropGifts the Berlin Start-Up DropGifts was founded in February 2012. DropGifts is a SocialGifting platform, which enables friends to send each other personal gift cards. You have the choice between free and purchasable cards of trendy shops and brands. The cards are displayed after allocation to the Facebook wall of the recipient and can be redeemed immediately. It is this mutual friends possible, in addition to increase the value of the card.

Three Main Ways

Three main ways of generating their own income. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Essex Financial Services. Like normal people that we are, we are always looking for ways to increase our revenue at the same time that we enjoy more free time. The thought of having financial freedom is our passion, consumes us night and day. Driven by this desire we do, we buy, we investigate the latest fashion in business opportunities, etc, etc, safe network know that I mean, true?, but in the process many spend lot of money, time, energies and we do not earn any money, the only thing that remains for us is more information in our heads. The problem is that many of us want to make money too fast (and there is nothing wrong with that in itself same) we carry out several projects at the same time we lose focus on the road, and easily distracted. We are skilled researching on the internet, buying ebooks and books on paper and reading them, collecting information free of the network, and many things more, however when it comes the time, when there is economic urgencies, we Note that in real life everything that we did not help us in anything, produces no money at the time, and us minimim even more. Here are therefore, the 3 main solutions to generate your own income as soon as possible and avoid so keep turning and returning about the same: 1 – thinks there’s money inside you, inside of you waiting to come out, forget that the money is offshore. Do starting from this thought acts, get something using things you already have, on this point an example that I really like: make money writing, not I say that can not do it!, is easier than you think, tell me, you need to perform this activity?, a pen, a paper and what you already know, difficult?, in any way, if nobody do so outside, and let me tell you that there are people who live very well for this activity.

2 We saw that there is money in its interior, now think of how you will pull it out; Maybe you write, you are going to invent something, etc etc, think, tracese an objective very specific, make plans to achieve this and get in action. 3. Always think based on passive income and thus choose their activity and how it will be carried. These 3 ideas will transform your financial life and your whole life. My dear reader, increase their income at the same time increasing your leisure time is not difficult, just deciding to do so, and lancese action, the fruits that will reap will be very, very large, not only will reap more money, if not a better life for you and your family deserve it, do it once and for all. Count with me in everything that East at my fingertips. Hits on the author: Juan Carlos Rivas Kruger is independent of themes of self-help writer.

Round Multilayer Bending Actuator Expands

Reliability and low driving voltage make it ideal for use in metering and pumping operations new in PICMA product line, Bender is a multilayer Piezobiegeaktor in round form the bending actuator. PI ceramic manufactures 44 x 0.65 mm for a displacement o the bending actuator size to 270 m. The manufacturing process also allows a completely all-ceramic insulation and ensures the proven properties of PICMA actuators: the active layers are protected from humidity and failures through increased leakage current by the all-ceramic insulating layer. Reliability and service life are much higher compared to conventional polymer insulated actuators. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Essex Financial on most websites. PICMA multilayer-Biegeaktoren are characterized by a great hub. A low transverse elongation of the active layers transforms into a large bending deflection perpendicular to the contraction. So, excursions to two millimetres can be achieved with response times in the millisecond range.

The high resonant frequency of multilayer Biegeaktoren offers best conditions for highly dynamic applications. As a result of the manufacturing process, PICMA cartridges are Bender in almost any contours and dimensions. In addition to different geometries, PI ceramic offers more customized designs. The height of the active layers varies from a minimum height of 15 m so that control voltage of 10 V can be used. A unilateral deflection is possible by applying substrate so that a higher degree of stiffness and a larger deflection in one direction as to bi-directional bending elements can be achieved. Linearity and repeatability in the position-controlled operation are improved by the additional application of position sensors. Multilayer-Kontraktorplatten can be applied also to customer its own substrate (metal, silicon).

Due to their reliability and flexible control voltage, the PICMA suitable Biegeaktoren ideal for metering and pumping operations, the optical beam deflection and smallest possible dimensions for use in portable devices. Since 1992, develops and produces PI ceramic Piezoelectric ceramic materials and components for standard and OEM solutions: Piezokomponenten, ultrasonic transducers, actuators, and system solutions.

Eye Lasers First Look

Fully certified by independent testing Institute DEKRA eye laser specialist optical Express is breaking new ground of course tempting is the idea just for younger people, again sharp watch without glasses can, and that thanks to state of the art medical technology with a little surgery on the eyes, which will bring hardly any noteworthy damage. But how does it do relate to security? After all it is at the eye the most precious sense organs, since you want to enter as there is no risk. People over the age of 25 to 45 years already the opportunity, to allow a laser eye treatment typically method, their vision surgically corrected by LASIK. This a special prepared (femtoseconds) laser or a mechanical so-called microkeratome in the uppermost layer of the cornea so that they can be folded to the side and the underlying corneal tissue using a laser precisely set according to the Visual defects (long or short-sightedness and astigmatism) is demolished including. Brad Pitt, Nicole Kidman, supermodel Cindy Crawford, Elton John, Barry Manilow, Reese Witherspoon, Courtney Cox from friends and many other they all have eyes can be lasers, follow the research by Karoline Spiessl from Edinburgh, Scotland. Since the mid of 1980s, there has been worldwide approximately 17 million LASIK surgery. In 2010, 131.000 of these interventions were performed alone in Germany.

