Infrared Mapping Spectrometer

A group of researchers "lunar mineralogical mapper M3 discovered molecule water and hydroxyl groups on different parts of the sunlit lunar surface, but more clearly the presence of water was detected at higher latitudes of the Moon. Suspicions regarding the water molecules and hydroxyl groups emerged in the past, when analyzed data obtained during Cassini's flight of the aircraft near the moon at low altitude in 1999, but the data still not been published. Signs of water more strongly manifested in the cold high latitudes, closer to the poles. The blue arrow points to the crater Goldschmidt, a vast area, rich in feldspar and evidence for the presence of water and hydroxyl groups. Authors Image: isro (Indian Office for Space Research) / nasa / JPL-Caltech (Jet Propulsion Laboratory – California Institute of Technology) / Brown Univ.

'Data obtained using a spectrometer vims (Visual and Infrared Mapping Spectrometer – allow mapping spectrometer operating in the visible and infrared spectral regions) of the aircraft Cassini (Cassini) and M3 are in good agreement ', – said Roger Clark (Roger Clark), a scientist from the Department of Geological Survey in Denver, usa, and a member of both vims research groups and M3. 'We see the presence and the water and hydroxyl groups. While their number is not known exactly, presumably, in the lunar soil may be present about 1.000 ppm (ppm) of water molecules. This comparable with the fact that if you collect one ton of the top layer of the lunar surface, you could get out of it 32 ounces of water. " To further confirm the data the researchers turned to the mission Epoxy (Epoxi), at a time when aircraft flew past the Moon in June 2009 on the way to the comet Hartley 2 (Hartley 2), a meeting which is scheduled for November 2010.

Spacecraft not only confirmed the data obtained by vims and M3, and even expand them. 'With before the results of measurements in a wide spectral range, and photography, made over the north pole, we were able to determine the distribution of water and hydroxyl groups as a function of temperature, latitude and time of the day '- said Jessica Sunshine (Jessica Sunshine) at the University of Maryland. Mrs Sunshine is deputy principal investigator of the study group of the spacecraft Epoxy (Epoxi) and scientists research group M3. "Our analysis clearly confirms the presence of these molecules on the lunar surface and shows that, apparently, the surface is completely exposed to hydration for at least some segment of the lunar night. " The discovery of water molecules and hydroxyl groups on the moon raises some new questions about the origin of 'Moon Water' and its impact on the lunar mineralogy. Answers to these questions will be the subject study and debate for many years. Translator: Elena (Translation 'Gulf Stream')

One Ideal Para

You turn on the television, walking down the main street of your city or read any magazine, and you’ll find it evident that mobile phones have gone from being a simple line of portable phone to a full media system. The same can be said about Office printers. Not so long ago, any Office had at least with a printer and perhaps a printer additional color. But also with a fax machine to Bill, a photocopier to copy documents and printed materials and, probably, a scanner to create and store files. Without, however, this bulky, expensive, and inefficient management method, because it is a thing of the past thanks to printers all in one. Printers all in one allow huge savings to companies around the world, not only of money but also of living space in the Office. In fact, the printers all in one have revolutionized the production capacity of up to businesses smaller, allowing them to create and produce their own material in efficiently House, without having to disburse large sums of money.

From the first models of printers all in one, have joined a series of very useful features that they have transformed them from an object of luxury, an essential tool in any Office. In general terms, laser printers and inkjet printers are the most popular, but the printers all-in-one today also offer a photographic superior quality, enabling users to produce professional quality materials. Many multifunction printers have a photographic Retoucher incorporated, as well as a guide, so that you can also use your printer all-in-one to edit your favorite vacation photos. Although the majority of printers all in one possess common basic features, there are some points to consider when buying. Since the price of printers has fallen so users can make increasingly more tasks, the quality of each individual function can be compromised. For example, if you do not use the scanner regularly, would make more sense to choose one of the many printers with fax of the highest quality available on the market, rather than a printer with fax and scanner of medium quality. Fortunately, you can choose between a myriad of models, so you will not be difficult to find the printer that align perfectly with your needs.

Speed is one of the key points to consider when buying a printer. In a work environment very busy, having a slow printer that can not handle large loads or work more slowly when you print color, can be a significant loss of resources. While greater coefficient of PPM (pages per minute), better. If you use the scanner regularly, be sure to have the resolution suitable for your needs. Similarly, if you usually send much information by fax, verify that the fax system is fast and reliable. In addition, many of the new printers all in one have connections wireless and Ethernet, both for data loading functions of diagnosis, so make sure that connectivity options are compatible with your network. Taking into account these variables, you’ll find it very easy to find the printer all in one perfect for you.

Solar Energy

With the increase of the price of the energy and fuels, today, more than what never, the sun became one of our bigger resources of energy and each time more people introduce solar energy in its daily lives by means of porters and solar panels. Thousands of people look in the production of solar energy a green alternative, and also a solution to diminish drastically its energy invoices. But how much cost to install a complete system that allows the supplying of a house? Yes something is really very expensive, and the investment alone obtains to be recouped enters the 10 20 years later! Before this scene, we dedicated many hours, many days to search alternatives that allow that any person can have its proper system of solar panels for only some hundreds of euros/real dollars/. We discover three fantastic systems, that allow that any person can construct its proper solar panels with an investment truily reduced. does not need to be specialist! Exactly one child of 12 years obtains to follow the necessary steps to the production caretaker of solar panels of high quality. She visits the site and she discovers as to construct its proper system of solar energy. We placed all there the information that needs to start today exactly.

