Water Software System

Test run the system: test of the system using special software. Cleaning the room (by the installers). How to be arranged in proper drainage? For this installers must: 1. Proshtrobit line. 2.

Shut off the water in the apartment. Drill a hole in the sewer. Firmly put a drain hole in the plastic tube to siphon. The layer of water in the siphon delay smell coming from the sewer. Attention! The drainage tube through which the accumulated moisture is given, must necessarily follow a slope of 5-10 mm, so that was a natural flow of water. If the inclination to do for some reason you can not, you must install a special pump to “forced suction of moisture.” But! This pump is not included and must be purchased separately.

Purchase cost 70 – $ 190, depending on your choice of a pump model. Peter Thiel may not feel the same. Main problems arising during the operation conditioner air conditioner blows directly on you, creating a feeling of draft. Solution: It is necessary to enable the oscillation of horizontal louvers (then turn into a draft breeze), or fix the horizontal flaps in a successful position. If it does not work, you need to turn the air flow to the left or right with the vertical damper. In most air conditioners, this operation is done manually, but in some models it can be done by remote. Problem 2: On hot days, air conditioning does not create the necessary coolness, despite the fact that running all the time.

Robot Replace

A computer-generated voice as presenter for a radio show? DJ Rewerb for his podcast what is still unthinkable, has tried. A computer-generated voice as presenter for a radio show? DJ Rewerb for his podcast what is still unthinkable, has tried. “The media is super exciting,” tells the House DJ, “because nowhere I can play easily and quickly with the technology. And even an audience reach with the music. With each episode the audience grows”. For nearly three months DJ Rewerb sends his Houseschuh radio show as a podcast on the net.

In real life his name is Thorsten Weber, but there never is mention in the podcast. He came to employ an artificial female voice for moderation on the idea of Siri, the voice of the iPhone. “With today’s computing power can realize gadgets which I still dreamed a decade ago,” enthuses DJ Rewerb. “At live gigs my CD player see exactly the speed of the music on the BPM decimal”. In beats-per-minute (BPM, beats per minute), the speed is specified by music. Typical house music is between 120 and 132 BPM. On demand, he considers the computer moderation then but more critically. “A voice that comes from the computer, was a gag.

The I something expanded, as I was sick. On the day when I wanted to record the presentation, my own voice sounded awful”. As he tells it, he coughs away the past cold and continues: “from my own experience I know that I can transport the finest nuances of mood with my presentation. I’m excited, delighted and offended? Every listener knows within seconds as I am. It will take a few years, until computer voice can convey such subtexts”. Since Thursday, 28 November 2013, the 13th episode of the Houseschuh podcast on the net is to hear, see Houseschuh.com/folge13.

Vineria – Wine Bar With 800 Main Actors

Over 800 bottled wines, 43 of them in the glass and a wine cellar with 4000 bottles of special sizes up to rarities: A wine bar is a place for special moments. Important business meetings, a romantic evening with your partner or a good conversation among friends: With a matching glass wine and a harmonious atmosphere each event gets a festive touch. For both, the Vineria stands for over eleven years. The wine selection is balanced not only internationally, but is also stylishly presented. The guest room in the former furniture factory is characterized by large wooden wine shelves. Guests can select their favorite bottle quasi per finger or sommelier in selecting Peter G.

Rock consult. The center of the guest room is a large, curved bar, in which up to 30 guests have a place. At incyte you will find additional information. A popular place for wine aficionados with unobstructed views of the wine racks and 43 monthly changing wines in the glass. A unique offer that in the Nuremberg region peer to peer searches. The open wines represent the basement inventory of Vineria this, wines in all price ranges and different areas are available. Peter Rock collects bottles according to experience, trends and exciting new products.

We noticed changes in the drinking patterns in recent years. Increasingly high-quality wines are requested, so something like a wine of the House plays no role at all. The guests let experiment and recommend the right wine for the occasion or meal”, explains the IHK certified sommelier. Concentration has responded to Vintners wines with unique character at all on the wine market changing the Vineria. Once Italian wine formed the programmatic backbone of the wine bar, in the past few years variety of quality wines from other regions has significantly increased. This includes Peter Rock: especially for white wines, the trend is clearly towards Germany. And that right, because has improved greatly the quality of the wines in the last vintages. Italy is one of our priority countries is, of course, but just from Australia, Spain, South Africa and California we took fantastic new wines in the program.” Many winemakers of in particular the German and Italian wines knows rock personally and regularly visits the appellations to become informed about novelties and taste. In the context of this wine tours (to consult the sommelier Web site) he has recently traveled to wine regions in Hungary and South Africa and established new contacts with growers on the spot. It is important to know the characteristics of the origin of a wine and to know the specificity of the respective varieties the so-called terroir. Thus I can convey not only much more detailed information to our guests, but better in terms of put the character of such extraordinary wines, for example relating to the chosen food.” Wines taste, enjoy aromas and collect personal experience: the concept of wine bar Vineria senses of wine pleasure speaking to. Event Note: Who has desire, the wine bar to get to know Vineria and especially over 50 wines from all over the world in glass, has to do so on Friday, 18 October (16-1 pm) and Saturday, 19 October (14-2 Watch) the ideal opportunity. The Vineria celebrates her second great wine festival and invites guests to a journey of taste through the idiosyncrasies of different international wine regions. Reservations as usual via