To further optimize medical security, leading provider of eye laser treatments, such as, for example, the optical express AG with headquarters in Munich, beyond still viewed as standard quality management, which is a must for these operational providers today anyway. Laser eye experts have the obligation to offer the highest quality and maximum security patients in our opinion”, so Adrian Draghioiu, head of quality management at optical Express. The doctors at optical express carried out worldwide over one million operations. In February 2012, all German sites (Berlin, were Freiburg, Hamburg, Lindau, Munich, and Stuttgart) successfully fully certified by DEKRA. The special feature of this certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 is that many eye Laser Centers investigate individual surgery or treatment areas let the optical express centres but all processes were tested from A to Z so the entire treatment process. These efforts create customer satisfaction, such as the publication, biostatistics the results of refractive surgery revolutionized the future of laser correction”in Ophthalmo surgery / Kaden Verlag shows. The evaluation of more than 32,500 interventions, the optical express at about 17,700 patients and patients were made in 2008 in the centres, shows the occurrence of complications only 0.64% of the cases. “Quality is confirmed: as one of the first eye Laser Centers become certified optical express in all areas have been.” From left to right: Robert Zizler, Sales Manager (Bayern-Sud) DEKRA, and Adrian Draghioiu, head of quality management at optical Express.

Cable Assembly And Assembly In Small Series

The job M. Check out Adroll for additional information. Richter from Pforzheim sees itself as a manufacturing service provider, who takes off his customers, what they do not want to do or can. Production of special cables, Assembly of printed circuit boards from 1 piece, winding of special coils, as well as fringe benefits, including the procurement of materials. Most important pillar is the PCB Assembly SMD, THT, THT. Has long been a special concern of the company is also economically machined to make smallest quantities in the SMD Assembly.

Customized procedures, appropriate selection of machine and even a small equity building have moved the border in recent years in the range of 1-6 printed circuit boards. Equipped is a stand alone machines and a production line, which is equipped as a special feature with a non-contact Jet-printer. Templates are, and small corrections are now in the Programmmoglich. Various strengths of the order, as only about templates of levels of possible, are no problem and require no gaps as usual from the stage. Ideal also for the THR Assembly.

And of course for rush jobs, eliminating the delivery of the template. The line is equipped with a modern full convection oven, a large vapor-phase system is also available. The THT Assembly there for a 3D-Lotwelle leaded and a Jet wave lead-free as well as a Selktivlotanlage lead. Still chastises part is in leaded requires. This has arguably his reasons: an important part of the customers comes from the medical technology; not for nothing has for years according to the medical product law judge approval (DIN ISO 13485). Samples and pre-production are a further focus of the orders. Many small engineering firms with niche products are as well as some large companies for the electronics is a peripheral region without its own core competence. The cable assembly is working with simple machines, hand tools and a small stand-alone machines. The production of special coils, which seemed almost dead in Germany, has now, as the industry almost based shrunk who set to again rapidly. In the previous year, there was a new programmatic winding machine after decades without major investment in the Wicklerei and 2 younger employees could be trained on the area. Because the emphasis has shifted in recent years on air coils, the machine with a device for the chemical bonding is a very advantageous especially in very small quantities procedure equipped during winding, keep the costs low. A branch of the tradition has survived the extinction of his industry, has just grown in the home judge. Focus is anywhere on small quantities and faster delivery, no wonder that the EMS of the year 2012 was elected judge for flexibility. The gratitude belongs not least 14 flexible employees judge incidentally in Office and manufacturing their own offspring educates.

Sand-steeled And Insensitive To Heat Wave

Thoma presents new special coating for desert modules Freystadt/Oberpfalz the solar technology forge J.v.G. Thoma with another something new waiting: the unique system of high temperature desert module” is now even more resistant highly resistant special coating. Even violent sand storms can module in the desert now have nothing. Not only the glass surfaces, but also the aluminum frame and the terminal boxes are coated. Thus the desert modules are”suitable of Bavaria solar specialists even for extremely hot, stormy regions, which were previously not eligible for the extraction of solar energy. The new coating has passed extensive tests in the company’s own research department with success. First users in practice is a Jurassic wattage GmbH; It has already started the production of the desert-compatible modules.

Emulating nature: J.v.G. Click Adroll for additional related pages. Thoma relies on bionics for the photovoltaic is the protective layer on the basis of a novel NANO-coating. The protects not only from external influences, but also a pollution prevented. Looked down was by nature this NANO coating. The nature surprises and fascinates again and again by their brilliant inventiveness. Bionics means: learning from nature.