Mobile Hydraulics

As is known, the use of energy-saving technologies can improve the competitiveness of enterprises successfully implement them. In particular, let us consider the situation of energy-saving technologies used in mobile hydraulics. Currently, mobile hydraulics is widely used 2 ways to control the velocity of actuators. These are lengthy and the throttle control methods. Consider their main disadvantages: low efficiency have throttle control, along with high power consumption, and although the bulk is characterized by high efficiency, but power consumption is also too large. Both the above-mentioned shortcomings has a new, so-called 'sensitive to load' mode of regulation, also known in hydraulics as 'Load Sensing', or LS-way regulation. It is based on the use of two main elements: the controlled pump with LS-regulator and the throttling valves with LS-lines. The very same regulation is to implement the selection pressure from the power lines and forming a permanent means of compensating pressure drop across the throttling valve edges, while adjusting the pump output is proportional to this pressure differential.

The very mechanism of regulation of pump performance is compensator. The possibility of realization of mutually independent speeds simultaneously by multiple demands, along with the stabilization of the speed of each user with a single-threaded power sources (based on one pump) is the main advantage of LS-regulation compared with the volumetric method of regulation. In addition, there is a better dynamic performance. At the same time pumps ls – regulation allow sufficiently high efficiency drive, for which he received the name of energy-saving pumps. Saving a high percentage of useful power allows the use of controlled pump with LS-regulator for the two consumers based on single-threaded hydraulic system. The disadvantage of servo-and-proportional technique is nonlinear, and hydraulic system are not always able to adapt to the disturbing influences of the environment and being stiff enough, has a fairly high degree of wear of hydraulic equipment, sometimes not allowing commands the hydraulic system. LS-system, with maximum stiffness, it is advantageous different from control in hydraulic stations operating on the basis of servo-and-proportional technology. Currently drives LS-pumps are increasingly used in mobile hydraulics, especially in road construction Technology, capacity, in quarrying and so on. becomes evident that in the near future energy-saving hydraulic LS-system will be widely used in mobile applications as well as control nodes are hydraulic.

Members Attention

In this context to provide palliative cares in familiar environment if becomes something extremely painful, however dignificante, a time that propitiates to these patients/customers to pass the final moments of its life to the side of the family, surrounded for its wanted beings, being attended of integral form. (BRAZIL, 2001, p.11). Thus being, the palliative care the patient terminals requires a multiprofessional boarding that contemplates the patient and family, on the part of the rendering of this service, this includes medical attention and of nursing, social, emotional support, orientation and attention spiritual. Under this aspect the professionals who act in palliative cares must stand out the life, encourage the hope and help its patients to use to advantage optimum of each day, must undisputedly treat the patient with respect, accept it, recognize its right to the privacy and confidencialidade, beyond answering to its individual necessities of considerate form. Moyano (1998, P. 245 – 248), cites the necessary requirements for the accomplishment of this type of domiciliria assistance: Integral attention carried through by one has equipped to multidiscipline, materialize through the control of physical and psychic, well-taken care of symptoms of nursing, covering of the social necessities and spirituals; attention during twenty and four hours day, seven days per week; permanent contact with the services of primary attention; open system of communication and fluente enters the integrant ones of the team to multidiscipline, unit of palliative cares domicilirio, primary attention, hospital attention, family and patient; the admission in the program must simply be carried through in units of hospital palliative cares or in the hospital institution with people especially prepared for this type of attendance; planning of the cares, delimitation of the objectives and evaluation of the physical and psychological resources of the family; education of the family; training and/or potencializao of the personal resources, through the psychologist; visits carried through for the members of the team with the necessary frequency, according to necessities and conditions of the patient and the family; a fast media is essential as the telephone.

Schuster Group

Schuster Group developed a contour-following 3-D film with capacitive circuit In the Thuringian waltershausen a high gloss and conductive film has developed the Schuster Group, in research cooperation with universities and colleges, three dimensions can be deformed. Opened in diverse industries new constructive ways designers and product developers and will transform of electronic equipment the appearance and culture of service. Almost two years was developed and researched on this unique film. What is now made in a complex production process, is an IML film, which can be deformed three-dimensional. The IML (inmould labeling) technology combines the properties of a decorative and at the same time opening foil with the complex molding of plastic. These polymer film produced in the screen printing process and offers an unprecedented sensitivity. The capacitive sensors integrated in the film is with 0.25 mm immediately below the visible and high-gloss surface. 2D-Produkte known in the market reach a distance of 2.5 mm here just once,”explains CEO Volker Schuster.

Also the integration creates a huge price advantage, the capacitive sensors in the decorative part what can significantly reduce the costs. The 3D-Folie of the Schuster Group is manufactured in series. In manufacturing practice, which means that the traces with a specially developed printing process are integrated directly into the film. Consequently will be completely new game types for product developers and designers, because the controls with integrated functionality can be constructed, contour-following. The Elimination of separate sensors reduces the depth of the component. The appearance of electronic devices and components will be influenced with this innovation.

So far mostly the controls have been adjusted components. Clear competitive advantage resulting for manufacturers. Also the easy-to-clean and disinfected surface is an advantage,”Volker Schuster refers here to applications in medical technology and hygiene technology. Currently are manufactured 100% in Germany. The 3-D films are produced in a multi-stage process.