South America

The three nationalities that abound between the immigrants who enter Mexico are Guatemalan, Honduran and Salvadoran. The indices are peculiar, since the Guatemalans tend to remain in Mexico, whereas the other immigrants tend to mainly follow their way towards the United States. The three countries of origin undergo of less accessible an economic and political situation that the one of Mexico, that already that is to say, much. This, like the opportunities that occur him to each person in their country of origin, it is a very important incentive towards the migration of the foreigners, and also of illegal way. The great difference as far as the feasible wages for each is also one of the great motors for the migration. social networks also an important factor for this social phenomenon is considered.

While more people leave their place of more ample origin the relation between territories, like cultural and the social one. Each worker who crosses the border of his country to go to other in order to be in permanently takes with himself the possibility of social and cultural expansion that could have happened in its country. The families expand and grow separated by thousands of kilometers, also she passes with the ideologies and the culture of each individual. The prognoses for the migration in a few years in Mexico are generalized insofar as a constant diminution in several of the fields is seen. Due to the present world-wide situation, many people will decide to only step on Mexico to arrive towards another country or to use it of bridge another continent and to leave here towards another place, since it is easier that in his own countries by the policies and ways to think that they see themselves here in the national territory. She does not exist real geographic obstacle for the passage of the people, although if nothing simple is a geographic point to cross. There is a theory that sets out the amplitude of commerce channels and of cultural interchanges in the countries that are proportional to the migratory indices between a territory and another one. The phenomenon of the migration of South America towards Mexico is seen in constant increase for a time. The opportunities that east country for the people of the outside offers are much more important for that those whom they could find in his country, like the people who emigrate of Mexico towards the countries of North America and Europe. The m General Diagnosis of the Flows of the Temporary Workers in the South Border of Mexico Sociological Study CEM