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HD video or high-definition video (High Definition Video) is a relatively new direction of the AV industry. HD video is fundamentally different from conventional DVD-video. HD video on a large screen allows you to see that image will be more clear than when watching the same DVD. The fact that the use of HD video 'image' contains five times as many pixels. This provides a more detailed and clear image on the screen. HD video has two main types of permits: HD720 (1280×720 pixels) and HD1080 (1920×1080), which is several times higher than the classical resolution DVD video. These permissions can be either interlaced or progressive scan. Scan type is indicated at the end of labeling: 'i' or 'P', for example, 1080p.

If you decide to watch HD video, or perhaps make a movie of the photos in HD format, you must understand exactly what devices support this type of video. If there is a sticker on your TV Full HD, which means that device supports all resolutions up to 1080p. Watch HD video can also be on televisions and projectors with optional HD Ready, but as a rule, these devices may be somewhat lower or reduce the type of image resolution (eg, Play 1080p as 1080i, etc.). Conventional TVs do not have the function of HD Ready, play HD video as an ordinary DVD and reduce the resolution. Now the market is AV technology drives a lot of high-definition video. Became available to independent recording HD video. For example, if you need to create a slide show of photos, and watch it in HD quality, suitable software for creating slide shows – Photo Slideshow Creator of AMS Software, including the ability to create HD video.

Choose Outsourcing

If you are the owner or CEO, you probably had to deal with the problem of hiring full-time system administrator or a contract with outsourcing company. If you have a small or medium business, then more advantageous to hire an outside company to provide continuous operation of your computer. On the market now are a lot of companies that provide services it-outsourcing, how do you choose from them that which experts will be really provide quality service, come on time and be honest in the calculations? Criteria for choosing a few, it is desirable that you choose a company comply with all or most of them. First, each respecting it-outsourcing is a site that presents services firm rate schedule, conditions of service. The wider the tariff scale outsourcing, the more flexible its policy in relation to clients. With regard to tariffs, there could be a variety of options. Outsourcer, ready to work with different clients, offers rates that are appropriate to different customers. Besides the "Standard" or "basic" rate, professional outsourcers offer tariffs 'VIP', Remote", "Advanced" or "Extra." Once you compare it-outsourcers, it is necessary to compare their prices.

Too low prices suggest the recent establishment of the company, and too high – or about fame of the company or of artificially inflated value. It also makes sense to read customer reviews, that is, your predecessors have worked or working with this company. You can do this, as well as on the website outsourcing, as well as on other sites. To do this in the search box you would type "Company Reviews" or "otzyvyo Company." A lot of useful information can be found on "black lists", which is usually collected as positive and negative feedback on companies. To sum up.

A company that provides it-outsourcing, should have clear quality site with details of tariffs and conditions of service. Cost of services should be high compared with competitors. Company feedback should be positive and, preferably, located not only at the site of the company. Good luck in choosing!

Annual Report

In 2009, the company, within the framework of crisis management measures, implemented a reorganization plan of crystal production, which significantly reduce production costs and simultaneously increase its volume. Were significantly reduced power consumption: 16% reduced energy consumption and gas consumption by 44%. As a result, the overall reduction in unit production costs amounted to 20-25%. Through adjustment of the individual stages of the production cycle, were introduced special logistics planning techniques significantly increase production while maintaining the same resource base. A significant change in the nomenclature of products, is to abandon unprofitable lines of support, while a more active promotion of products with high profitability, has increased the cash flow by 30% compared to 2008. Only crystal production in 2009 was issued 64.5 million crystals. Product release of products assembly and hardware industries in monetary terms amounted to 591.93 million rubles, which exceeds 2008 to 48% in 2009 of "Angstrom" has mastered a number of promising new directions, whose products are in high demand in Russia and rubezhom.Shemy electronic control LEDs and LED panels (LED-drivers). Sander Gerber addresses the importance of the matter here. Power Electronics (1200-1700 watts) for the needs of housing, transportation, electric power transmission systems and microelectronics pr.Sensornaya (microsensor) – various electronic sensors (sold in Southeast Asia, Japan).

microelectronics Extreme (Integrated circuits that can operate in extreme conditions). Besides, JSC "Angstrom" fulfills technology 3D-assembly multi-chip systems in the body, improves the production technology of ferroelectric RAM memory (FRAM). The Board of Directors: Shareholders' Meeting Angstrom "was elected the new Board of Directors of the company.

