You do not know, but depends on them. You do not know or the cross in his life, but those sons of bitches have in their hands, in the electronic calendar, the Enter key on the computer, its future and that of their children. You do not know that they face, but it is they who are going to send the strike on behalf of a three point seven, or a probability index of zero point zero four. You have nothing to dowith these dudes because it is a hardware store clerk or cashier Pryca, and they studied at Harvard and did career a master in Tokyo, or the reverse, going in the mornings to the London Stock Exchange or Wall Street and say things in English as long-term capital management, and talk of hedge funds, accountant multilateral quote investment agreements and wild economic neoliberalism, like someone said Sunday’s game. You do not know or painting, but those circulating suicide drivers and two hundred per hour in a van loaded with money going to hit loans him when least expected, and did analyst not careers even have the consolation of going in a wheelchair with a cut to blowing their eggs because they have no public face, despite banks being renowned analysts, sharks of finance, prestigious experts in other people’s money. As experts who always end up doing yours. Because whenever they win, they win and never lose them when they lose. They do not create wealth but to business loan speculate. Lavish combinations into the world of financial economics that have nothing to do with the productive economy. he has produced two movies, as well as leading his investment firm The , making is the founder and managing member of Roslyn, N.Y.-based Boost house of cards and secured by mirages and smoky, and the mighty of the Earth lose their ass for them and credit jump on the bandwagon coba. financial This can not fail, they say. Here nobody is going to lose. The risk is minimal. The Nobel prizes endorse Economy, financial journalists prestigious international group of recognized acronyms. And then the president of the bank business loans as trans, and the president of the union of Swiss banks and the bank capitoste Latin American and Eurasian consortium, and the mother who bore them all, they embark on the adventure with joy, put chip through a pipe, and then sit to wait for that pitch that will even more lining to all of them and their clients. And as the first operation goes well and are risking more in the second, which is cushy cushy, and interests of a gazillion percent are not everyday. And even that illusion speculator has nothing to do with the real economy, with every day life banking of people in the street, everything stock quote is euphoria, and pats on the back, and to undertake their banking official foreign exchange reserves. And this, gentlemen, is clover. And suddenly it does not. Suddenly it turns out that the invention had its failures, and high risk that was not a phrase but just that: truly high risk. And then the whole shebang is going to take the sack. And those special funds, dangerous, increasingly have more weight in the global economy, showing its black side. And then, oh, wonder!, While the benefits were for sharks that controlled the roost and those who speculate with money from others, is that the losses, no. The losses, the financial bite, payment of the errors of those who play with pijolandios international economy as if they were playing Monopoly, stocks borne on the shoulders of us all. It turns out that while the benefit was private, are collective mistakes, and losses must be socialized by going with emergency measures and funds of salvation to avoid domino effects of Bernarda and tits .. And that solidarity, stability essential to saving the world, pay with your shoes, with their savings, and sometimes their jobs, Mariano Perez Sanchez, store clerk by profession, and the millions of unfortunates who along Marian and width of the world rise up every day at stock six in the morning to earn a living. That’s what comes, I fear.

Communication, Trust, Cooperation Society

Seamless communication, deep trust and cooperative spirit are the basic attitudes in any successful relationship, both personal, professional and labor. A business or computer failure or deficiency in any of these is intended to inefficiency and a deep malaise. It is therefore essential to develop these attitudes, if we improve the results. Communication: The quality of communications which we have determined the quality of our relationships. If we made a list of people with whom we have bad relations we see that are the same with which we do not keep good communication. Could improve his communication with these people, no doubt the relationship would be much more effective. Communication (common action) is the basic process through which we coordinate actions with others, and therefore is a fundamental process in any organization.

If we focus on communication as information transmission, we see the human side the same and therefore all the richness and depth that we can achieve. By incorporating the human dimension, we realize the importance of emotions in good communication. It is impossible for anyone to communicate effectively if, for example, angry or resentful. We understand communication as a "dance" between speaking and listening. And in this "dance" involving every person in every sense: emotions, expectations, interests, knowledge, paradigms, thoughts, etc. Trust: Trust is the basic attitude that allows us to act. Individually, we call it self-confidence, and in doing with others, trust. You certainly do not deposit their money in a bank in which you do not trust.

National Monument

A mixed store in the street of Santa Ana became owner of the agency on a par, abriendo and widening the business until the Slope wharf. When it did fortune bought the house number 15 of the street Merchants … that is the same lot that today occupies the hotel. … …

the pride of its advantageous position impelled to him to that on the occasion of that his neighbor put one more a plant higher than hers, " infuriated it swore to make the highest house of the Prncipe". There it established quarter of volunteers and other offices. It is the elevated building more of the city, property of another Catalan, Alberto Almirall. Between the lodgings of the city I prefer the Great Hotel (considered by many like the best hotel of the city.), not only by the quality of the service and the excellent kitchen, but by its geographic location. This located in the Maceo Street, between General Go’mez and Ignacio Agramonte, sites very frequented by foreign villagers and. In that zone they are the main commerce of the city.