And here we are still at the beginning in the photovoltaic,”explains Hans Thoma, General Manager of Thoma group. A downstream baking process ensures that the coating works even after ten years. In addition, J.v.G Thoma GmbH offers now a cooling system with heat exchangers so that the modules with a constant temperature (approximately 25 degrees Celsius) in the optimal range can be operated. “Another positive side effect: these PV systems supply more electricity and live” far longer than comparable systems. Sahara sand on German car roofs: sand storms occur in all areas of the desert sand storms and their consequences, and each has its own name for it: in the steppe and desert area in Central Asia, one speaks of the Buran, Chamsin or khamsin also names in the Nile area and in Israel/Palestine Ghibli or Dave; in Tunisia and Libya, you know the Scirocco the Simoom in the North African Arab countries. In 2004, experts estimate that billions tons of sand were moved by sand storms around 2-3. Sometimes, the sand reaches in our region. After rain all of a sudden the car roofs Red Shimmer if the sunsets seem suddenly red as a beet, sand from the Sahara desert the cause may be. J.v.G Thoma GmbH the company J.v.G Thoma in the solar industry is active for more than 20 years. J.v.G is specialist in the construction of turnkey solar plants. In addition, advises and supports the family company headquartered interested customers throughout Europe, America and Asia in Bavaria. Headquarters is Freystadt in the Upper Palatinate,

Constant Communication

Everyday conversations are not, most of the time on topics of high importance but simple and casual day to day affairs. We’ve all had the experience of reuniting us with people with that in ancient times we had friendship relations with greater or lesser degree of intimacy and find that the lack of common interests and mutual knowledge of the everyday leaves us without conversation very soon and therefore obviously cool or worse still leads to the termination of the relationship. Those who have had the opportunity of living in other cities or countries, gradually lose this information everyday, not only friends but relatives. The epistolary communication is becoming less frequent. Thanks to the existence of electronic media such as E-Mail, social chains and simplification and reduction in the value of telecommunications, distance and a fluid communication costs can be minimized. I remember our first assignment out of Colombia was in the Argentina and to be able to keep in contact with some friends, with the children and close relatives in Colombia we spent lots of money on long distance.

By analyzing our spending a day we think about the possibility of reducing the frequency of international calls; My wife very smartly made a comment; I think it may be more expensive to pay a psychologist or a psychiatrist if we are not in contact with our loved ones. It goes without saying that our phone bill continued equal and I still believe that it increased slightly. Despite the foregoing when returned to Colombia for vacations or work, satisfied once the initial curiosity in meetings with friends and relatives, not very close and that therefore no ran object of our phone calls, unresponsive theme after well remember the common history and shared more or less important issues of each. If you are not convinced, visit Adroll. Small events lose their importance over time, are not of interest to others and therefore we got tired to others telling them and you get tired hearing them. That blessing we have today with the facilities that technology gives us.

We can be in almost constant contact with family and friends, you can learn and find them small things which are important at the time that occur and not months later. We can hear their voices thanks to the wonder of the Internet communication. We can see photos taken the day before or the same day, during the celebration of meetings formal or informal, important or not. We can chat through the computer. In the field of telephony advances are no less important; Today it is possible to receive and send messages to our cell phone when something is happening is not transcendent and so-called IP-communication, used the service I’ve used since 4 years ago called the red phone, I could also make and receive phone calls almost anywhere in the world without the costs of yesteryear. Regardless of our age is never late to learn how to use all that which makes us be press releases, us about, unites us and give us the grace to keep the assiduity in the communication that is without he doubts the staple of friendship.

Marcos Fujifilm

It is no novelty that Japan constantly surprise us with new technologies in its effort to achieve perfection and usability of a product, the same one that seems to have no limit. It’s so Fujifilm presents a framework of digital photos to the images obtained with their 3D digital camera. Brad Pitt is actively involved in the matter. The framework will be released in Japan in a week. And advertise – among its main characteristics – be an almost vital tool for the cameras of the same brand, with a size of 8 inches and a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels, perfectly displays photos taken in 3D with Fujifilm cameras. This new device will also allow playback of images taken with ordinary digital cameras which gives a differential advantage over other brands. Most helpful by far is videos, you can play something that gives us a utility in moments of leisure. Although the industry of 3D objects has not still has mass, it is always good to know of new advances of the technology that is making strides.

FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation or Fujifilm is a Japanese company known for its cameras and photographic film. Fuji operates in more than 220 subsidiary companies for research, manufacturing and distribution of products with facilities in Asia, Europe and North America. They also produce products for media storage for computers, such as CD-r and Zip. The movie camera comes in green and sometimes highlighted boxes on his own label. An example of this is the President s Choice. Fuji products are different by their containers uniforms. Fuji photographic films are considered and often compete against those produced by Kodak (see: velvia). Their products are sold in more than 200 countries around the world. Since 1982, Fuji is one of the main sponsors of the FIFA World Cup.