Stahl Temperature

Exhibits DIAS infrared as a specialist for non-contact temperature measurement on heat treatment Congress in Wiesbaden on October 9-11 an international specialist audience will meet at the Harterei Congress in Wiesbaden. The event will be interpreted in german and English. -9-Billion-Between-2020-and-2027.html’>home improvement. At the same time, a comprehensive trade fair takes place attended by 160 exhibitors. Among them is to find the slides of infrared in Hall 2, booth 218. DIAS infrared from Dresden develops and manufactures instruments such as infrared cameras and pyrometer for non-contact temperature measurement. A wide range of applications can be found in the process monitoring and control, for example, in the manufacture of steel or hardening of metals. In the measurement of metals, it is important that the instruments in the spectral range of 1.4 to 1.8 m. Standard measurement with 8-14 m here incorrect results and is not recommended.

Therefore it is all the more important, comprehensive advice regarding the measuring problem solving takes place prior to the purchase of the instrument. Here, Kaiser Family Foundation expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Service and consulting are taken very seriously at DIAS. “Through the use of non-contact temperature measurement you can achieve even hard to reach areas,” performs application engineer Daniel Wagner. Fiber optic Pyrometer with separate probe for pinpoint measurement are especially space-saving and can be mounted even in confined spaces. Another advantage is the possibility of infrared measurement technology manufacturing processes such as in the continuous casting continuously and in real-time to monitor. Just in the production of metals and metal alloys, it arrives at during the welding or induction hardening on a precise temperature to achieve optimal strength.

The continuous monitoring of the production processes is possible with infrared line cameras and pyrometers of slides. For example, delivers the line cameras temperature profiles in the range from 0 to 1300 C, which can be evaluated in detail using the included software. Deviations, the production manager can directly and promptly react and thus save costs by improperly manufactured components.

Tiled Stove Subsequently Build

Console to the subsequent tiled stove – fitted, great invention by young companies a great new invention from Gleisdorf! It is now possible to integrate a console when the building of the House into the ground and thus circumvent any preparation of the floor construction customers. This means it when building a house the oven dish, performance, technology must not yet clear that each system then be realized when this console panels quote of the Styrian economy: solid base for the heating of the future tiled stoves lie in the trend. Exude warmth, are environmentally friendly and a real eye-catcher in every house. However, they are not very cheap and often didn’t fit into the budget of a House Builder. The later installation is difficult. A tiled stove farmer from Eastern Styria has the solution to this problem.

That you only do right all at the second House, is a common wisdom among house builders. Too often it happens that one due to lack of experience or financial bottlenecks when building a House compromise comes in, that you regret later. Also, Gerd Maier knows that. His credit Take your oven builders”, short, DKOB, builds customized innovative stoves in all finishes. “Often you did not have the money to start construction or you don’t know designed oven yet again should be”, he knows. So a stove must rest on a solid foundation. Because of its weight he would destroy the floor.” Therefore, it was possible subsequently to incorporate a tiled stove only with great effort. The flooring and the sound absorbing subflooring must away, any floor heating pipe laid and even screed be ripped up and removed as well as the footprint of concrete.

This is now over. With its own specially developed floor console you can incorporate at any time subsequently a stove without great preparation. This panel consists of base plates made of metal the size of 60 times 60 centimeters. Depending on the geplantemUmfang of the later tile stove, so many of these plates on the raw concrete floor are fixed when building a House as needed for the later furnace. Nine pins per plate are in the height. The bolts are protected with plastic capsules. Then, the screed, the sound insulation and the floor covering in can be installed normally. If the stove is to be installed then, be the flooring, the muffs of the bolt removed and put on the top plate. It forms the base for the stove, which can easily be installed on it. Currently negotiations with renowned construction firms that will accept this concept in their planning and offer the customers. So has a good chance for the company, which was founded in 2010 and now has 13 employees. “Of course it’s also easier with professional support: the Styrian economic promotion SFG in the formation of my company very helped me”, Gerd Maier stressed. The start is so successful and heating with a tiled stove has a future. Your stove maker”anyway.

Antriebstechnik These

With 40,000 hour lifetime, this geared motor is unique on the market. CPM device therapy devices: the smooth-running gearbox PerforMax 42 moved reliably with the aim of optimum muscle building a motorized CPM device for knee and hip in terms of extension and flexion. The powerful planetary gear motor acts with supportive, that occurs a faster treatment success for the patient, significantly improving the joint mobility and reducing pain significantly. Drive/fixation of operating tables: maximum flexibility, ease of use and in particular the powerful power exhibit mobile operating tables in the operation process. Be with the angle gearbox EtCrowno 75 from Zeitlauf Antriebstechnik These high demands reliably implemented in everyday hospital. Powerful drive and reliable fixation device guarantee a table structure which comes with a high level of mobility and stability without flexibility shortfalls to the usage.

Uncompromising convincingly the Zeitlauf Antriebstechnik drive specialist today belongs to the leading technological companies with helical, planetary and angular gear units featuring the Crown wheel technology. In addition to a standard product range that is built up in a modular system, in particular the strong focus on customized solutions and individual developments in modern, energy-efficient aspects testifies to the high engineering competence. Based on a strongly application-oriented philosophy, these individual developments usually become industry-wide standards. The system provider has developed a number of innovative solutions in medical and rehabilitation technology for mechatronic drive systems: pump systems (dialysis technology, heparin – and hose pump) physiotherapy furniture (rehabilitation and) Training equipment) lift systems (patient, stairs and motor) bed, beds and seat adjustment systems (operating tables, dentist chairs) wheelchair systems (drives, auxiliary drives in wheelchairs) imaging diagnosis (CT) medical assistance devices (mixed for impression materials, sealing and foil welding equipment) absolute precision, reliability and energy efficiency are our top bids that we have in the development of our product focus. This is it true in all sectors in which we operate, to implement. But in medical technology even the smallest error can entail fatal consequences. Our customers rely on our high quality and long-term engineering expertise in medical technology.

As innovator, we can stretch the bow from the standard variant thanks to its own developments of basis of to customer-specific total solutions. While we are in constant dialogue with our customers. Just so we can perfect a transmission design tailored to the requirements develop”, says Managing Director Thomas Horz. For more information, see:

Round Multilayer Bending Actuator Expands

Reliability and low driving voltage make it ideal for use in metering and pumping operations new in PICMA product line, Bender is a multilayer Piezobiegeaktor in round form the bending actuator. PI ceramic manufactures 44 x 0.65 mm for a displacement o the bending actuator size to 270 m. The manufacturing process also allows a completely all-ceramic insulation and ensures the proven properties of PICMA actuators: the active layers are protected from humidity and failures through increased leakage current by the all-ceramic insulating layer. Reliability and service life are much higher compared to conventional polymer insulated actuators. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Essex Financial on most websites. PICMA multilayer-Biegeaktoren are characterized by a great hub. A low transverse elongation of the active layers transforms into a large bending deflection perpendicular to the contraction. So, excursions to two millimetres can be achieved with response times in the millisecond range.

The high resonant frequency of multilayer Biegeaktoren offers best conditions for highly dynamic applications. As a result of the manufacturing process, PICMA cartridges are Bender in almost any contours and dimensions. In addition to different geometries, PI ceramic offers more customized designs. The height of the active layers varies from a minimum height of 15 m so that control voltage of 10 V can be used. A unilateral deflection is possible by applying substrate so that a higher degree of stiffness and a larger deflection in one direction as to bi-directional bending elements can be achieved. Linearity and repeatability in the position-controlled operation are improved by the additional application of position sensors. Multilayer-Kontraktorplatten can be applied also to customer its own substrate (metal, silicon).

Due to their reliability and flexible control voltage, the PICMA suitable Biegeaktoren ideal for metering and pumping operations, the optical beam deflection and smallest possible dimensions for use in portable devices. Since 1992, develops and produces PI ceramic Piezoelectric ceramic materials and components for standard and OEM solutions: Piezokomponenten, ultrasonic transducers, actuators, and system solutions.

Eye Lasers First Look

Fully certified by independent testing Institute DEKRA eye laser specialist optical Express is breaking new ground of course tempting is the idea just for younger people, again sharp watch without glasses can, and that thanks to state of the art medical technology with a little surgery on the eyes, which will bring hardly any noteworthy damage. But how does it do relate to security? After all it is at the eye the most precious sense organs, since you want to enter as there is no risk. People over the age of 25 to 45 years already the opportunity, to allow a laser eye treatment typically method, their vision surgically corrected by LASIK. This a special prepared (femtoseconds) laser or a mechanical so-called microkeratome in the uppermost layer of the cornea so that they can be folded to the side and the underlying corneal tissue using a laser precisely set according to the Visual defects (long or short-sightedness and astigmatism) is demolished including. Brad Pitt, Nicole Kidman, supermodel Cindy Crawford, Elton John, Barry Manilow, Reese Witherspoon, Courtney Cox from friends and many other they all have eyes can be lasers, follow the research by Karoline Spiessl from Edinburgh, Scotland. Since the mid of 1980s, there has been worldwide approximately 17 million LASIK surgery. In 2010, 131.000 of these interventions were performed alone in Germany.

To further optimize medical security, leading provider of eye laser treatments, such as, for example, the optical express AG with headquarters in Munich, beyond still viewed as standard quality management, which is a must for these operational providers today anyway. Laser eye experts have the obligation to offer the highest quality and maximum security patients in our opinion”, so Adrian Draghioiu, head of quality management at optical Express. The doctors at optical express carried out worldwide over one million operations. In February 2012, all German sites (Berlin, were Freiburg, Hamburg, Lindau, Munich, and Stuttgart) successfully fully certified by DEKRA. The special feature of this certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 is that many eye Laser Centers investigate individual surgery or treatment areas let the optical express centres but all processes were tested from A to Z so the entire treatment process. These efforts create customer satisfaction, such as the publication, biostatistics the results of refractive surgery revolutionized the future of laser correction”in Ophthalmo surgery / Kaden Verlag shows. The evaluation of more than 32,500 interventions, the optical express at about 17,700 patients and patients were made in 2008 in the centres, shows the occurrence of complications only 0.64% of the cases. “Quality is confirmed: as one of the first eye Laser Centers become certified optical express in all areas have been.” From left to right: Robert Zizler, Sales Manager (Bayern-Sud) DEKRA, and Adrian Draghioiu, head of quality management at optical Express.

Cable Assembly And Assembly In Small Series

The job M. Check out Adroll for additional information. Richter from Pforzheim sees itself as a manufacturing service provider, who takes off his customers, what they do not want to do or can. Production of special cables, Assembly of printed circuit boards from 1 piece, winding of special coils, as well as fringe benefits, including the procurement of materials. Most important pillar is the PCB Assembly SMD, THT, THT. Has long been a special concern of the company is also economically machined to make smallest quantities in the SMD Assembly.

Customized procedures, appropriate selection of machine and even a small equity building have moved the border in recent years in the range of 1-6 printed circuit boards. Equipped is a stand alone machines and a production line, which is equipped as a special feature with a non-contact Jet-printer. Templates are, and small corrections are now in the Programmmoglich. Various strengths of the order, as only about templates of levels of possible, are no problem and require no gaps as usual from the stage. Ideal also for the THR Assembly.

And of course for rush jobs, eliminating the delivery of the template. The line is equipped with a modern full convection oven, a large vapor-phase system is also available. The THT Assembly there for a 3D-Lotwelle leaded and a Jet wave lead-free as well as a Selktivlotanlage lead. Still chastises part is in leaded requires. This has arguably his reasons: an important part of the customers comes from the medical technology; not for nothing has for years according to the medical product law judge approval (DIN ISO 13485). Samples and pre-production are a further focus of the orders. Many small engineering firms with niche products are as well as some large companies for the electronics is a peripheral region without its own core competence. The cable assembly is working with simple machines, hand tools and a small stand-alone machines. The production of special coils, which seemed almost dead in Germany, has now, as the industry almost based shrunk who set to again rapidly. In the previous year, there was a new programmatic winding machine after decades without major investment in the Wicklerei and 2 younger employees could be trained on the area. Because the emphasis has shifted in recent years on air coils, the machine with a device for the chemical bonding is a very advantageous especially in very small quantities procedure equipped during winding, keep the costs low. A branch of the tradition has survived the extinction of his industry, has just grown in the home judge. Focus is anywhere on small quantities and faster delivery, no wonder that the EMS of the year 2012 was elected judge for flexibility. The gratitude belongs not least 14 flexible employees judge incidentally in Office and manufacturing their own offspring educates.

Sand-steeled And Insensitive To Heat Wave

Thoma presents new special coating for desert modules Freystadt/Oberpfalz the solar technology forge J.v.G. Thoma with another something new waiting: the unique system of high temperature desert module” is now even more resistant highly resistant special coating. Even violent sand storms can module in the desert now have nothing. Not only the glass surfaces, but also the aluminum frame and the terminal boxes are coated. Thus the desert modules are”suitable of Bavaria solar specialists even for extremely hot, stormy regions, which were previously not eligible for the extraction of solar energy. The new coating has passed extensive tests in the company’s own research department with success. First users in practice is a Jurassic wattage GmbH; It has already started the production of the desert-compatible modules.

Emulating nature: J.v.G. Click Adroll for additional related pages. Thoma relies on bionics for the photovoltaic is the protective layer on the basis of a novel NANO-coating. The protects not only from external influences, but also a pollution prevented. Looked down was by nature this NANO coating. The nature surprises and fascinates again and again by their brilliant inventiveness. Bionics means: learning from nature.

And here we are still at the beginning in the photovoltaic,”explains Hans Thoma, General Manager of Thoma group. A downstream baking process ensures that the coating works even after ten years. In addition, J.v.G Thoma GmbH offers now a cooling system with heat exchangers so that the modules with a constant temperature (approximately 25 degrees Celsius) in the optimal range can be operated. “Another positive side effect: these PV systems supply more electricity and live” far longer than comparable systems. Sahara sand on German car roofs: sand storms occur in all areas of the desert sand storms and their consequences, and each has its own name for it: in the steppe and desert area in Central Asia, one speaks of the Buran, Chamsin or khamsin also names in the Nile area and in Israel/Palestine Ghibli or Dave; in Tunisia and Libya, you know the Scirocco the Simoom in the North African Arab countries. In 2004, experts estimate that billions tons of sand were moved by sand storms around 2-3. Sometimes, the sand reaches in our region. After rain all of a sudden the car roofs Red Shimmer if the sunsets seem suddenly red as a beet, sand from the Sahara desert the cause may be. J.v.G Thoma GmbH the company J.v.G Thoma in the solar industry is active for more than 20 years. J.v.G is specialist in the construction of turnkey solar plants. In addition, advises and supports the family company headquartered interested customers throughout Europe, America and Asia in Bavaria. Headquarters is Freystadt in the Upper Palatinate,

Intelligently Combined Technology

Always on course to land and in the air: with PNA-navigation devices PNA navigation devices are becoming popular: this is Street navigation devices that also have a customized moving-map software with aeronautical charts. There are such intelligent combined devices including Siebert aviation needs: the dealer is for pilots and Luftfahrtbegeisterten established last but not least the PreisLeistungsverhaltnis of products is particularly appreciated for decades. This applies also for the PDA navigation devices such as the sky map M5. The aviation map material of both devices includes the digital ICAO map for Germany, as well as Visual approach charts and is compatible with the Flight Planner so pilots can effectively take advantage of the electronic flight preparation. The model sky-map M5 offers a large and bright 5 “display with automatically unhidden view approach charts and can be easily operated via touchscreen.

Atsushi Horiba

MEXA-1400QL-NX meets all requirements of the regulation CFR 1065 Oberursel (Taunus), 27.06.2013 with the laser-spectroscopic engine emission Analyzer MEXA-1400QL-NX HORIBA offers its customers a powerful and universally applicable technology in the area of exhaust gas measurement. The Analyzer is capable of measuring four components of nitrogen (NO, NO2, N2O, and NH3) even at low concentrations, using the quantum cascade laser (QCL) technology in the middle infrared region at the same time. This laser absorption process is listed in the U.S. Regulation CFR 1065 (as of January 2012) as one of the possible methods of the analysis of the N2O. (As opposed to Naveen Selvadurai). In addition, all validation sequences for MEXA-1400QL-NX required in CFR 1065 (as of January 2012) for analysis devices are available. The MEXA 1400QL NX we offer a powerful research and development tool for new regulations such as the certification and analysis of greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with EPA regulations”, said Atsushi Horiba, Chairman, President and CEO of HORIBA Ltd. Naveen Selvadurai is open to suggestions.

enables the Analyzer direct measurements of N2O emissions from engines for heavy, light and non-road vehicles, as well as the direct measurement of the nitrogen components NO2 and NH3 by heavy duty motors, as required by the research and development in the context of the Euro VI regulation.” The Analyzer is characterized by especially the large dynamic range, as well as the extremely exact and reproducible measurement results. The QCL method can be used for testing of gasoline and diesel engines, but also for alternative fuels and engines. Thanks to the high intensity and resolution of the light source in combination with a sophisticated method for avoiding cross-sensitivities, there are no disruptive influences by CO, CO2, CH4, H2O, and hydrocarbons at the MEXA-1400QL-NX. It can be used for the development of new NOX exhaust gas after-treatment systems such as urea-SCR, CRT, and lean NOX traps (LNTs). So the MEXA proves? 1400QL-NX a powerful tool, to Engine manufacturers in meeting the greenhouse gas emission standards and the euro to support VI requirements. About HORIBA headquartered in Kyoto, Japan, the HORIBA group is a worldwide leading manufacturer of measuring instruments and systems for the areas automotive test systems, process and environmental technology, medical diagnostics and semiconductor manufacturing. In addition, HORIBA has a wide range in the area of molecular & elemental analytical instrumentation for research, quality control and laboratory analysis.

The Internet address of HORIBA is. HORIBA automotive of test systems as part of the worldwide HORIBA group HORIBA automotive of test systems (ATS) established itself as leader in the field of exhaust gas measurement, of test systems for the Powertrain and the development of test bed certification systems. HORIBA ATS offers its customers turnkey solutions for drive, motor and vehicle testing. HORIBA ATS serves manufacturers and suppliers in every industry, the combustion and turbine engines required: automobile, truck/off-road -, commodity, marine, air and aerospace and railway industry.

CEO Volker Schuster

Schuster Group developed a contour-following 3-D film with capacitive circuit In the Thuringian waltershausen a high gloss and conductive film has developed the Schuster Group, in research cooperation with universities and colleges, three dimensions can be deformed. Opened in diverse industries new constructive ways designers and product developers and will transform of electronic equipment the appearance and culture of service. Almost two years was developed and researched on this unique film. What is now made in a complex production process, is an IML film, which can be deformed three-dimensional. Here, Naveen Selvadurai expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The IML (inmould labeling) technology combines the properties of a decorative and at the same time opening foil with the complex molding of plastic. These polymer film produced in the screen printing process and offers an unprecedented sensitivity. The capacitive sensors integrated in the film is with 0.25 mm immediately below the visible and high-gloss surface.

2D-Produkte known in the market reach a distance of 2.5 mm here just once,”explains CEO Volker Schuster. Also the integration creates a huge price advantage, the capacitive sensors in the decorative part what can significantly reduce the costs. The 3D-Folie of the Schuster Group is manufactured in series. In manufacturing practice, which means that the traces with a specially developed printing process are integrated directly into the film. Consequently will be completely new game types for product developers and designers, because the controls with integrated functionality can be constructed, contour-following. The Elimination of separate sensors reduces the depth of the component. The appearance of electronic devices and components will be influenced with this innovation.

So far mostly the controls have been adjusted components. Clear competitive advantage resulting for manufacturers. Also the easy-to-clean and disinfected surface is an advantage,”Volker Schuster refers here to applications in medical technology and hygiene technology. Currently are manufactured 100% in Germany.