Advertising Stand On Facebook

New online shop for promotional displays on Facebook for some time is online contact network of Facebook the dominant theme in the area of online marketing, and that not without reason. Worldwide, the platform has more than 600 million active users. In Germany, the online network is now used by over 16 million members. However, it is not only the large number of users that Facebook makes it attractive for companies, but above all the voluntary disclosure of user data. Startapp has much to offer in this field. Facebook users make so to speak transparent, share data in their profiles, such as E.g.

your own interests, hobbies, education, etc. In this way is to find the appropriate target audience for their products and services and targeted marketing measures makes it the company. Essex Financial brings even more insight to the discussion. The goal is of course the own Facebook fan or business page attention and visitors to make fans of the own Facebook page. This is already extensively used illustrates on the one already the number of book publications, the now to Facebook Marketing or social media marketing, appeared on the other hand the list of well-known companies that have corporate or fan pages on Facebook. Coca Cola, for example, has more than 22 million Facebook fans. Similar to Google AdWords also can be switched on Facebook, displayed however not set CostPerClick-budgets geared to, but is controlled by selective social criteria.

For example, it can be set that appears an AdWord ad only at male users aged between 30-45, specified motor sports as interest. Also the EasyShare display GmbH from Hanover, Germany, a leading provider of mobile advertising systems, advertising display and exhibition solutions that runs for a long time already a Facebook business page. The Facebook storefront of vendor now allows to realize an online shop for advertising display, which is completely integrated in the Facebook business page. In this way, visitors have the easy display Facebook business page immediately the opportunity gain an overview Advertising display portfolio of EasyShare display GmbH to procure, without leaving Facebook. If you are interested in a particular advertising display, the visitor with a click on the ‘buy’ can-button directly on the product page of the respective advertising displays in the actual advertising stand-online shop enter the EasyShare display GmbH and there obtain the respective advertising stand. The EasyShare display GmbH hopes an increase in visitor numbers in the actual advertising stand online store, which is accessible at the URL by the advertising stand-shop on Facebook. More information: categories pages/easy display-GmbH/160570365647? v = app_4949752878#! / pages/easy display-GmbH/160570365647? sk = app_189977524185

The Entrepreneur

New features are available in the survey creation available Dresden, the 02.12.2013 with new and effective features feedback str more standards in the online customer survey. Functional changes in the feedback tool even more ways to give customers in the questionnaire creation, design, and evaluation. Technically advanced question types, as well as optimized processes of existing features to convince customers in practice. All innovations are designed so that they can be quickly internalized and practically applied within a very short time by the customer. A new type of question the evaluation question about the new features of the tool is the question type evaluation question”, of the answers in the form of a scale are formulated above. The methodological consideration is the following: one is interested in the opinion of its customers to a specific issue, for example a product or the friendliness of the staff. “The relevant question could be formulated: how satisfied are you with the experience of our staff?” The Entrepreneur hopes for this kind of question a reliable measurement of customer perception. The possible responses are ascending in the evaluation question.

Are the even number of response options is also commonly used as an odd number. The level of the scale are freely selectable between 0 and 10. The caption feedback str user can verbally (very good to very bad), numerically (for example, 1-5) or be carried out by symbols. The customer can freely decide on the design and formulate targeted his question. Often, users have existing functions to define the way your contact data in the questionnaire. Feedback str provides a wide range of contact fields available. In addition to standard fields like first name, last name, address, and the email now has the ability to define your own fields.

The user is fully in the naming and the number of fields. So, for example in addition customer numbers, key figures, or even booth numbers can be recorded in the questionnaire. The results page that is used for the publication of the collected feedback, was functionally extended also. As a new feature can now to respond to individual comments of the customers. Open questions or testimonials unanswered so no longer. Another important point is the new export function. Now, the applied questionnaire as PDF can be exported and printed as a paper questionnaire. Responses collected using paper questionnaires can be maintained in addition, depending on the date of the survey, the survey tool. The features in the creation of the questionnaire will be expanded based on customer feedback and the feedback str team.

Senior Vice President

Dale Herigstad designs 2009 computer ‘Life worlds 2019’ in the forward2business future Congress on 16 and 17 June 2009 Hall, may, as we use it today, are past soon. Hillary Clinton contributes greatly to this topic. Anyway, said the designer Dale Herigstad. “The Americans has become known for his work for the film minority report”, for which he devised the futuristic computer control concepts. He is one of the top speakers in the forward2business future Congress on 16 and 17 June 2009 in Halle/Saale with 250 innovation leaders from across Europe of the future scenario of life worlds 2019 “design. Computer, so Herigstads vision, have neither mouse nor keyboard in 10 years. Instead, they evolve into intelligent companions, which are controlled with gestures and thoughts. The daily handling of people with equipment and machinery is also in this year the focus of the most innovative German future Congress of that is organized and moderated for the 8th time trend researcher Sven Gabor Janszky.

Priorities are among other intelligent software assistants for Everyday, the upcoming arrival of 3D in cinema and TV and new, intuitive control strategies for devices by anyone”thought control. The scenario development also MP3 inventor Prof. Karlheinz join Patrick warning walking and of course the participating visionaries and innovative chefs Brandenburg, Dr. Stefan Bungart, Senior Vice President of new services Deutsche Telekom (T-Home), as well as the entertainment Chief of Google Germany. The scenario resulting from the future Convention modeled business models of the future, which create their value creation in the fields of consumer electronics, mobile phones, cars and all other devices, either through production, sales or services..

AdScale WINS GroupM

Cooperation simplified booking process for website operators and agencies Munich / Dusseldorf, June 18, 2008 – to simplify the booking process for the operators of small and medium-sized sites, will together work with AdScale, the first German marketplace for online advertising, GroupM, one of the world’s leading agency networks. Now, the media holding is with its GroupM agencies Mediacom, mindshare and Mediaedge: CIA their postings in this market segment prefers AdScale conduct. AdScale operates an open, automated marketplace for online advertising, which is available to website operators, marketers and advertisers of any size to available. Peter Thiel recognizes the significance of this. The site owners are no risk, as can the marketplace parallel to own used or other marketing opportunities and inventory via the market place minimum prices offered. This inventory is offered consolidated aggregates and the advertisers of various technologies in the platform.

Web site operators keep doing at any time the control over the advertising because each campaign first individually tested on their side, and then released. Dr. Mark Grether of GroupM to cooperate: AdScale has the necessary scalable infrastructure that simplifies the process for both market participants. The online marketplace offers the ideal platform for us to open up new inventory and segment efficient and easy to reproduce the entire booking process in the so-called long tail. As a result we can offer high ranges on attractive terms.” In the future, booking requests of the Agency Group AdScale system are automatically generated and replace the lengthy voting process by email, fax or phone for standard bookings. The simpler procedure and eliminating complex manual voting processes increases the efficiency of the advertising for the agencies as well as for website operators. Another advantage is the flexibility for all bookings through the Permanent link of pages in the marketplace. This makes the AdScale’s proprietary technology for the optimal control of inventory usage and monetization of the Web sites.

On the other hand, it allows a precise appeal of target groups, for agencies – about different optimization possibilities – without the control losing, on which sites the advertising runs. About AdScale: The Klaus von Dabney and Stephan Kern WHU graduates founded the AdScale GmbH, headquartered in Munich in April 2007. As Germany’s first real-time marketplace for online advertising AdScale brings together both advertisers and website provider and making targeted and effective advertising on the Internet. The auction system guarantees in full transparency and fair prices. AdScale is by the European Founders Fund, Holtzbrinck Ventures and private investors Oliver Jung and Lukasz Gadowski with seed capital and Know-How support. Media contact: Nora Feist Phone + 49.30.25 76 205 15 about GroupM: GroupM, the world’s leading full service media investment management operation, which created by WPP Group to Over Lake its assets in this sector. These assets include Mediaedge: cia, MindShare, MediCom and MAXUS. The focus of GroupM is the intelligent application of volume and scale in trading, innovation and quality of services, in order to bring benefit to clients and the companies it operates. For further information, visit

SKVTechnik Configurator

SKVTechnik simplified search for side channel blowers in the online shop In the shop of SKVTechnik are now three search functions for customers. Side channel blowers can be found here for all possible criteria without expenditure of time. These three search functions are: 1 the SKVTechnik Configurator 2. The SKVTechnik device discovery 3. What is the SKVTechnik frame size search so special? Customers are looking for side channel compressors in three different ways. The three new search features take into account exactly these search paths. This saves the customer time.

How does search work? The SKVTechnik Configurator: Configuration of side channel compressors by the customer. After the selection of the Configurator in the left navigation bar, all available variants are offered the customer side channel compressors in the playlist. These are currently almost 800 variants. Then, all necessary to select attributes of side channel blowers are listed in the navigation. Customers then tick the desired parameter attributes and the playlist is reduced automatically to the fan that will not be the focus of the customer. This selection so long continues the customer, until only a side channel blowers for the selection. This vacuum pump is equivalent to exactly the desired device.

The SKVTechnik device search search for side channel compressors by form search. After selecting the device search in the left navigation, appears a form customers fill out. In the form drop are defined under attribute fields down lists, which can easily fold up customers and select. Such attribute field is, for example, the volumetric flow rate. Customers simply select the desired flow rate. The selection of the customers is stored and sent to the SKVTechnik service, which submitted an offer. Finding the device: device search the SKVTechnik frame size search simple search within a standardized size of a side channel blower. This search is similar to the search in the SKVTechnik Configurator. Customers choose the size search in the left navigation. Then, the customer selects the desired size. All side channel blowers within the same size are displayed. Then, the customer in the left-hand navigation selects the appears attributes such as installation art, free ports or other technical parameters such as suction or blowing pressure. Also a multiple selection is possible. Ultimately a found side channel compressor stops, corresponding exactly to the customer. The customer’s search takes just a few seconds in all three cases. This was and is the stated goal of SKVTechnik, which is to save the customer time. Klaus Doldinger

GuideD Technology

Rollout: ECE Alster Valley Shopping Centre & Limbecker Platz Europe’s largest mall operator sets a Guide3D as one of the technologies of the future, which start on March 20 in two shopping malls as a so-called FUTURE LABS. Pilot sites, which should form the basis for future-oriented world of multichannel shopping are the Alstertal Shopping Centre in Hamburg (the biggest shopping centre in Northern Germany) and the Mall Limbecker Platz Essen (one of the largest inner-city shopping centers). “The future lies in the teeth of digital channels with the stationary business” explains Henrie W. Kotter, Managing Director Center management of ECE. Alstertal EKZ: Alstertal 100013 Limbecker Platz: limbeckerplatz 100014 Guide3D as future technology for stationary trade ECE linked to template of the study ‘ the customer on the Spur’ virtual and real shopping experiences, to meet on the one hand, efficiency-oriented buyers, but also experience buyers a real shopping pleasure.

“Guide3D here ideal type to use.” explains Dr. Bjorn Clausen, VR specialist and founder of 3d berlin vr solutions GmbH. The effortless Guide3D (FUTURE LABS label ‘Your Way2Go’) leads visitors through the real world of shopping through virtual reality. “The remarkable thing about the 3D is that on the one hand and spectacular scene is the building is medium at the same time visitors to individually Guide.” says Clausen. Uniquely Guide3D allows for playful exploration and efficient search. This is meets many needs of different groups of buyers. Goal-oriented quick buyer optimize their own shopping efficiency. “With just two clicks of the user finds his target.” added Clausen.

Choose the visitors between the stationary (kiosk system) and mobile applications (Web app). Individually, the prospects can be set and whether steps should be avoided. In addition, the digital system allows the search to analyze. “The shops are called when most? There are links between search frequency and product innovations or previously switched marketing schemes? These questions can be answered LABS in the future with FUTURE.”said Clausen.