The Entrepreneur

New features are available in the survey creation available Dresden, the 02.12.2013 with new and effective features feedback str more standards in the online customer survey. Functional changes in the feedback tool even more ways to give customers in the questionnaire creation, design, and evaluation. Technically advanced question types, as well as optimized processes of existing features to convince customers in practice. All innovations are designed so that they can be quickly internalized and practically applied within a very short time by the customer. A new type of question the evaluation question about the new features of the tool is the question type evaluation question”, of the answers in the form of a scale are formulated above. The methodological consideration is the following: one is interested in the opinion of its customers to a specific issue, for example a product or the friendliness of the staff. “The relevant question could be formulated: how satisfied are you with the experience of our staff?” The Entrepreneur hopes for this kind of question a reliable measurement of customer perception. The possible responses are ascending in the evaluation question.

Are the even number of response options is also commonly used as an odd number. The level of the scale are freely selectable between 0 and 10. The caption feedback str user can verbally (very good to very bad), numerically (for example, 1-5) or be carried out by symbols. The customer can freely decide on the design and formulate targeted his question. Often, users have existing functions to define the way your contact data in the questionnaire. Feedback str provides a wide range of contact fields available. In addition to standard fields like first name, last name, address, and the email now has the ability to define your own fields.

The user is fully in the naming and the number of fields. So, for example in addition customer numbers, key figures, or even booth numbers can be recorded in the questionnaire. The results page that is used for the publication of the collected feedback, was functionally extended also. As a new feature can now to respond to individual comments of the customers. Open questions or testimonials unanswered so no longer. Another important point is the new export function. Now, the applied questionnaire as PDF can be exported and printed as a paper questionnaire. Responses collected using paper questionnaires can be maintained in addition, depending on the date of the survey, the survey tool. The features in the creation of the questionnaire will be expanded based on customer feedback and the feedback str team.

Mobile Phone Anycool

Introducing a new model – mobile phone Anycool T518. Phone Anycool T518 is made strictly and stylish candy bar form in silver, ultra-thin and very lightweight, 11.96 mm thick and weighing just 120 grams, has a touch screen, 1.3 Mpx camera on the front and the rear panel. Unique mobile phone Anycool T518 added convex keys – a completely new design study of KDI. Along with two call buttons for the two cards in Anycool T518 TV has a button that allows you to watch their favorite TV shows and do not waste time searching for functions in the TV menu. The side of the phone has a volume control button and a button to talk photography. The front panel is decorated with original Anycool T518 Silver logo Anycool. Another great advantage of this model is excellent quality and reliability of the case. Peter Thiel brings even more insight to the discussion. Anycool T518 – very stylish, modern phone, for models in business class.

Its unique feature is the completely new firmware with a very interesting menu that allows you to view dialed, missed and outgoing calls to different lists. Left on the desktop, mobile phone Anycool T518 single column located Quick Start Menu. Using the stylus you can manually change the order of icons quickly on the screen, but if it interferes with certain functions – the menu can be hidden. You should also note the presence of the shaker in this model of mobile phone Anycool, that will help you switch songs by shaking the player, change wallpaper, photos, change channels on the radio and TV. Also present in the phone and all the standard features: Dual SIM cards work simultaneously TV receiver will always be in touch with the latest news and events, feature a speakerphone, voice mail c recording to memory card, answer a call using the stereo headset, speed dial, Eco Mode the use of batteries feature a magical voice, etc. To make your phone Anycool T518 unique>, you can use the magic theme – the background color is chosen independently of the 24 options proposed. Model be practical for everyone, because at any moment by holding OK button activated xenon lamp, located at the top of the mobile phone.

Interestingly, the mobile phone Anycool T518 has the latest music player with excellent sound quality. Memory Card 2 GB, which comes bundled with the phone will store up to 2,000 songs. To connect to a mobile phone Anycool T518 with a computer, headset and charging use the connector miniUSB. Battery Form Factor NOKIA BL4C – this feature lovers of long telephone conversations and useful in their work. As with any other model, Anycool, you have access to the Internet on a color LCD 2.4 inch diagonal, using the built-in WAP browser. Mobile phone Anycool T518 – the perfect embodiment of the best characteristics with good traditions of KDI. One has only once felt in my hand, this mobile phone – and you will appreciate its strict informal style, quality performance and user-friendly menu.


All these rules are necessary so that the professor if keeps constantly brought up to date, beyond making use of time to elaborate more of form detailed its materials of work, as well as all planning dessenrolar of its lesson, already aiming at the learning. This form, professors and learning will leave benefited. Already speaking on continued education he is basic to establish the competitiveness between the professors, and thus he stimulates them to search it each time more the knowledge and the improvement of practical its. The search for the knowledge if becomes more frenquente and thus the market makes use more of professionals brought up to date and ready to act at the time of now and in different social contexts. Although the knowledge of a technology, practical tool or in disuse never is total lost, to follow the constant changes of scene demands continuous efforts. (Center The International of Technology of Software, 2008) In the current days, the technology well is developed and what it was learned in this technological Age never wasted and nor will total be devaluated, but she is necessary to modernize itself constantly, after all the technology is in development and all the techniques that are today current could tomorrow be little used techniques. The market of work that we have search what it exists of more current, then optimum is of the continuity its formation and to have a differential.

Considering, thus, the sprouting of new ideas, new attitudes, new behaviors and new abilities in the context of the continued education. This why the professional was the search of new ideas, new attitudes, among others factors that are inserted in the social context. Then the professor has attitudes that they fortify its practical professional, with these attributes the professor soon conquest the space that already is of it for right. The continued education, in which we speak so far, can occur beyond schools university, in any another environment that brings a learning.