Acer Aspire One

While the netbook Acer Aspire One A150 ($ 500) in the same mode worked 1 hour 48 minutes. Windows or Linux – which is better for a netbook? Even those who claim to be a supporter of Windows, recognize that Linux is less demanding with respect to computer resources. And I must say that today there is no software for Windows, which would not have analogues for the operating system Linux, in terms of design and functionality, they are all very similar. For slow and not productive computers, Linux is preferred over Windows. And the more so for an inexperienced user to install Windows with the "stick" or an external hard drive, can agree with some difficulty. Computer operating system Linux, is cheaper than analogues with Windows. Common misconception that Linux is more difficult to work with than c Windows, is not applicable to the OS installed on netbooks: because they all have understandable and user-friendly graphical interface.

Which screen to choose? Those who are buyers of netbooks is likely to saving people, because opt for low-power computers in the price ($ 500). For easy operation in Internet requires a relatively large display. Displays, 7-inch is not enough, and better stop your choice on the diagonals of at least 8.5 inches (1240 600). Which is better: a hard drive or SSD? What is best to choose a regular HDD or SSD? – The answer to this question is not so straightforward and simple. The fact is that a netbook using solid-state drives that are not are not going to be compared with the fast and expensive SSD by Samsung and Intel. A work cheap SSD gives a lot of inconvenience. If it is a netbook with SSD, the use of Windows as the operating system is practically not acceptable. The fact that the constant circulation of Windows to slow SSD is much slow down your computer. Is not the case with the operating system Linux, while it requires much less work appeals to the drive, and for this reason netbook with SSD, and running the Linux operating system is fast enough. – future technology today

USB Flash Drive

But programs can not see the data, in this case requires laborious manual work. Digital photo recovery also depends on the data format (JPG, TIFF or RAW) and the firmware version a particular camera. Shut in flash memory is correct, use the "Safely Remove Hardware". In the FCC and other similar techniques follow the battery and turn off no earlier than the end record to the card. Mechanical breakdowns. Due to its compactness and functionality of the stick are very popular. Therefore, they are often subjected to various tests.

Level of preparedness to him at all flash drives are different. Some rather weak body, while others – mount connector USB, the third – of the PCB board is too thin, etc. Mechanical stresses create cracks and lead to a breach of contact. From bumps and falls suffered crystal. Such injuries is not hopeless. You can replace the parts, re-establish contact, to say goodbye to the data is possible only in case cracked chip memory. If you have no time to be careful with the flash drive, choose the most durable devices: a metal sealed enclosure.

Memory cards are best kept in their cases. If possible, try not to touch the flash drive inserted into the port USB. Not only can you damage it, but also to get closure. If the USB Flash Drive was in the water, especially sea, do not have "self" as the lack of drying can destroy the chances of spasenie.Elektricheskie and heat injury. Unstable power supply and discharge the static, weak protection against fluctuations voltage wiring old – all of which can cause malfunction flash, and the coincidence of adverse conditions lead to burnout of the controller and the elements of tying. And if it is wrong to connect the cable USB-port that goes from the front panel connector of the motherboard, connect the device to instantly burn up. Some plastic cases can not provide good heat and when working parts can be loaded overheat and fail, and even proplavit housing. Take care of the grounding and power quality computers. Before you connect the flash drive, touch a hand system unit. Of static and heat are well protected Flash drives in metal cases. Failure of the controller. The controller is all flash drives and many memory cards. In some situations (eg, intermittent power) the firmware is locked and unresponsive OS. In this If the device is recognized as a Generic Drive with a capacity of zero, the data in the usual way are not available. They can be considered directly from a memory chip on a special stand. Fix the fault can be achieved by restoring the firmware controller using technological tools. Must be protected from static and flow control pitaniya.Iznos memory. USB-drive is recognized, but read errors due to defects on the physical level. Flash pamyatimeet limited number of rewrites. A number of service fields file system can be rewritten with each update any of the files. It is these cells first to fail. To prevent this, use technology called "wear leveling": frequently changed data is moved within the address space of flash memory. If this does not help correct the situation can low level format with hiding defektov.Pri constant updating of data failures may begin as early as 1-2 years. For hedging try the phasing out of sticks 'experienced', or use them to store less critical data. The solution of the more serious problems, of course, best left to professionals. Take care of your flash drive, and she, in turn, will take care of your data!