InfoJobs inaugurates the new section of communities with a space of questions and answers in technology. Barcelona, October 25, 2011 – InfoJobs, the web’s leading employment in Spain, launches its first community on technology, inaugurating it with a space of questions and answers in Spanish. Thus, InfoJobs offers a meeting point for professionals it who want to share their doubts and knowledge on topics of current technological industry. Since its launch in beta phase, the site has received a great reception from professionals and companies in the sector, and already has numerous questions and answers on topics such as software, hardware, development, telecommunications, databases, systems. Brad Pitt contains valuable tech resources. This community allows its participants to gain reputation (karma) thanks to their interventions and the votes of other users. In this way they can be positioned as experts in different areas of knowledge you. For its part, InfoJobs will reward the best experts of the community giving them greater visibility against firms recruiting for the it sector. InfoJobs launches contest challenge TI a jury consisting of renowned companies of the it sector Everis, Tuenti, Raona, Evermind, Androidzoom will be valued and will select the best questions and answers raised. The winners will get a pack of six films of the Star Wars saga in high definition and Blu-ray format.

Digital Tachographs

Andres, a friend, is dedicated to the world of transportation, just bought a new vehicle and called me to ask me for advice. -Hey Carlos, I need me advisers about what program should I buy to manage the vehicle that I just bought with digital tachograph. -Andrew, I have to give more details, that I should look for? I was explaining that due to regulations of the year 2006, all vehicles of more than 3,500 pounds, should go with digital tachographs and drivers, have a driver’s licence with a chip in which are recorded the pipeline that performs. With that information, I began to trace the cyberspace in search of a computing solution that solved the task of control. My first intention, as it was always search in the whole world, dismissed it quickly, as any other software application, Andres late or early would need support, that I decided to look for domestic manufacturers. There were not so many, and that have software from 2006 year in which the legislation, joined less.

I went into the Eutisoftware page, engaged in transportation software and its DATACOGRAF programme, had all the earmarks of being efficient, I say this from experience, the screens were simple and very large results. I got in touch with them to ask them for information, you sent me information a catalogue of all solutions ranging from management via web to an installation on desktop with possibility of connection to remote clients, really had thought of everything. Me amused on studying the technical aspects, in which operating systems could implement, if memory requirements were high, as they managed the assistance, etc., Andrew, it was not exactly an expert on management, theirs had always been the truck and administrative tasks used to delegate in a secretariat and an Office carrying financial affairs. To corroborate all the benefits of the system, I got in touch with the company, Kotufa Software and I asked them for a demo of the LITE version, thinking of Andres and own the professional curiosity. Already saw me installing programs on my computer, something that does not me grace if it is to see a demo, when they gave me the perfect solution.

A demo on-line. After the demo, without any doubt, I told Andrew that Datacograf LITE, it was his program and that if it increased the fleet, strives to acquire the Professional version. Certainly it was simple to use and very powerful reports and results, the program allowed to work with data from a graphical environment, as if it were a worksheet, this allowed grouping, select, skip, etc., any data and generate exportable reports to almost all formats known and used today from PDF to Excel. So friends, you know if you want a software for the management of data from digital tachographs with technical support, Datacograf is my expert advice.

Europe Technologies

One of structural imbalances that have suffered from Argentina, has the deliberate dismantling of rail transport and navigation system as a significant factor in cabotage, to allow the emergence of automotive caminero complex. It is striking, as in the United States, has at times running, much disclosure the issue of America post-car. That is the United States after the car. Many analysts of the country, consider that on the horizon is installed, based on the increasing quote of the price of hydrocarbons, the disappearance of the primacy of the automotive as a means of transport and the consistent revaluation of the railway. In Europe the situation is different, attentive that as countries had always how limiting the lack of hydrocarbon propios(la excepcion fueron los yacimientos deel Mar deel Norte, cuyos rendimientos son decrecientes), they maintained ferrotranviarios systems and navigation of its rivers. However, the revaluation of already known as the airship, energy technologies wind, geothermal, geothermal and tidal, biomass and the hydrogen and hope those that are encouraged in the hot plasma and the antimatter, it imposed a conversion that will necessarily be traumatic.