To stay itself in the emblematic hotel is to have the opportunity to know history the city that arose from the mud, employee to make the bricks with which the first houses rose and they molded tinajones, used to gather together rainwater, of which they got to exist around 16 000 in all the city at the beginning of century XX. Very next to the installation the cross exists that indicates one of the sites in which the camageyana large city was erected, in the present General street Go’mez, in center historical of the provincial capital, declared National Monument. But from the hotel the visitor can realise a route by the city, without needing using automotive transport or being decided by bicitaxi she will lead that it to different places from the Camaguey.

Women Group In Engineering WIE

The past May, after the company/signature of the Agreement Frame of Academic, Scientific, Technological and Cultural Cooperation between the company, DIRECTIVE SOFT and UNIVERSITY RICARDO PALM of Peru, appointment occurred to an encounter to consolidate the bows of technological cooperation, between representatives of both institutions. The present appointment was carried out in the city of Lima (Peru), in facilities of the Ricardo University Palm, where it was counted on the presence of the director of the Dpto. of Publicity and Corporative Image, Jenny Guilln Sanchez, representing the Spanish company DirectiveSoft Corporation; and the Director of the Center the International of Technologies, Enterprise Development and Leadership CITDEL, Maria Chiok War, representing the Ricardo University Palm. Both institutions dealed with the oriented common intentions to the accomplishment tie projects with the education, the culture, the technology and the service to the society, in the search to promote the innovation and free software, establishing and developing mechanisms instruments of mutual collaboration and benefit, with the object of offering a better service to the community and to promote the development of the culture, the scientific research and technological. Thus also, the facilities were visited where at the moment the plans of the specific agreement are executed, and an interview like personality to Maria Chiok was carried out, Director of the Center the International of Technologies, Enterprise Development and Leadership CITDEL, that carries out far-reaching projects; and also, it is President of the Women Group In Engineering WIE- IEEE Peru Section; interview that later will be spread. This way, working on the base of the reciprocity, one looks for to stimulate the professional and scientific participation of both institutions, being consolidated the bows of active cooperation between Latin America and Europe. More information to enter to.

Building Rubble

Today, for the manufacture of concrete structures and products, as well as construction of roads, is widely used rubble. Crushed rock – inorganic granular material, with grains of size more than five millimeters, it turns out through crushing of rocks, boulders and gravel. Properties of rubble. The quality of ballast is determined by its properties, it is – the faction, flakiness, morozstoykost, durability, radioactivity. Now a little more about each of their properties. Flakiness – a parameter plane rubble, flakiness when describing the qualities of rubble, one of the most important characteristics. Indeed, the use of crushed stone cubic form, gives a very tight ramming. Use of the rubble form the most appropriate and economical.

Frost resistance – is characterized by the number of cycles of thawing and freezing. In the construction of rubble used to mark frost from F300. The cycles frost rubble marked as follows: F15, F25, F50, F100, F150, F200, F300, F400. Durability – characterize the boundaries of the original strength of rock under compression and crushing. Depending on the type of gravel is divided into the following groups: very low strength of M200, weak strength of M600-300, the average strength of M800-600 M1200-800 rugged and durable M1400-1200. The radioactivity of rubble – with this performance should begin discussion of the quality of construction rubble. For almost all types of construction work can be used only rubble of the first class of radioactivity (less than 370Bk/kg).

A road construction, you can use crushed stone of the second class (more 370Bk/kg). Varieties of rubble. For various construction works used different types of gravel. Granite rubble – consists of a granular structure of the rock – granite. It consists of: a well-formed crystals of mica, quartz, feldspar, it has red, pink or blue color. Monolithic granite rock exploded, and then crushed in a car, and the resulting rubble is sifted into fractions. Gravel crushed stone – is obtained by sieving or crushing of rock quarrying natural stone cliffs. Prices Crushed gravel is lower than granite, and generally have a low radioactive background, but here it is inferior in strength granite. Gravel gravel used for concrete, road construction, for foundation work in production of concrete products. There are two types of gravel ballast is crushed gravel and gravel, it is usually a sea or river of origin. Limestone gravel consists mainly of calcite, occurs from crushing limestone. It is One of the main gravel road construction and manufacture of concrete products. Slag ballast is obtained by special processing of liquid fire-slag melts or by crushing dump slag. The cost of such products at 20-30% less than traditional rubble. There is a secondary gravel – it is obtained by crushing debris: asphalt, bricks and concrete. Main advantage is cheap, and although in many ways inferior to natural secondary gravel, it is still widely used in construction. In any case, the rubble – one of the essential building materials.

