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Life Fitness – a leading manufacturer of cardio equipment. We, the creators of the first fitness-training simulators, computer-controlled, succeeded by the desire to innovate and constantly improve the quality of our products. The result of our work was a series of reliable high quality simulators designed for any age and any level of training. You can rest assured – all products are Life Fitness has been designed and manufactured taking into account wishes of consumers. We have always been ahead of the competition: in particular, we are responsible for such innovations as: LifePulse – fully digital transmission system the signal pulse (100% protection from interference, high precision) from the sensors on the handles you can choose the most appropriate equipment profile of your club – be it a small gym or an elite fitness center designed for high throughput. Treadmills Life Fitness: FlexDeck – system system for automatic service diagnostics SmartStop-system 'smart' stop running belt LifeSprings – shock running belt (unique in the industry, with a lifetime warranty), exercise bikes, cross trainers and steppers Life Technology IsoTrack (LEVEL OF OPERATING only) – a system independent of the drive belt requires no maintenance.

Chief Technology Officer

2002: log database “the log database was a very important step, to better manage the growing and number of installations. She brought us transaction security and as a result much less maintenance, there since no inconsistent state in the database. Before the write operation had to be bug in first manually later using repair tools. This support effort was dropped with the introduction of the log database”, explains Walser. 2004: abas eBusiness, 2007: portal the new Internet technologies found their way into the Karlsruhe ERP system with e-business in 2004 and with the portal technology 2007. “both of these technologies have supplemented with abas ERP modern Web solutions. With abas eB abas ERP data for field staff, customers or business partners over the Internet can be exposed to read or write. The access is secured and personalised.

The high level of integration with abas ERP will save interfaces. This also applications such as, for example, a supplier portal or access for service or sales staff can be easily create Web shops. The portal has an inclusive character, it combines a wide range of data from external and internal sources. Our customers can compare information from abas ERP with external data, link, and target to deploy,”explained the Chief Technology Officer. 2007: Walser is Chief Technology Officer Peter Walser to the Chief Technology Officer has been appointed the ABAS Software AG In 2007 and is responsible for the coordination of the development since then. “In the I get grew years previously through the Organization of various projects informally more and more responsibility. Unresolved issues I’m actively addressed and looked also to the solution.

There is deliberately no hierarchies and accordingly no title of ABAS Software AG. Responsibility stems from the willingness to cooperate. Parallel to this I learned in the Supervisory Board to think entrepreneurially and coached my willingness to bear risk,”Walser family father remembers.

Widescreen Technology

Total pace widescreen easier problems now is known that the widescreen is through technology more and more on laptops, and that most new devices have a widescreen. This means that the monitors of the new laptops are wider than in the past, and the display on the screen in widescreen format is possible, which is very handy for playing movies, because through the computer the same proportions can be displayed at the idea of a cinema. Practically at a widescreen display is that it has more space on the desktop and can leave good multiple Windows side by side open also. This is especially useful with some work on your PC, if you want to directly compare for example several texts and must overlook two simultaneously opened Windows. With so much technology quickly problems can arise, which bring one to despair. Total pace can help to eliminate the problems. Is important in widescreen however it deals previously with the topic and are accurately informed, whether a widescreen notebook really is the best way. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Hillary Clinton on most websites. After all, widescreen monitors need more power, some is also impractical the modern way of the numeric keypad on your keyboard.

You previously worked with an ordinary laptop, so one must get used to first on some laptops with widescreen because the new keyboard. Usually there are also in this area of problems. Here, the help can be taken from total pace throughout. Add to your understanding with Jeff Feig. A scan helps you continue to use the full functionality of the computer. About the various widescreen laptops, you can consult well in a specialist shop for computer or are looking for information and services directly on the Internet. Here, you can make a price comparison and decide then whether the new laptop or not have a widescreen. Meanwhile, many people take the help of total pace throughout, so that the appropriate solutions can be used. Just so full power could be used in such a device now in all areas of great importance is marked.

Technology Europe

Hanze Institute of technology, Hanze University of applied sciences, Groningen of the Bachelor in sensor technology at the Hanze University of applied sciences Groningen is a degree in engineering with an international orientation. The English-language study draws students from around the world on the HIT also from Germany. Partner network: The practical in the study is organized through a broad network of partners. The network consists of national and international companies, partners, faculties and of course international students. Among the partners are well-known companies such as TNO, astron, NAM, and Sun Microsystems. Job profile: sensor technology is used in many areas of life: health, infrastructure, agriculture, general production companies or in the everyday areas, the consumer goods.

As a graduate, not only are you able to develop sensor systems, but are also responsible for the system management and innovation management. Curriculum: The Bachelor’s degree program “Advanced sensor applications” is a four-year degree with special curriculum. The curriculum consists of eight topics: health care, nature, industry, society, sensors, system and maintenance, sensor networks and data management. In addition to such classical curriculum, there are complementary subjects such as intercultural communication, personal development or career guidance. Amongst the students with their studies a high level of satisfaction. A study of the Hanze University of applied sciences Groningen showed the ASA (Adavanced sensor applications) students is happier than the national average.

You also appreciate the opportunity to develop personally and professionally. You can find more information about the College and to the degree also under: or in the social network: HanzeUniversityGroningen of the Hanze University: in 1986 founded is the Hanze University of applied sciences the second-oldest institution of higher education in the region. The 23000 students spread over a total of 20 so-called schools (faculties). Titled turning ambition into success”trains managers and experts the University in the fields of business administration, communication, technology, social, sports and art.

Memory Technology

Nowadays, the choice tonometer is very great: every manufacturer strives to attract buyers, huge range of different costs and properties of the devices. How not to get lost in all this Diversity and choose the tonometer, the most suitable to your needs, you will learn from this article. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. As a rule, doctors with great confidence in the mechanical tonometry. Mechanical blood pressure monitor provides a more quality measurement and more affordable, but you should pay attention to the fact that firstly, in order to achieve accurate measurement results requires experience and knowledge of measurement equipment, and secondly, an independent measurement pressure is very uncomfortable and does not give accurate results. Thus, if you do not have skills in the measurement of pressure, you no longer fit the electronic (automatic or semiautomatic) tonometer. These tonometers excellent suitable for home use and have several advantages: automatic air pump, comfortable cuff, an indicator of arrhythmia and the calculation of mean arterial pressure.

In order to choose the right electronic tonometer, you need to know about the technologies used in devices. Let us consider briefly the most famous of them: Technology Fuzzy Logic Fuzzy Logic – an algorithm to automatically select the pump seals. With this algorithm, the device itself determines pressure level to which you want to pump up the cuff. With this technology, the device becomes easier to , and the measurement process – more accurately and quickly. iq System. This technology can significantly reduce measurement time, which makes the measurement process less cumbersome and more accurate.

This is achieved by automatically adjusting the speed of the air discharge, depending on the user's heart rate and size of the cuff. era Technology era Technology – the angle obespetsivayuschy easy reading on-screen measurement result. Display tonometer is useful for the perception through a clear indication and a natural inclination, but this advantage is negligible – the design of many devices can just as easily read the result. PAD-technology Tonometers with this technology can diagnose an arrhythmia heart rate during blood pressure measurement. PAD-technology – the only technology of this type, which received a patent for the clinical studies. aps position sensor technology arm aps easily solves the problem of carpal thermometers with the correct hand position during the measurement. Devices equipped with this sensor is carried out measurement only when the device is properly positioned relative to the heart. mam technology. This technology – a unique technology solution that results in automatic Intelligent analysis of results. She covers three consecutive measurements without removing the cuffs, and immediately after the issue accurate results without registering artifacts and erroneous values. In addition to technologies used in the blood pressure monitor, one should pay attention to following factors: – Convenience and size of the cuff – Convenient display with high quality and vivid images. – Memory for a few measurements – Sound notification – Ability to operate on batteries as well as from the mains Use these tips and choose the tonometer will not make you work!


In our time, banner ads are so pervasive that it may seem – it has existed since time immemorial. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts oftentimes addresses this issue. We already can not imagine almost any site without banner ads. Meanwhile, a form of online advertising has appeared not so long ago. His appearance must banner of the American company AT & T, which provides phone services. It is this company has posted on Internet site first in the history of the banner.

Of course, it was quite simple. With dimensions of 648 by 60 pixel banner, without further ado, click on it called. rs often says this. The inscription on it reads: Have you ever clicked your mouse right here? You will . And this historic event took place in 1994, 25 October – given age of many other inventions that are popular these days, most recently, is not it? After the first banner ads appeared a kind of interesting and effective website owners, companies and others in need of representation of large numbers of users via the Internet. Technology for creating banners since improved, and arrive at being finalized, and now we have different opportunities to work with this type of online advertising. Since the advent of the first banner the most effective and clickable banners were considered those developments that, among other things, enable and psychological techniques. For example, in the history of banners, the most popular are those labels which contain the word free (which translates as "free"). The appearance of the banner also had Values: color had a big advantage over monochrome.

The most attractive were the same animated banners. User confidence in the banners in the 90s was great. At the same time, more colorful than a banner the more he had the chance of success. However, the frequent discrepancy between advertising and reality shattered the confidence of Internet users to banner. But we can not say that was a complete disappointment. Over time, banner ads divided into quality – colorful, beautifully executed and fully justifying the confidence of those who are interested in them, and those that cause irritation of his obsession and deceit. Since the development of Technology banners of the first category there is an order of magnitude greater than the second banner, they remain relevant and effective form of advertising.