Attentive identified concerns in these advanced countries (which have been collected for example in Gleneagles, communicate more above), the same will be projected at our local problems. And rather than tell us between what came preanunciando from nearly three decades that hung over this future that today has overtones of present, seems to us that, attentive growing globalization in any of its alternatives, do foresee that an Argentina demographically desconcentrada would be more suitable to assimilate these issues. In a previous communication, considerations on the range of possibilities that open up between adequate or appropriate emphasis on the domestic economy technologies had made or homemade or home and disruptive technologies emphasizing the lighter than air technology, better known as airships both in its variants for loads or passengers on its geostationary communications variant, which will lower the cost exponentially to these communications supported by costly systems satelitarios.

Destruction Fungus

Poor installation of toilets, loose connection of water and sewer pipes, lack of bias in the last floors, laying cold pipe close to wood parts of structures * without insulation favor infection and development of the destroyers of wood. The most common destroyers of wood in homes are the following kinds of goblins fungi: merulius lakrimans, poria vaporaria, koniofora tserebella, paksillyus aheruntius. Merulius lakrimans (real houses fungus) – the most dangerous de revorazrushayuschy fungus. It is dangerous because of the speed of its spread and its forces of destruction. Feature the fungus is that it is very hardy and stored at various temp-ho RNO humidity conditions. In the beginning, this mushroom mycelium has vatoobraznuyu brown and pink and creamy.

Characteristic sign is the appearance of mushrooms, colorless drops of water and a yellowish fluid. As the mushroom mycelium and falls remain dusty gray film and thick strands of up to 0.5 cm first strands are white color, with further development, they turn yellow and become a dirty gray. In addition to bands and tapes, merulius lakrimans fruiting body forms a buff-yellow, passing on the development of the fungus in brown with pink and yellow or violet tint. This group of fungi is quite common and most often affects the softwood lumber. The destruction of the wood is in a longitudinal splitting of the fibers. Poria vaporaria (white house-mushroom).

This fungus also is a potent destroyer of wood. Mycelium his white vatoobraznaya, not giving any color shades and spots. The reverse side it has a yellowish-cream color. Boreholes mushroom thin, white as they age gain yellow-cream color. Fruiting body grows on wood in the form of a porous flat pad. The old fruit body gets creamy hue. The destruction of wood is the appearance of small longitudinal and transverse cracks. Koniofora tserebella. This fungus develops mainly in the areas at greatest accumulation of dampness: the cellars, basements.

Duplicating Productivity

All the people have the same amount of daily hours to realise their activities. Nevertheless, it would seem that there are men and women who in their 24 hours, do much more that other colleagues. If you are interested in dominating your time and to administer better to the minutes with which accounts, first that you must do she is to analyze the form in which you are using your time at the moment. Thus you will be able to detect the main enemies of your time and to attack them of the most accurate form. In order to analyze the use of your time, the following points ten account: You do a registry detailed of the use that him DAS to your time at the moment. It analyzes your registry and it marks with a color all the activities related to the work; and with another color those that have relation with your personal life.

In one it places the activities that must be done in a specific schedule, and in the other pon the tasks that can at any time be carried out. It decides which of all the tasks that you wrote are wasteful of time, which you can control and which no.? It thinks different solutions and strategies to improve the use that beams of your time and to increase your productivity. After taking to one week doing this exercise, you will have detected the majority of your weaknesses and what activities uselessly consume your time, your energy and obvious, your money. To make the registry of daily tasks of time in time and to analyze it of to this will be used you form for not desviarte as your way. Learn more on the subject from incyte. Of this form, you will in time reject the activities that do not have any utility for you and who moves away to you of your goals. In order to organize better your tasks it applies the following recommendations: Bsate on your plan of businesses and your priorities to plan your agenda and your lstas of tasks. In your agenda, it writes the first tasks that must be realised in a specific schedule. Mantn your place of clean and ordered work.