Microcomputers Future

What awaits mankind in the future? As we live through ten, hundred, a thousand years? Will we exist at all? A man more accustomed to analyze the past than to think about the future … Futurology – the science of the future, the science of the future … This is not a fairy tale and not a religion. Predictions based on science, logic and feelings are very important for the survival of humanity … So, we do not always (almost never) do not believe in what happens to us or will occur. In other words, when we remember a ten – twenty years ago, touched our past attitude. Very often I hear from people the following words: ‘… If I said: what will happen to me in ten years – would never have believed …’.

Twenty years ago we did not know what a cell phone, laptop, player, digital libraries … Technical progress, computerization, virtualization is rapidly broke into our daily lives. Young people themselves have and are not without perebiraniya keys on the phone, sending sms-ki, without the Internet, which has a need for a “chat” and to spend time on social networks … What’s next? Building on the achievements of science and technology, man seeks to improve the big things and make them small and compact, slow – fast, weak – powerful.

Have Faith and Grow

Never forget to have faith in God, cling to Him, trust allows for a better future, it helps to feel that anything is possible, hand in hand with faith is the hope, to dispel the doubt, give rise to positivism, joy , trust and love. Love becomes the most precious gift of life, is generous, cares, gives meaning to life, family and friends. Never underestimate the feelings and ideas of others, put aside what is felt or thought, keep in mind what is good and important to cultivate the dreams, strive to meet. Happiness lies not in his neck suffered, is based on the ability to overcome adversity, to find the positive in pain, to give value to life in the midst of death. Personal success, the merit lies in achieving things in an honest manner without fear of the difficulty, of deception or loneliness. The samples life journeys often misunderstood, it is necessary to take the time to know them, analyze them and learn from them. Give value to things, people and situations. Making the world a better place, contribute to the happiness and family stability, contribute to the growth of our society, neighborhood and labor groups.

Remember the little things that ennoble life, details that feed the soul and enrich the spirit, recognizing the true meaning of life and the value of those around us, to finally understand why instead of just living life, without a reason or a horizon that guides our actions, our feelings and our passage through life. Not waste life in vain, we appreciate the good things and not so good, the people we have on our side and we have lost all, thermos something new and good to learn. Recognize the capabilities and achievements of others, they too have a right to be recognized for their efforts, we envy aside, this only leads to loneliness and bitterness. Maritza Rocio Lopez, a psychologist, columnist for Diario del Huila, a person interested in promoting healthy lifestyles, respect for human dignity, values, family and strengthening the bond between parents and children.

Nail Technology Design

Over the past few years, one of the most popular procedures performed in beauty salons, nail has a variety of materials. The most commonly used gel and acrylic technology, a little less – strengthening by means of silk, or sealing your own nail. On average, depending on the complexity of the order, the process of capacity ranging from 2 to 4 hours, but then the results may be more to admire two weeks. If you decide to build your nails, you first need to determine for themselves what exactly the result you want to achieve. In professional salons you will be happy to assist and explain what is in principle happens in nature, what technologies are used nails, and which of them is right for you. Decide for yourself, long or short nails you would like to have what they need to have a form as to be curved tips, etc.

Decide on the design. If you love classic manicure color, you are equally suitable and gel and acrylic. Aquarium design (when the thickness of the implanted nail decorations and different materials) are traditionally made in gel nail technology. Waterfall design (with three-dimensional figures) is used more often in acrylic. If you like jacket, then you must determine how you will do it – for special tips, or spreading "smile line" white or colored gel.

Be sure to talk with the master over your natural nail shape. Perhaps some forms and methods of nail you just will not go or be inconvenient in life. If you have problems with their nails – pay attention to this master. In some cases, irregular in shape nail can be corrected by means of scaling up. But in general, do not be afraid to experiment. Modern Technology nails do no harm and you may at any time be able to return to their nails.

House Repair

Build a house, plant a tree and raise a son, as you know, in your life should every man. It is no accident construction home is a priority in the short but very important list. For it is my home – my Fortress, which initially should be the basis for the following two male responsibilities. Since ancient times, first boys, then young men, and then are grown men in Russia mastered the art of erecting buildings. A buildings dating from the log without even a single nail is now considered masterpieces of construction. But not only Slavic people paid much attention to skill building.

Especially the development of construction skills gained in East. In China and Japan since ancient times it was necessary to construct buildings resistant to earthquakes. Oriental wizard has successfully solved this problem. Surprisingly, there are already hundreds of years and do not break down the ancient pagoda. Through development of science and the use of the principle of a physical pendulum builders from the East was able to win the element and to propose solutions, which are used to this day, but with a modern edge. Slavic peoples also succeeded in developing a building. They have developed methods of constructing buildings lie at the heart of modern technology the construction of houses. Technical progress, of course, they made their adjustments and allowed propose a common methodology for construction of residential buildings, a brief description of which is the subject of this article.

Erection of detached houses is largely determined by local conditions and usually combines several techniques. Each procedure takes a certain period, then there is some time interval, which in turn must follow one another, forming a network schedule. In doing so it stands out the backbone of the construction operations that make up the red line. All other operations should take place during the process breaks the basic sequence of actions.