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Data Center (data center, data center or server) – a specially equipped room, which houses the telecommunications and server equipment. Building Data Center (data center, server or Data Center) in Moscow and Moscow region – one of the main activities of Eurasia. Construction Company "Eurasia" – a major system integrator is a trusted member market data centers, many Russian companies, including OAO "Center Telecom", JSC "Russian Space Systems", entrusted to us the creation of their data centers; this is a highly skilled staff with expertise in the areas of IT and construction; is the creation of data centers from the perspective of both your business and the IT industry as a whole. Company "Eurasia" – is a team of professional architects, engineers, designers and builders. Our company was founded in 1996 and during its existence has gained considerable experience in carrying out construction work in Moscow and Moscow region, enabling us to give a 2 year warranty on all our work. Technology for creating Data Center under the key: planning, design, creation, operation, modernization. Planning Data Center (DC, server): identification of customer's needs, the formation of goals and objectives, develop the required structure, financial justification; selection area. Designing Data Centers (DC, server): the design of all systems, data centers, taking into account the Russian and international standards, selection of equipment and software systems, raising energy efficiency, development of testing methodologies of IT infrastructure, development of documentation for the operation and work schedule, approval of design documentation.

Project documentation is developed, taking into account international standards (Tier). Creating a Data Center (data center, server): construction of a building or training available, supply and installation of equipment, software package implementation, testing, development organizational structure. Operation Data Center (data center, server): maintenance of engineering systems, maintenance software systems, management consulting. Upgrading Data Center (data center, server): audit existing infrastructure modernized data center, the selection of necessary technical equipment for the modernized data center, the selection of new sites, training of personnel. Having considerable experience in construction of such projects, we offer the best solutions for your project.


MISSION The simulation center comprehensive health clinic in the University Foundation of the Andean Area Sectional Pereira, is the high-tech arena, for the acquisition of skills and abilities, with competence, quality and safety for the future professional performance of students, making good use of technology development, dissemination of research and providing community service. VISION The simulation center comprehensive health clinic of the University Foundation of the Andean branch Pereira, will be the focus of clinical simulation integral diffusion of Latin America, it will work with the appropriation of technology, research and social outreach in the global context education.

Peru Processes

Ethnic Peru is a corporation dedicated to the design, manufacture, display, marketing and export of woven garments in alpaca fiber. Since its inception six years ago, ethnic Peru has succeeded in creating products that are at the forefront of fashion, using the highest technology. His designs are inspired by the extraordinary artistic expression of the ancient Peruvians getting a product with style, tradition and culture. In all our processes, we focus our efforts in the preservation of the environment and the social projection. Mission to be the most important textile company in the Peru looking for the best national and international prestige offering products of high quality conscious of the great responsibility of dealing with such representative of the Peru products. Vision: Ethnic Peru’s mission to become the leaders in sales nationally. We opened stores in places more strategic and exclusive for our target audience. Always keeping our standards of quality in all processes and be at the forefront of technology to have a proper growth and return on investment.

Generate more employment specialist and learning in the best working environment. Values towards the target customer of our business management, for which we have been inconvenient and we anticipate your requirements and preferences. On the professional side is the transparency, honesty and efficiency in relations with customers, the competition and the market in general. The commitment as an organization is a shared vision that will ensure the loyalty and the integration of a management team with common purposes and objectives, prerequisite for the achievement of an efficient and effective business performance. Quality, ethnic Peru, is geared to constantly achieve the customer satisfaction through our products prepared with raw materials of top quality alpaca. In addition to the strict control in all processes that have existed since the beginning of the preparation of the product up to the customer’s purchase. More information on its website original author and source of the article

City Construction

The stone crushing plant is mainly composed of the vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher, circular vibrating screen, belt conveyor (belt conveyor rubber), and so on. Generally speaking, its design output is 50 500 ton per hour. In order to meet the different processing need of the customers, it can add the cone crusher, dust-cleaning apparatus, etc to the stone crushing plant. The stone crushing plant can be used in artificial sand making to crush hard materials, such as limestone, granite, basalt, pebbles, metallurgical slag, and so on. It also can be used in the works of hydropower, building materials, highway, urban construction industries, and so on. According to the different technological requirements, the stone crushing plant can be composed with various models of equipments to meet the different technological requirements of customers. According to the different grad of the railway construction, it exists huge difference of aggregate quality requirements.

Trying to improve the quality of aggregate as possible is the guarantee of accelerating normal or complete the high-speed railway project construction, among which the selection of the crusher, sand making machine, sand stone production line equipment is very important. It helps a lot to improve the quality of the clinker by mixing barite, fluorite mineralization composite admixture in cement production. Enterprises have carried out the the quality monitoring according to theinternational requirements in various links, and fundamentally improve the quality of products and the international competitiveness of enterprises. Therefore, aggregate has been in short supply, dry powder mortar emerges as the times require. The arge hydraulic cone crusher, vertical shaft impact crusher, mobile crushing station crawler hydraulic are developed.

After the new generation of sand making machine made by hongxing Group be adjusted by power twist differential gear, it can be mastered in the largest range of grain size and grain shape. However, because it has a relatively higher requirement of the aggregate and concrete as with the high speed railway construction, and the amount of the composite crusher manufacturer meeting the demands is limited. Market demand is on the rise, but the cement supply is declining, high cement prices can hardly be avoided. hongxing machinery make great effort to forge himself into a world-class to crusher, sand making machine and mobile crusher at the core of large-scale technology. To a service-oriented brand integrity, As the professional manufacturer of complete sets of mining machinery, like cement plant, Henan Hongxing is always doing the best in products and service.cement equipment: The efficiency indicators of the machinery from Henan hongxing is consistently ranked the domestic industry first. Hydraulic crusher is with high efficiency, good safety performance cycle. The third sand making machine and the fifth sand making machine are also known as fine crusher. The overload of the sand making machine is mainly because the increasing spindle downward pressure, which forces the column hydraulic oil into the hydraulic drive system and fragments into the crushing chamber. Throughout the development status of the domestic mining machinery industry, the technology industry is in a growth stage, especially on the sand making equipment, cutting-edge technology, the further development of China mining machinery production levels is a rare and excellent opportunity.


One of the main current problems of contemporary leadership, is the lack of humility, we have little humble leaders in knowledge, but without warmth, without the real presence. This parameter loses and we don’t realize when it occurred. We are so overwhelmed by the technical responsibilities for monetary issues, the lack of inputs, etc. The human factor is relegated, it is the last thing the leader considers, for him more importantly meet their goals, their rates, stay well with management, highlight in the professional field technician or stock without regard to their collaborators, without the turn to consider the degree of leadership that each of its employees provides for performance and conclusion of those factors that were plotted and objective are paramount for each of them. In this era of changing technologies, we are more accustomed to adapting to new working schemes based on information technologies that we put aside us to adapt to the new cultural patterns and social, be set aside the information gathered by the collaborators and only counts as absolute truth what stress systems and databases that increase each day in this new era of knowledge. It must be part of the management of the leader, consider these aspects, the humility as the leadership way, we know that a leader is only transient, this is a real humble leader, one who understood that his function is only a small part of the process, that which has understood that it is only a carrier of his team based on his collaboratorsone that is fully involved with them and is integral to their issues. A humble leader must be the main trend in all levels of leadership, Government or law, a humble leader, though it sounds in many illogical ways only is one small link, a spokesman of his collaborators, a manager of the generating function of the most important of the riches of the company intellectual capital.