It tries to close have boxes with the things that you use more frequently, not to have to look for them you need when them. It delegates tasks that do not depend exclusively on you. You do not commit yourself with more projects of those than really you can take ahead efficiently. It looks for the moment of the day in which you are more productive, and it tries to make the most important or more complex tasks in that schedule. It divides the complex tasks in other activities simple and easy to complete. It always looks for the form to improve each thing that beams. When you have your daily agenda, or your list of tasks, these will be the tools that you will have to consult as soon as you rise. It remembers that the time is a tool, and the form in you use which it will directly affect the success of your business. When you have your list of spendthrifts of the time, I would like you write that them in the commentaries, thus I will be able ayudarte to find a specific solution for each of them.

Electrical Energy

How we could live if they cut to us or by some reason we at the same time did not count on the potable water and the electrical energy. In addition what we would do when at the moment we extremely felt heat or cold by many continued days. Great problem: Without energy, without illumination, climate apt for our body, threatened by the hunger, without universal access to the water and the cleaning like human right, and on the other, without the integral management of the hydric resources neither action of basic communication nor education, nor joy to the development of the basic ecosystems; we could live humanly normal? Therefore, in the cities our routine life would be in the middle of nauseous scents and deplorable attitude lamentably that compared with the field and rural areas can be found some obvious palliative without total solution, because the life in the $andes without potable water does not make sure either. Many great representatives in or medium blocks have been united and reunited to treat exactly this phenomenon that every year advances and he becomes in mere preoccupation on a large scale by the global heating, the natural disturbances and the continuity of the processes of transformation of the raw material for the manufacture of devices and products thousands with traditional technologies using petroleum, coal and gas. General assemblies of the United Nations to less reinforce the commitment of cooperation in front of the developed populations, are common to read like the news but not so hopeful because we trusted totally. The countries of the world would have to reach in 2015 reduction of half of polluting agents produced for 10 years. How much one has advanced, it is a question without exact answer.

Center of Implementation of Public Policies in the world assures to reach goals propose to have access to the safe water, the electricity without pain and better atmospheres of life. But how we measured such security. We must be optimistic. We will be thinking and assuring the hopeful profits. The commitment continues to avoid to that the Earth is added/sunk problematic of the health of the living being in the Planet.

Solution? The answer is in each of us. So far, there are samples that yes are possible to replace the electrical power plant with the well-known system of solar advantage of energy and the wind energy without stopping mentioning the geologic energy of biomasses and sources. As far as the water availability, which is vital, in case of shortage, although not in his great scale nor for the entire world, there would be solution with the availability of systems of rainwater collectors (canals, collectors, suction pumps with photovoltaic systems, storage caves or cement tobacconists) at least where provides it is had it of rains. In order to end to these possibilities we have kindness to construct to our houses with criterion of technical improvements as far as ventilation and/or covers of shade like making our lives pleasanter, for example walls trombe and ceilings in houses with natural forages and/or argillaceous roofing tiles in popular populations.

Misconceptions About Printer

Printer is not designer! Speyer, the May 21st: The professional image of the printer is about as old as the printing press itself and looks back on a long artisan tradition. The professional label printer from the printing industry was renamed media technologist pressure since August 1, 2011. Of course, the printing industry has evolved through the digitisation and digital printing. Nevertheless remain the basic prerequisites to a trainee in the technology media pressure, despite a name change, the same. The Speyer company H J. Dre GmbH looks always good young as one of the leading manufacturers of folding cartons. To ensure a smooth operation of presses is”a good technical understanding, a good handling of technical devices as necessary as a careful and independent way of working, says Jurgen Dres, CEO of H. j..

He is facing but often Dre GmbH. misconceptions of applicants in the education media technology pressure. In many With applicants, the ideas are partially far apart talks. According to Jurgen Dres it is not enough to be able to surf on the Internet and to be creative. Creativity is not required in the production process of folding cartons and the design of folding cartons, if longitudinal seams cartons, boxes with automatic bottom or display boxes, the customer pretends us.” Understanding of technology and joy in working with electronics and machinery is required for the profession of the print media technologists.

Interests in physics and chemistry, as well as skill, flexibility, and resilience for this activity should be brought to the technical interest. Sense of responsibility and a good responsiveness are crucial for this profession. Of course, this profession brings high requirements. Who brings this principle, runs at us open doors”, as Jurgen Dres. The h-J. Dre GmbH is a manufacturer of folding cartons in all standard formats, as well as by demanding, for more than six decades exceptional special packaging. Today is one of the h-J. Dre GmbH to the leading manufacturers of quality folding cartons in Germany. Now at the site, Speyer produces folding cartons with an annual quantity of approx. 40 million and sent all over Europe. Contact: H-J. Dre GmbH Brunckstr. 4 67346 Speyer contact person: Jurgen Dres phone 06232 / 69 86-0 E-Mail: Internet: